Have you ever wondered how to start a soft drink business in Nigeria, but wonder how or where to start from? If this is your predicament, then you need not worry any longer as this article will set out to teach you the easiest way possible to achieve this goal. You do not need to start from scratch as this may require substantial capital.

To become a distributor, all you need to do is simply apply for distributorship rights from any soft drink company of your choice. However, one thing you need to look out for is to make sure the company has a solid brand and wide acceptance among Nigerians. This is why we will offer you all the necessary details you need on how to start a soft drink and juice distributorship business.

Making Critical Choices

To become a soft drink distributor in Nigeria, certain procedures need to be followed. One of such considerations is the choice of a reliable partner. In choosing a partner or company, you will be spoiled for choice. This is so because there are several softdrink companies doing business in Nigeria. Most of these companies have multiple products. However, it is advisable that you choose those with products that have wide acceptance among Nigerians. Doing this enables your business move faster as the demand for such products is high.

Some Soft Drink Companies in Nigeria

If you have ever wondered how many such companies do business in Nigeria, wonder no more as we will list some of these companies. First of all, there are softdrink companies with a global spread as well as those operating only within Nigeria. Some of these companies include; Coca Cola which is arguably the biggest soft drink company in the world. It has subsidiaries in almost every country in the world, and is one of the most recognised brands worldwide. Others include the Nigerian Bottling Company, 7 Up Bottling Company, Limca Bottlers PLC, Crown Drinks Limited and Vitamalt PLC. The list goes on and on as these are just a few out of many.

Things to Consider

To become a softdrink distributor, you need to consider some basic things such as the choice of a target market. This is crucial to the success of your business. When choosing your target market, you need to pay close attention to soft drinks attracting the highest demand. Selecting rightly can make an immense impact on your business. You are likely to realise higher patronage leading to increased sales. However, there are other equally important considerations to make. Such include your choice of a suitable location. When choosing a location, you should factor in access roads, transport options available to you as well as holding or warehousing facilities in for your business among others.

How do You Make Your Profits as a Distributor?

If you qualify to become a distributor of the company of your choice, there are advantages attached. These advantages include the profit margins offered by the softdrink company. Here, you benefit from this profit margin from every product you sell. Each product as an allowed margin which goes to you while selling at the official rate allowed by the company. Although this business is a good business to do, it is important that you understand the cost implications involved. There are several distributorship levels which most softdrink companies offer. For major distributors, substantial amount of capital may be required which may run into millions.

The Application Process

Although each of these companies may have their requirements, there is a general procedure for applying for distributorship rights. Being a distributor means that you are given the privilege of operating under the brandname  of the company.  You will need to meet the company’s requirements. Most distributorship requirements demand that you own certain equipment such as a warehouse, delivery vans or trucks, as well as the money needed for your initial products. All you need to do is walk into any softdrink company of your choice. A detailed guide on the application process is provided.

Another way to learn about becoming a distributor is through existing distributors. Although some may see you as a threat to their business, you can avoid this by telling them you will not be doing business anywhere around their business. It is important that you be truthful in this.

How to Start Pampers and Baby Items Distributorship in Nigeria

With Nigeria's annual population growth rate of 2.43% (2017 est.), our country continues to witness high population growth. Doubling as Africa’s most populous country, and the world’s most populous black nation, it presents so much potential for business. There is little wonder why businesses continue to come into the country in droves to invest.

However, our attention is focused on the baby products industry which continues to expand its operations in Nigeria. To do business in this sector, you do not need to break the bank. Instead, you can simply leverage on the services offered by these companies by becoming a distributor.

The Baby Products Industry in Nigeria

With steady population growth which shows no signs of abating, the inherent business potentials are endless. The more babies being born, the more baby products are needed. Some of these baby products include diapers. Lately, there has been a scramble for the Nigerian market among major manufacturers. Many of these companies bank on the huge population of Nigeria. However, among these baby diaper brands are those which have attained a national spread. On the other hand are smaller brands with regional coverage.

Some of the major baby products manufacturers in Nigeria include; Procter and Gamble also known as P&G the makers of Pampers. There are other variants of pampers such as swaddlers sensitive, Pampers baby dry, and Cruisers dry. Other major baby products manufacturers are Hayat Kimya (the manufacturers of Molfix Diapers), Fidson Products Manufacturers, makers of Cuddles and PZ Cussons, makers of a wide variety of baby care products.

