The 10 Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies For Blogs 2019

Provided here is a list of the best 10 cheap web hosting companies rated highest in the web hosting industry globally . The web hosting sites provided below has been ranked base on affordability , reliablity , uptime ( that is operating 99.9 percent of the time ) and good technical support . All the web hosting services provided below also offer at least one free domain name registration . These are hosting companies that you must select to host your personal or business website since they are the best in the web hosting industry .
A cheap web hosting provider is one that provides reliable services at an affordable rate . Such a provider has all the hosting features that are perfect for a small business or personal website .We have provided below the top 10 cheap internet web hosting providers with prices less than $5 per month.

The reviews and ratings of the best 10 cheap web hosting companies are provided below together with some of their important hosting features. These are hosting companies having million of customers worldwide. All the hosting companies listed below are very reliable and very affordable. The top cheap hosting services are :

1. ipage
ipage is currently the best cheap web hosting company on the web that offer very affordable web hosting services to businesses and individuals . ipage is currently hosting more than 2 million domains and provide some very great features such as :
- Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
- You can host unlimited domains in one account
- Offer drag and drop site builder
- Offer online selling tools such as shopping cart
- Support streaming Audio/Video
- Provide 24x7 phone , email and chat support
- Support unlimited POP3/IMAP email account
- Support email address at your domain ( )
- Price per Month : $2.25

2. Justhost
Justhosy is another cheap web hosting company on the web. Justhost provides reliable web hosting services at a very affordable price . Justhost provide unlimited domain name meaning that you can host as many domains as you wish using your one account . Some of the good features provided by Justhost are :
- unlimited GB of disk space
- Can host unlimited domain names
- Provide unlimited bamdwidth
- Provide unlimited pop3/pop3 secure email account
- Provide unlimited MYSQL databases
- Provide eCommerce features
- Support Dreamweaver
- Support PHP 5
- Provide 24/7 phone and email support.
- Price per Month : $2.95

3. Bluehost
Bluehost is another top web hosting company on the internet that is also very affordable and very reliable . This is a hosting company that is currently hosting more than 1 million domains . Bluehost is an independent operated hosting company based in utah , USA . Some of the good features provided by Bluehost are :
- unlimited disk space
- unlimited bandwidth
- Provide 99.9 percent uptime Guarantee
- Support international domain name
- Provide 100 MYSQL databases
- Support 2500 pop3/pop3 secure email
- Support streaming Audio and Video
- support PHP 5
- Offer eCommerce features such as zen cart shopping cart
-Price per Month : $3.95
Visit to see the complete web hosting features provided by Bluehost

4. Hostgator

Hostgator is another top cheap web hosting company on the web and is one of the largest web hosting company hosting more than 5 million domains . Hostgator is based in Huston , Texas , USA . Hostgator offer some very great features such as :
- Can host unlimited domain names
- offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space
- offer a Free Toll-Free number
- offer free dedicated IP
- offer site builder
- offer 24x7 technical support
- provide 45 day money back Guarantee
- support Frontpage
- support streaming Audio/Video
- offer eCommerce features
-Price per Month : $4.95

5. IX Web hosting
IX Web hosting is also another great cheap web hosting company on the web that is very reliable . IX Web hosting offer windows hosting at a very affordable rate . IX Web hosting is currently hosting thousands of domains around the globe . Some of the nice features provided by IX Web hosting are :
- Free site builder
- unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth
- 3 free domain names
- dedicated IP addresses
- eCommerce features
- International domain names supported
- website statistics
- Free 24x7 technical support
- Can host unlimited domains in one account
- support ColdFusion database
- support ASP/ASP.NET*
- support MS Acces and MS SQL
- support PHP 5
- support unlimited MYSQL databases
-Price per Month : $3.95

