I met these 2 LADIES in a swimming pool at, bought them chips & soda, and this happened

This is what we call boy-child problems.

This guy thought he had found an easy lay but woe unto him.
Some of these ladies age 18-22 are not that loose.
He met these two ladies (pictured below) in a swimming pool and after buying them chips and soda, they exchanged contacts.

His mission was to smash them both.
He succeeded hitting the first target but then this happened after he was about to hit the second target.

Read this interesting post on what happened, Eh! Eh!

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World First Transparent Car Launched In Germany

What about having a transparent car drive you in the city of Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria? To some its just having your privacy been blown open, well, car manufacturers are thinking differently as they have unveiled one in Germany. A car company in Germany today presented to the World the first transparent car from ZF company, the car is equipped with different security systems. This transparent car was presented on the second press day of the Frankfurt Auto Show IAA which was hosted in Frankfurt, Germany.

American Tech billionaire, Sam Altman is giving up his life for the sake of science

An American billionaire named Sam Altman is giving up his life for the sake of science - He is paying a company N3.6m to be killed so his brain can be preserved forever - This is coming after the company revealed they could store the content of a brain on a computer Identified as Sam Altman, the 32-year-old billinaire is said to be one among 25 people who are currently on the waiting list at a start-up company identified as Nectome.

The company recently revealed that it could upload the contents of a human brain and store in in a computer forever. The process involves embalming the brain so it can later be simulated onto a computer, according to the MIT Technology Review. This apparently, is what the young billionaire has reportedly signed up for. Since the process is 100 percent fatal according to the company, Sam Altman would have to die in order for this to happen.

The customer, alive, is hooked up to a machine and then injected with Nectome’s embalming chemicals. The company said the method is ‘100 percent fatal.’ ‘The user experience will be identical to physician assisted s*icide,’ Nectome’s co-founder Robert McIntyre told the Review.
Samuel H. "Sam" Altman is an American entrepreneur, investor, programmer, and blogger. He is the president of Y Combinator and co-chairman of OpenAI. Although not yet married, he is one of America's successful businessmen in the technology industry. Why he would want to lay his life for this experiment is something to ponder on.

How to Germinate Apple Seed in Nigeria

Apples are among the world’s most popular fruits. These fruits are known to have several health benefits. Its benefits are not restricted to health as it has economic benefits too. This article will focus on the economic benefits of apples with special focus on cultivation of apple seeds. A significant portion of the apples consumed in Nigeria are imported. Similarly, the proportion of apples cultivated in Nigeria is insignificant. This leaves a huge deficit in domestic supply. This article seeks to provide the needed help on how to cultivate apple in Nigeria.

Global Production of Apples
Apples are among the worlds most popular fruits as mentioned earlier. This is because it is in high demand across the world. There are other contributory factors too. The fruit is much loved even in countries which produce little or nothing at all. This is the category Nigeria falls under. The major producers of apples are Chile, USA, China, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa among others. These countries hold the bragging rights as the highest producers of apples in the world. However cultivation of apples in Nigeria is our main concern.

Apples and Temperate Climates
It is a known fact that temperate climatic conditions support apple growth. However not all apple varieties require such as there are species which grow in the tropics. While this may be true, cold regions in Nigeria support its growth. Examples of areas with temperate climates in Nigeria are the Jos Plateau and Mambilla Plateau. The Jos Plateau supports the growth of the Anna variety. While this may be so, There are other varieties that grow in other regions. The Bell variety is one of such. Hence all hope is not lost on commercial apple production in Nigeria.

This means that while some apples grow well in temperate regions, and others do well in tropical climates, Nigeria supports the growth of these varieties.

Growing Apple Seeds in Nigeria
Cultivating apple seedlings is a rewarding procedure if done rightly. You need to first select an apple variety such as those mentioned above. The bell variety of apple seedlings is a good place to start from. You need to know that apple trees do not self pollinate like other trees. Hence you need to plant them in pairs. Planting your apple seeds in the nursery require careful inspection of the seedlings. If you are not sure the type of seedlings you have, buy such from reliable sources. Your apple trees may die when transplanting from the nursery. This happens when you choose species other than those supported by the climatic conditions.

Room temperature is the best for apple seedlings. Your growing seedlings should be such that room temperature is strictly observed for best results. Do not make the mistake of applying fertilizers to your seedlings. However you may choose to use manure if you so wish. You constantly need to water your seedlings. Watering will continue even after transplanting.

Transplanting Your Apple Tree
After attaining maturity (as long as it takes), it should be transplanted from the nursery to a permanent location. Your choice of location matters. You should avoid a poorly drained soil for your apple trees. It should ideally fall within the range of a sandy loam and sandy clay soil. These are the best conditions for apple trees to grow. Watering your apple trees is vital to growth and development. You should also consider applying compost manure to aid faster and better growth. It is also necessary to protect your tree from animals and pest. Therefore you need a fenced area for your apple trees.

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Choosing an Easier Alternative
A lot of people may not have the patience to follow the above procedures. However there are easier ways of planting your apple trees. You can purchase young apple trees from nurseries. This option eliminates much of the work that goes with raising seedling in a nursery yourself. If you have little time on your hands, then this option is for you. This option has several advantages. One of such is a higher chance of your apple tree surviving. This article has provided you with basic information required for planting apple seeds. You can take advantage of the opportunity it presents to start commercial production.

Do This Simple “bounce Test” To Know If Your Car Has Suspension Problem

When a car has suspension problems, the symptom is easy to tell, but tracing the exact source of the problem is usually the challenge. The source of the symptom could be a faulty or worn out ball.

However, to spot the exact problem with a suspension system would require the attention of an experienced mechanic in order to spot the problem.