Other baby care product manufacturers include Huggies Nigeria, the producers of Huggies Diaper, Rainbow Fame Industries, the producers of Cuddsies Diapers and Always Me, the producers of a variety of baby items, including pillows, fabrics, mats and socks among several others. The list can go on and on, however, you have to make your pick from the pack.

Things to Consider

The path to becoming a diaper and other baby care products distributor is quite challenging. This is so because you have to consider several factors when choosing a company to work with. As a distributor, you will not like to do business with a company which struggles with acceptance of its products. There are companies which have done their home work in creating a reliable brand name for themselves. Choosing a successful brand will most likely impact your business positively. Your area of interest will determine the company you do business with.

Another important factor to consider is the coverage of the company. Why is coverage necessary? A company with a wider coverage is likely to have higher demand for its product than those with regional presence. Because they are restricted in their scope of operations, they are fairly known and patronage of their products will be affected. It is necessary to scan through all these companies and the services they offer and observe which will be more beneficial for you. You can get more details on this by carrying out a survey of the industry. A good way of achieving this is by making inquiries from people already in the business. They are likely to reveal to you which products are in high demand.

Applying for Distributorship Rights

After using the above mentioned tips in selecting a reliable company, the next step is to make your interest known to the company. Here, you may need to visit its operational headquaters for these and further inquiries, or visit its website. Because there are several of these companies, you may want to perform a google search on your preferred company to find out more about its requirements for doing business. An important requirement to have is the financial capacity to kickstart your business. This usually involves a payment for its products which will be delivered to you.

Most of these companies will require that you own a shop or warehouse as well as a delivery van. Some companies have different categories of distributors. Each of these has its requirements. However, most large baby care product companies do business with only major distributors.

Edible QR Codes Could be the Future of Medicine

QR Codes are incredibly versatile, since they can be used in a vast number of applications. In some Asian countries, QR codes are used extensively in some apps like WeChat and on WhatsApp, it is used to link your phone to your desktop web client.

However, some scientists want to push QR codes into an area that you thought the technology couldn’t be used: Medicine.

In a new study by researchers from University of Copenhagen and colleagues from Abo Akademi University in Finland, they have developed a white edible material which they have printed a QR code consisting of a drug.

“This technology is promising, because the medical drug can be dosed exactly the way you want it too. This gives an opportunity to tailor the medication according to the patient getting it.”

The shape of the QR code enables the storage of data in the drug itself where a quick scan can get all the information about the pharmaceutical product.

Digitizing how we take drugs from a hospital using simple QR codes could be huge. Currently, we use the old fashion system of obtaining prescription drugs from the pharmacy that have explicit instructions of how to take it and in some cases, it can be hard to know if the drugs are real or fake.

The researchers hope that in the future, a regular printer will be able to apple the drug in the pattern of a QR code and the edible material would need to be produced in advance.

Nokia Snakes its Way Up to Number 6 Mobile Phone Brand Globally

A little over a year ago, we were saying our goodbyes to the Nokia brand because the company had fallen so fast, there is no way we could visualize a redemption. However, one Finnish startup, HMD Global Oy, decided to take the big risk and resurrect the Nokia brand.

To say that the Nokia brand has the most successful comeback for a brand will be an understatement. HMD started selling Nokia phones in December of 2016 and in January of 2017, the company announced their first Nokia-branded smartphone, the Nokia 6.

Counterpoint’s results for Q4 2017 mobile phone sale are out and HMD Global is giving everyone shivers down their spine. The company now commands a 5% market share of the mobile phone industry, making it the number 6 mobile phone brand globally. Tailing OPPO, who take up 6.8% of the industry, Xiaomi is number four with 7%, Huawei, Samsung and Apple take up the top positions with 10.2%, 18.4% and 19.2% market share respectively.

In 2017, Nokia sold more smartphonesthan Google, HTC, Sony, Alcatel and OnePlus. HMD Global is now the number one feature phone brand in the world with 15% market share of that segment and when it comes to smartphone only, the company takes up position 11, with 1% market share, which is not bad for a startup that is a little over one year old.