6. Ipower
Ipower is also among the list of best 10 cheap web hosting providers on the internet . Ipower provide secure , fast and reliable web hosting at a very affordable rate . Ipower has been in the web hosting industry since 2001 and currently has more than a million customers worldwide . Ipower offer many great hosting features such as
- unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth
- eCommerce features
- Free website builder
- web statistics
- 25 MYSQL databases
- PHP 5
- Host unlimited domains in one account
- Provide 24x7 phone , email and chat support
-Price per Month :$3.95
Visit this link below to see all the web hosting features

7. Fatcow
Fatcow burn in new Mexico in 1998 is among the best cheap web hosting companies on the web. Fatcow provides unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains per account and unlimited email account. Also Fatcow will enable you to purchase just a domain name and an email address to get you started incase you are not yet ready for the full hosting package. Fatcow provide some of the following hosting features below:
- Unlimited Disk Space
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Unlimited Domains Per Account
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- Free Website Builder
- Unlimited MySQL Databases
- PHP 4 & 5 Support
- Phone, Email & Live Chat support
- $50 Google AdWords Credit
- $25 Yahoo! Search Marketing Credit
- Price per Month : $5.50

8. Godaddy
Godaddy can never be left out among the best 10 cheap web hosting companies. This is a hosting company having more than 12 Million customers worldwide and currently the largest domain registrar hosting more than 57 Million domains worldwide. Godaddy has won numerous awards as the best host. Some of the great hosting features provided by Godaddy
- Unlimited Disk Space
- Unlimited Bandwidth
-Host unlimited websites in one account
-Unlimited MYSQL databases
-Support PHP 5.4* (Support PHP 5.3-5.5)
-Support 1000 email addresses
-Support wordpress and drupal
-Offer a money back quarantee
-Price per Month : $3.49

9. Webhostingpad
Webhostingpad is also among the list of the best 10 cheap web hosting companies on the web. This is a web hosting company that provides very reliable hosting services at a very affordable rate. Webhostingpad has won numerous awards and is currently hosting Millions of domains. Some of the features provided by Webhostingpad are:
-Unlimited disk space
-Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
-Unlimited POP and IMAP
-Unlimited Autoresponder
-Unlimited subdomains
-Unlimited MYSQL databases
-Support PHP/Perl/Phyton
-Support eCommerce
-Free $25 Google Adword credit
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
-Price per Month : $1.99

10. 1&1 web hosting
Rated highly in the web hosting industry, 1&1 web hosting is among the best 10 cheap web hosting companies due to their ability to provide both linux and windows web hosting services. 1&1 web hosting provide hosting services to beginners and businesses at a very affordable rate. Some of the hosting features provided by 1&1 web hosting are:
-10GB web space
-Unlimited Monthly transfer Volume
-600 email accounts
-Host unlimited domains in one account
-Free website Builder
-Support for ASP / /.NET Framework
-$25 free Google Adword credit
-24/7 Phone & E-mail Support
-Price per Month : First 3 Months Free then $3.99 per Month

How to Manage Client Relationships for Positive Cash Flow

No matter what industry your business is in, as an owner or business operator, one of the key areas you’re always managing is your customer relationships. Building and maintaining robust customer relations sets strong business foundations, which in turn helps build business growth by generating reliable sales, repeat customers and a positive cash flow.

In 2017, over 40% of small businesses were paying their invoices late, often taking up to around 36 days to pay an invoice. This directly impacts business cash flow and generally has a flow-on-effect when these companies need to settle their own liabilities.

Although recent economic conditions are improving payment times via the low interest rate climate is currently aiding corporate cash flows, there is still a long way to go to help get businesses to settle their invoices within their agreed credit terms.

Looking at Illion’s March quarter analysis of 2019 – ‘Australian Late Payments’, small businesses continue leading the way in terms of paying on time, however large organisations are still the slowest to pay their liabilities – taking 14 days compared to 10.3 days for small business.

Despite some positive indicators being released from illion’s latest March Quarter 2019 report, businesses need to consider and be aware of the broader economic climate and how it impacts their operation. Whether you’re exposed to volatile conditions or not, one aspect of your business you should always focus on no matter the circumstances are your client relationships, as not having solid relationships could define the longevity of your business during difficult times.