Unusual Sounds

Vehicles with faulty suspension often exhibits some unusual sounds coming from the tyre areas. For instance, some peculiar sounds associated with suspension problems include;

1. Clanking Sound
This sound is like metal hitting against metal. It typically is heard when the vehicle is riding over bumps or potholes. It may be a sign of failing control arms bushing or failing stabilizer end links.

2. Knocking Sound
When you hear a knocking sound coming from your suspension area, especially when driving over potholes or bumps, this is usually a sign of bad struts or bad strut mounts. A bad ball joint can also cause this.

3. Rotational
This sound constantly grows louder as the vehicle goes faster. This is usually as a result of a failing wheel bearing or of noisy tyres

“Bouncing test”

So, if your suspension system exhibits some of the above signs, there is a simple test that can determine if truly the suspension system is faulty or not.

To carry out this test, follow the steps highlighted below.

Step 1: With the car in “park,” press down on the front of the car with all your weight, “bounce” it a few times, then release.

Step 2: Do it again on the rear of the vehicle. If the car continues to rock or bounce more than 2-3 times after you release it, the suspension is wearing out.


 Psychological Tips Entrepreneurs Need To Run Their Businesses

It is better to start and fail than to fail to start- that is what experts will tell you about the world of business.

There are entrepreneurs and there are people who are able to start businesses. An entrepreneur is not just going to start a business. These people will evaluate the opportunities that are available before they make any decisions to invest in them.

If you have watched TV shows like “Shark Tank” you will have a clear understanding as to how a majority of entrepreneurs think. The focus they have is always on how to bring in more money to their business and how to grow their businesses further. Admittedly, becoming an entrepreneur is not easy work at all.

What is even scarier about entrepreneurship is the fact that you have no idea how your business is going to perform in the future. Will it perform so well and grow like one of those Fortune 500 companies or it will fail in the next three years?

This fear of the unknown makes very many people with fantastic ideas fail to start their businesses. It is better to start and fail than to fail to start- that is what experts will tell you about the world of business. Here are some lessons that you can learn from successful and experienced entrepreneurs.

1. Set boundaries

Everything must have a boundary including your relationships with your family. There are things that you can do and those that you will always want to avoid. Usually, the first three years in business are meant as a test of your mettle.

How much are you determined to achieve that success? A majority of businesses that are destined to fail will always fail during their first three years in business. If you do not establish firm boundaries in your business then it will take a stroke of good luck to keep that business running.

It is important to be clear on what is acceptable to you and what is not. These boundaries could be anything from taking business calls during family time to giving large discounts in order to land a deal. When these boundaries are breached you probably will notice how much you value them. Setting clear boundaries that you can hold onto will help you avoid feeling exploited and resentful.

2. Add pleasure to business

Now, this should not be mistaken to mean that you should mix business with pleasure. Friends are friends outside your business. What it means to add pleasure to business is that you should make the process of working with you one that is delightful and something people can look forward to. The process should be simple and enjoyable. If you are able to achieve this then definitely people will come back to you.

For instance, if your company is providing professional SEO services then you should ensure that your clients feel secure all the way. Right from the moment they decide to do business with you, the client should feel comfortable and have an experience that is worth repeating over and over again. This is the best way to make sure that your clients stick with you all the way.

3. Have a support system in place

Starting a business is not easy at all. It does not matter whether you are running a daycare center for children or you are providing professional services- all of these are hard. As such you will need some people to support you all through. This is particularly so when the business is growing. You would think that the growth mode is the easiest part but it actually is a really difficult one.

As such, you should strive to build a network with people you can trust as advisors and peers. These are people that you can rely on each and every step of the way. Family members are a good place to start but then you should not rely too much on family otherwise you will be bringing work home with you.

Get your peers and other people in the business to advise you and guide you when you are feeling lost. It is easy to think that you do not need any help or counsel from these people but this cannot be further from the truth. The time that you spend with people outside your business discussing business with them will always pay off. You will get some insight on what you should add or subtract in your business.

4. Hold your ideas for later

One thing that is characteristic of practically all entrepreneurs is that they are great at generating ideas. This is great because you will always have a clever way that you can expand your business. However, it is also dangerous because it can make your veer off your goals.

There are people who abandon their plans in the quest of a new idea only to discover a short while later that it was not viable at all. This is very common in small businesses.

It is alright to go on an “idea hiatus”. The fear that someone else will steal your idea and work on it to make more money should not get the best of you. Keep those ideas that you have formulated in your “little black book of ideas” and focus on what you have currently. Once a venture has paid off then you can think about pursuing another idea.

5. Disconnect once in a while

It sounds like bad advice but you should learn to disconnect yourself from your business at least once in a year. Now you want to argue that you take the weekend off and the public holidays as well. This is not enough. Even children in high school take these holidays and they do not work as hard as you do.

It is important to do that “digital detox” every once in a while. Take leave from your business even if it is just for a week. This will help you recharge your batteries and come back prepared to handle business better.

Successful entrepreneurship does not exactly mean that you should overwork yourself or develop unnecessary ulcers worrying about how your business is performing. The fear of failure should never get the best of you. Take some time and plan your business idea properly and pursue it to the end.


President Buhari recently complained the IGP of police was always too slow to act with the intelligence at his disposal.

More than a thousand deaths in less than a month, what's happening?

The marauding herdsmen have been on killing spree and no one has been prosecuted after Miyetti Allah cattle breeders claimed responsibility.

Just yesterday a primary school kid below 5 was murdered and butchered by unknown attackers at the Saint John Anglican primary school, waterside Ogun state.

Just see pictures, how long would these killings go on?