Neil Shah, a partner at Counterpoint, attributes HMD’s growth to their performance in India. “Further this growth comes with nascent performance in most important & 2nd largest mobile phone market, India, where the Nokia brand has the most brand equity to cash in. If HMD Global succeeds in India market, it should drive up Nokia brand to top five phone brands globally,” he said.

HMD Global seems to be on a roll as the company already announced their first smartphone of the year albeit only available in China, Nokia 6 (Second Generation), we are expecting the company to make more announcements later on this month at Mobile World Congress.


Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid/Correct If You Must Earn Money Online

The meteoric rise of unemployment in Nigeria has made many Nigerians seek for green pastures online. While some have resorted to illegal activities, many are turning to legitimate business opportunities to make money.

However, while many people sincerely want to earn money online, one doesn’t need a stargazer to know they won’t make a dime. Don’t get it wrong – these people are nice. The problem is how they go about trying to make money.

This is what makes a lot of people vent their frustrations online by saying that nobody can make money on the internet except by defrauding others. It’s obvious they’ve tried their best to profit from the various money spinning systems but failed to succeed at any.

If you want a different experience from these set of people and really want to succeed, here are 5 silly mistakes you should avoid (or correct if you’ve made them already.)

1. Insisting on only investing after making money online

While it was possible in previous years to make money without spending money online, it’s not smart to hold to that logic today. 

Any kind of online business that you think you can do without spending any money may either yield very low income or be a complete waste of time. For instance, many people succeeded in previous years by running blogs with the default domain name. Today, anyone who does that may not have a success story to share and the reason is obvious.

irrespective of the model of the online business you run (or want to adopt), invest your money in it. That way, you won’t end up being frustrated and your online business will fare better. Remember, people invest in offline businesses for them to make profit. Treat that online venture as a business and put some of your money into it.

2. Walking alone in your niche

Some people like to get things done alone. They prefer to work alone because that’s how they become really productive. 

When it comes to the world of the internet, things don’t work that way. Yes, the presence of scammers in Nigeria has made us sharpen our instincts when dealing with people we’ve not seen online. But not everyone is a scammer!

Ask anyone who has succeeded in any online business and they’d let you know they didn’t do it alone. They worked together with others in the same niche as themselves and shared ideas and solutions with each other.

Quit trying to work alone or else you’d get drained easily. Mingle with those who do the same business. Exchange emails with them, share contacts and even join the groups on Telegram or Whatsapp. You will learn the latest strategies to help you succeed online.

3. Blunt Refusal to Learn Anything 

Many of the things you learnt in school are useless when it comes to working online. There are some exceptions though for some kind of businesses though like writing, programming etc.

The point is, the digital world has its own kind of knowledge. Don’t expect to just breeze in to the virtual world and start earning automatically because you have a degree in school. Not a chance! 

Yet, the above is one of the silly mistakes people make. They want to start making money without understanding how things work. They’ve forgotten the basic principle that applies to all spheres of life – first learn, before you can earn.

If you’ve been making this silly mistake, you need to retrace your steps. Determine to learn how an online business works before you get excited about making money from it. 

4. Being infected with shiny object syndrome

Shiny object syndrome is a condition that is often found in a newbie on the internet. This syndrome is what makes them to be all over the place online trying to learn everything so as to make money by all means.

In other words, the newbie starts learning about a type of online business but quits along the way because he/she sees another opportunity that looks more lucrative and less stressful than the present one. The problem is that the newbie rarely realizes that every opportunity looks easy at the surface but typically looks more complicated than that.

Get this: once it comes to making money online, there are several available opportunities. It could be freelance, affiliate marketing, blogging, kindle direct publishing, cryptocurrency, domain flipping etc. It doesn’t make sense to attempt to earn money from all; just pick one and focus your energy on it till it succeeds. Only then can you diversify – if you still have the time . .

5 Agribusiness You Can Start In 2018

Top 5 Agriculture Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria
Agribusiness is the business of agricultural production. The term was coined in 1957 by Goldberg and Davis. It includes agrichemicals, breeding, crop production (farming and contract farming), distribution, farm machinery, processing, and seed supply, as well as marketing and retail sales.