Customer relationship management

Communication and frequency
Strong customer relationships are built on effective and frequent communication. By taking the time out of your day to illustrate that you really care about their business and what your business is delivering to them is paramount. Frequent interaction also allows you to have a finger on the pulse – whether this is being aware of new business opportunities or knowledge to manage or mitigate potential issues before they arise.

Having a solid business relationship with your customers essentially means that you’re very much aware of what is happening in the servicing of these customers, but more importantly, what is actually going on in their business. This type of relationship builds trust, and with trust you generally acquire loyalty between you and your customer. This can be crucial when you experience late payments, as customers are generally more encouraged to make payment on time if they are have a strong relationship with a vendor or key contact they deal with on a day to day basis.

Deliver Results
Successful and long-term customer relations are often formed through delivering quality services alongside great customer support. No matter what industry you operate in, if you’re delivering results – through providing a quality product, service or any other favourable outcome from a transaction, you will no doubt generate strong customer or client loyalty to maintain successful business relationships.

Build authority through transparency and knowledge
One of the most critical foundations of forging strong relationships with clients is being completely transparent and passing on valuable knowledge so you’re perceived as a source of good authority. Working in an open manner with your clients and showing empathy towards their business and their ideas, illustrates that you have their best interest in mind and that you’re an invaluable part of their operations. Furthermore, being perceived as thought leaders or perhaps just having an appreciation and knowledge of their industry will also amplify your business relationship, as it highlights that you’re invested in them and your business partnership.

Now that we have outlined some key areas of customer relationship management that is important to preserve long-term business partnerships, we now look at some of the most effective strategies to put into place to encourage clients to pay on time and maintain your hard-earned cash flow.

1. Credit check customers – both new and existing
If you provide products or services and receive payment after services rendered eg. 30-day payment terms, your business is effectively extending a line of credit to your client’s. It is for this reason that when you are considering taking on new customers, conducting your own due diligence to be aware of who you are engaging with and their financial capacity to pay their obligations. Similar to all financial institutions, before they agree to extend a line of credit to you, they review your financial position to understand your ability to meet the respective financial liabilities as and when they fall due. So why would you conduct your business in a different way?

Crediting checking new customers is a great way to provide a position of guarantee that your clients are able to pay your invoices within the specified payment terms set down. Credit checks provide important information about a business or individuals financial record – whether good or bad, thanks to the recent introduction of the Comprehensive Credit Reporting in Australia.

Credit checking shouldn’t be solely focused on new customers, as periodic reviews of existing customers is also a very important strategy. By making sure you’re aware of your existing customers financial positions, helps to mitigate any potential issues arising from changes in economic conditions that expose certain customers – ultimately impacting their ability to pay your invoices on time and safeguarding your businesses short-term cash flow.

2. Enforce and have clear credit terms
When on-boarding new customers, its important that they are completely aware of your credit or payment terms and what methods of payment you accept. By making sure all contracts and trade agreements include all the relevant information clearly to remove any ambiguity, will ultimately minimise any potential issues (or excuses) in the future.

During the early stages of negotiation, emphasising that your business is proactive and serious about enforcing payment terms will help set expectations from the start. Although it’s inevitable that you will experience slow payers at some point, by making sure you are consistent in outlining your payment terms is crucial to getting paid quickly.

Make sure your invoices include all the relevant information needed to help customers make payments on time. Outlining the expected payment date as per your trading terms and calling out information like “payment is due with 10 days of receipt”, will minimise any abuse with a claim the invoice hadn’t been receipted.

3. Leverage technology
A majority of businesses nowadays have specific systems and processes in place to help automate key business functions, however there are quite a lot of businesses who still don’t have basic systems in place to help them grow.

With the advancement in technology, there are now more solutions to choose from to help streamline specific operations of your business – allowing you to focus on other important tasks to build your business. Whether you’re a small business or large organisation, leveraging technology like intuitive accounting and invoicing software like Xero or MYOB, helps automate the whole invoicing function, whilst also providing additional capabilities like email alerts to remind customers that their payments are overdue. Adopting such technology and implementing core automation processes can save you large amounts of time, as I’m sure you’d rather be working on other parts of your business than chasing slow payers.

SEE: How to Start Up a Dollar Store Business - Easy Guide

4. Get professional help
If you’re constantly chasing customers for payment or are having difficulty getting paid for an extended period of time, you may need to be more proactive to settle the issue. Whether they’re facing financial difficulty or just constantly slow at paying their invoices, it may require you to approach them to help settle the debt immediately. Depending on the type of relationship you have with the customer, could ultimately depend on how they perceive your approach to settling their invoice. One of the most common concerns businesses face is managing the situation and the potential of the relationship to turning sour. If this is the case, it could be time to consider outsourcing your debt collection or accounts receivables function to a professional debt collection agency.

Reputable collection agencies are professional and simply great at what they do – collecting debts. They have access to technology and information that most businesses don’t have exposure too, resulting in their ability to getting your invoices settled quickly with little fuss to you. Despite the stereotypes, professional debt collectors follow strict guidelines that have been set down by legislation, so outsourcing such functions can be a very cost and time effective way to maintaining a strong cash flow – whilst at the same time preserving your business relationships, which is the foundations of any business.

How To Remove Temporary Ad Serving Limit Placed on Your Adsense Account

Google Adsense tries to protect it's advert ecosystem as much as possible, as such monitor newly approved adsense accounts and regularly updates it's policies. Peradventure you were recently approved on the adsense program but got your account placed on "Temporary Ad Serving Limit" do not worry, there is a way to solve it as it is only temporary.
The reason Temporary Ad Serving Limit is Placed on Your Adsense Account is due to traffic concerns.
1. Bot Traffic
2. Paid traffic from facebook adverts and social media adverts
3. Invalid traffic
How you can Stop invalid traffic?

1. Understand your ads site visitors and traffic by Google Analytics to get detailed information about your website visitors.

2. Avoid partnering with untrustedllow-quality parties like purchase Traffic by Facebook and Instagram.

3. Don't click on your own Adsense ads, even if you think that ifs okay to do so. 4. Make Sure About Your Traffic It's Organic.

In the meantime, we recommend that you review these resources on invalid traffic:

1. Learn more How Google Adsense prevents invalid traffic

2. Learn more about how you can help to prevent invalid traffic

3. Learn more segment your traffic

4. Learn more about purchasing traffic

I know you are reading this article because Google placed the annoying temporary ads limit on your newly approved adsense account. If this is the case, do not worry, we will solve the problem together.

Follow below step to fix above Error Temporary ad serving limit placed on your account issue.

Stepl. Do not buy traffic from Facebook, Instagram, etc. Adsense want quality(Organic) traffic always.

Step2. Do not share your site link in any facebook group which is not related to your site content.

Step3. If you are using facebook ad and Adwords, etc. service always target your micro-niche traffic do not give any Paid traffic to your site which is not related.

Ad serving has been limited time Banned. so don't worry if you received an email from Google Adsense.

You can improve your website traffic quality by SEO Tips and Tricks. 

Now This is my My Trick to get Live Ads back on your website

It's my personal experiment I will share with you to help you solve the error "Ad Serving Limit Placed On Your Adsense Account". 

Step 1:- Go to your Website by Your keyword (i.e.Techtimes) 

Step 2:- Waite some time and scroll your site a few minutes. Suddenly you saw the below screenshot. 
Remove term: Ad serving has been limited Ad serving has been limited
Step 3:- It's a form of Google servey by our website visitor and asks that what is Information provides this website. 

If the visitor is satisfied with this information then fill all click without last click. 
When I asked Google to "why am I being asked this question" Google answered me below screenshot 
fix Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account

Why am I being asked this question? This site is using a survey, powered by Google, to enable access to its content. Answering a quick question here gives you immediate access to the content you want without having to pay. These surveys contain questions written and provided by survey creators that want to conduct market research. The website you are visiting earns money from these surveys which helps to fund great web content. 