1. Fresh vegetables business: Some commonly consumed fruits & vegetables in Nigeria in their standard and local names include:
Fluted Pumpkin (Ugwu), Jute Leaf (Ewedu), Cucumber, Green Okra, Cabbage, Tomatoes etc.
Read On How You Could Start Vegetable Farming in Nigeria

2. Catfish Farming: Catfish farming business in Nigeria is a very profitable business to venture into. In order to ensure adequate growth of your catfishes, two things are essential: A pond with the right depth and width to ensure adequate comfort and growth for your fishes; often, the deeper a pond, the better.
Read More On How To Start Catfish Farming

3. Snail Farming: Heliciculture, also known as heliculture, commonly known as snail farming, is the process of raising land snails specifically for human use, either to use their flesh as edible escargot, or more recently, to obtain snail slime for use in cosmetics, or snail eggs for human consumption as a type of caviar.
How To Start Snail Farming

4. Cassava Farming: In Nigeria, cassava production is well-developed as an organized agricultural crop. It has well-established multiplication and processing techniques for food products and cattle feed. There are more than 40 cassava varieties in use. Cassava is processed in many processing centres and fabricating enterprises set up in the country.
How To Start Cassava Farming in Nigeria

5. Flower Business: Flower is used for decoration. You can start a flower business in a nursery, and then you sell to house owners and hotel owners. You may charge an extra cost to the buyer to help transplant the flower from the nursery to a permanent soil.
You have any other ideas? Drop it in the comment section please


1) To download WhatsApp for Business, you have to the Google Play Store. The icon is the normal WhatsApp logo with a B in it.

2) It is not available for iOS users yet.

3) If you are trying to use the same number you use on the normal WhatsApp for WhatsApp for Business, please take note from this point.

4) You can sync both apps and all your contacts from the normal app will go on WhatsApp for Business. However, you won't be able to access the normal app anymore if you use the same phone number.

5) Syncing moves your messages and contacts to WhatsApp for Business.

6) On WhatsApp for Business, once you set your business name, it can't be changed.

7) Once you sync messages, you won't be able to access old and starred messages IF YOU DON'T BACK UP. So make sure you back up before syncing if you intend to use the same phone number.

8) And if you don't sync in the beginning when you are prompted to, the warning message says you will never be able to do that.

9) WhatsApp for Business has a business setting feature. This has location of business using google map, website, phone number, email address, office hours etc

10) WhatsApp for Business has the label feature. With this, you can easy label new orders, paying customers, pending payments, paid and complete orders. You can also create your own labels.

11) It has messaging tools. You can set automated messages to be sent to your customers when you are not available. These messaging comes in three categories: Away message, Greeting message and Quick reply. But for them to receive it, your phone must have internet connection. Think of it as an auto responder.

12) It also has statistics feature. You can see analytics for messages sent, messages received, messages read and messages delivered.

13) WhatsApp for Business comes with status privacy.

14) So initially I didn't back up before moving to WhatsApp for Business. On getting there, I realised that my starred and old messages didn't move as well. So, I went back to the old one and verified my number again and my messages were intact. So my WhatsApp for Business is on now with a different number on the same device. The apps work independently on one device as long as they are different numbers.


1) Your business can finally have a 'WhatsApp App' with cool features that will be useful for your business.

2) You have a dedicated house for all your old and new customers.

3) Your normal WhatsApp can now be for family and friends strictly.

4) With the labels, it is easy to track those you need to follow up for payments, delivery, or those you need to sell to in the next month (this is assuming that they have finished the one they bought from you). So you don't have to wait till they come back to you. Calculate how long your product can last. Track when a customer bought and then send them friendly and not sale-sy reminder messages possibly with a discount.

5) With the analytics, you can see how many people are reading your messages.

6) The business details cuts out the questions: Where is your office?, can I have your email address? What's your website URL?

7) This is perfect for customer care.  This is an opportunity to give your audience a good experience and let them have good things to say from relating with your you and your business.

8) The messaging tools are good for times when you are not there. It gives assurance to the customer that they will be attended to soon.

9) Since everyone on your WhatsApp for Business


1) Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen.

2) Click on settings

3) Click on chats

4) Click on chat backup

5) Click on the green button that says 'Backup'.

What's your thought? Is this something you can use?

Joy Eneghalu