Finally submit the feedback form.

Ads will start showing immediately you do this.

OPPO A9 2020 First Impressions: What You Should Expect

OPPO announced the A9 2020 last week and I found it to be an incredibly interesting phone for the Nigerian market. It is a crystal ball of what we should expect to see in 2020 and I’m quite excited.

The OPPO A9 2020 looks like most phones we have seen the past two years. There is a teardrop notch at the front. There is a number of cameras at the back. It has USB-C port at the bottom. The power button is conveniently located at the right hand side while the volume buttons are on the left.

The phone that I have here is the Marine Green variant and it looks pretty cool. There is a Space Purple version but I prefer this Marine Green variant.

The display

First impressions of the A9’s display are disappointing. This is a N61,999 phone that has a mediocre 720p display. Resolution aside, the display is not colour accurate and the whites are wanting. It is disappointing since OPPO has put better 720p displays on cheaper phones like the OPPO A7 I reviewed last year.

The only reason I could think off as to why OPPO decided to go with this panel is to achieve the sub N79,000 price point. It is definitely the weakest part of this phone but thankfully that is not the case for the rest of the features.

5000mAh battery
The OPPO A9 has a 5,000mAh battery and my first impressions is that it is excellent. My daily driver is a phone with a 4,000mAh battery which has very good battery life.

The OPPO A9 has better battery life than my daily driver and that is a great first impression. That battery life is also further augmented by the 720p display and the Snapdragon 665 that hums within which is not a power hungry CPU.

Stereo Speakers

oppo a9 2020
The other key feature is the stereo speakers. Stereo speakers are surprisingly rare and has been made a ‘premium’ feature by manufacturers.

They sound pretty okay but they are not as well balanced and as clear as the Samsung Galaxy S10 ( a phone almost three times its price). I still don’t mind it because it is a great addition and stereo speakers improve the audio listening experience when you are consuming content without earphones/headphones.

8GB of RAM
The most surprising feature about the A9 is the 8GB of RAM. OPPO managed to cram 8GB of RAM to a sub N79,000 phone, which I believe is frankly amazing. Most 2019 Android flagship phones sport 8GB of RAM as standard (except the Pixel phones) and it makes the experience so much better.

My first impressions is that this phone keeps a lot of apps in memory and that improves the user experience a lot. It is my favourite feature of the phone and I hope in 2020, more sub 30K smartphones will have 8GB of RAM.

The camera situation with the A9 is not surprising at all. The primary camera system is composed of a 48MP main camera, an 8MP wide angle camera and two 2MP sensors. The front camera is a single 16MP sensor.

primary cameras
The main sensor is a 48MP camera that outputs 12MP photos. This Sony IMX586 sensor uses pixel binning to combine four pixels into one to theoretically take better and more detailed photos.

Front facing camera
First impressions of the primary camera system is that it is actually good. In good light, it takes good photos. Since it doesn’t have OIS, I wouldn’t trust it to take sharp photos in lower light situations but that is expected for the price.

The wide angle camera is also decent but it is not the best I’ve seen. For the price, it is okay. It is also not the widest that I’ve seen.


The OPPO A9 2020 is the first phone that gives us an indication of what we should expect from phones that retail between N70,000 and N79,000. In an earlier editorial, I said that phones at the N70,000 price bracket are the ones to get and this has the potential to drop in price to that bracket in a few months.

This phone has killer specs for the price. A massive 8GB of RAM and stereo speakers make it stand out from its segment. It has competitors, like the recent Huawei P30 Lite New Edition, the more expensive Nokia 7.2 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

How To File For Bankruptcy Yourself Without an Attorney

I know you will be surprised to find out that U.S. bankruptcy laws allow debtors to file for bankruptcy without the use of an attorney in court. Though the process allows you to file without the the use of an attorney, it might not be advisable if your Chapter 7 bankruptcy issues are complicated.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to relieve you of unsecured debts, such as medical expenses. There is no rule that requires you to use a lawyer to file a petition. You can do the filing yourself, which is called “pro se,” but we recommend that you do your research first.

A pro se filing makes more sense if you have a relatively simple case without a lot of property or court-ordered obligations, such as child support. If your creditors are alleging fraud, you might prefer to use an attorney.

Here are the general steps you will have to take to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy yourself:

1. Determine Eligibility
The law establishes limits on wealth, income and property for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You will have to provide a full disclosure of your income, assets and debts for the court to evaluate before you can file for Chapter 7. First, use this calculator to determine if your income is less than the state median income – if so, move on to the next step.

2. Fill Out the Means Test
The means test is a set of three forms. The United States Courts website says:

“You must file 22A–1, the Chapter 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income (Official Form 22A–1) if you are an individual filing for bankruptcy under chapter 7. This form will determine your current monthly income and compare whether your income is more than the median income for households of the same size in your state. If your income is not above the median, there is no presumption of abuse and you will not have to fill out the second form.”

The Means Test
You must earn less than your state median income to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You should know by using the calculator above whether you qualify, but you will still need to fill out the 22A-1. Here are the three forms, in order:

  1. 22A-1
  2. 22A-1 Supp.
  3. 22A-2

3. Receive Credit Counseling
Another pre-filing hurdle requires you to receive credit counseling from an accredited source. You will also have to enroll in a financial management course to ensure you are educated about handling debt. You must file documents certifying you’ve met these requirements.

4. Fill Out Official Bankruptcy Forms
The primary form is the Voluntary Petition, Form B1. Take your time and fill in all of the requested information. Other forms include:

List of unsecured creditors
Schedules listing your real and personal property, creditors hold secured and unsecured debt, current income, current expenditures, contracts, leases, education/tuition accounts and more
Statement of Financial Affairs, a multi-part questionnaire
Statement of Intention
List of Case Commencement Notes — a notice to creditors of your intent to file for Chapter 7
A copy of any debt repayment plan you’ve worked out
All of these forms can be found at

(Note: Married couples can file a joint Chapter 7 application. Businesses can file for liquidation via Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but this usually is best done with the help of an attorney.)

5. File a Petition
After you complete and assemble your papers, you file your petition with the federal court clerk and your case will be scheduled. Filing a Chapter 7 petition automatically stays any action by creditors, meaning they’re unable to continue calling you for payments or go forth with any lawsuits or wage garnishments. Filing a petition costs $335, unless you apply to have the filing fee waived.

The U.S Bankruptcy Court will appoint a trustee to oversee your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The trustee will sell your “nonexempt” property and use the proceeds to partially pay back your creditors. You keep exempt property, such as your home, car, necessary clothing, pensions and public benefits. Of course, your bank can foreclose your house for mortgage nonpayment, and your car can be repossessed if you miss car loan payments, as these are not covered by Chapter 7.

6. Attend a Creditors’ Meeting
The trustee will schedule a meeting within 40 days of your filing. You will be put under oath and be asked questions. The trustee might try to work out a voluntary solution with creditors in order to avoid further Chapter 7 action.

Attend a Creditors’ Meeting (341 Meeting)
The creditors’ meeting, also known as a 341 meeting, is where the trustee will ask you questions under oath about your financial situation.

Don’t worry, according to, these meetings typically only last about 1-2 minutes.

7. Attend Personal Financial Management Instruction Course
This must be done within 45 days of completing the creditors’ meeting, or you RISK HAVING THE CASE DISMISSED. Visit to find a list of approved debtor education providers in your area.

8. Meet the Bankruptcy Court’s Requirements
After the 341 meeting, you will be presented with a list of requirements to satisfy before your case is closed, which typically takes between four and six months.

List of Best Money Transfer Apps To Africa from Australia, USA and UK

Lots of currency transfer companies now offer mobile apps that let you send money around the world from the convenience of your phone.

I've listed here a selection of the most reliable apps from major international money transfer providers, and outlined which one is right for you.

These services allows you to Send directly to the recipient's bank account. All you need to do is; Simply enter your money transfer destination and the amount you wish to send for an instant estimate of today’s exchange rate.

Here we go

1. Transferwise App
Transferwise AppValued at over 1.5 billion dollars, TransferWise is the fastest growing global money transfer company. And it shows. The TransferWise app is one of the best in the market - a fantastic way to deliver money overseas within seconds. The app even shows you how much you save when you make a transaction with their price comparison calculator, so even if they aren’t the cheapest option, they let you know. If that’s not transparent, we don’t know what is.

Additional Features:
Geographic Availability. US, UK, EU and AUS
Device Availability. iPhone, Android and Smartwatch
Payment Methods. Debit Card (Europe), Bank Credit Card And Bank Wire
Transfer limits. Minimum: $10
Special Features. Compatible With Apple Pay, SWIFT, Supports Wallet (enter card details quickly) and Family Sharing
Other Features. Keep All Of Your Receipts In One Place
Other Features. Easily Repeat Your Previous Transfers

2. WorldRemit
World Remit MobileSpecialising in sending remittances to Asia or Africa, WorldRemit has an accompanying app. If you need a truly global, flexible, safe and quick money transfer service, then the WorldRemit app is perfect for you. The app lets you send money from more than 50 countries to over 140 countries worldwide. The best thing is, you can complete instant or near-instant mobile money transfers, bank deposits, mobile airtime top-ups and cash pick-ups. WorldRemit’s app is also simple to use and very secure (backed by Norton software).

Additional Features:
Geographic Availability. USA, UK, EU, Asia, Africa and Australia
Device availability. iPhone and Android
Payment methods. debit card or bank wire
Special Features. Supports Wallet (enter card details quickly) and Family Sharing
Other Features. Send money to your recipient’s bank, cash pick-up
Other Features. Mobile-money function and airtime top up function

3. WorldFirst App
Worldfirst MobileWorldFirst was one of the first companies to embrace the money transfer app for payments. If you love your gadgets and you constantly need to move money back and forth between different currencies, this app may be best for you. The app is now available on iPhone, Android and Smart Watch.
Payments can be made in seconds, using a combination of taps and swipes. If you want to secure a good rate and you want to pay in one smooth, effortless transaction, you can. The app lets you track rates with historical charts and you can find out how much you’re saving compared to banks.

Additional Features:
Geographic availability. EU, UK and Australia
Device availability. iPhone, Android and Smart Watch
Payment methods. debit card (UK only), bank card or bank wire
Transfer limits. Minimum: USD $2,000+
Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
Other Featurers. Blogs with market updates as you wish

4. OFX
OFX MobileOFX (formally known as Ozforex) was born online and continues to develop easy, intuitive products like it’s mobile app. You can view live and historical exchange rates, set up rate alerts and manage and track all your transfers. For new users, you can also use the app to register for an OFX account.

Additional Features:
Geographic Availability: EU, UK, AUS, USA and CA
Device Availability: iPhone and Android
Payment methods: debit card or bank card locally, or with a bank wire
Transfer limits: Minimum: $150
Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
Other Features. They offer market updates
The Currency Shop Says:
OFX released its app a couple of years ago and there are very few reviews. Speaking from our own experience, the app is functional and simple to use. It allows you to view live exchange rates and set up alerts to your email, so if you’re looking for a basic app and a provider that gives you excellent exchange rates, OFX is a reasonable option.

5. XE
XE is one of the worlds most recognisable brands for currency conversion. Their site fast became the most popular currency converter in the world. Their app is largely based around the same function. That is, helping you calculate the conversion of one currency to another. They also have an app specifically to make transfers overseas.

Additional Features:
Rate alerts and the ability to 'follow' currencies
Device Availability: iPhone and Android
Exchange rate comparison
Transfer limits: Minimum: $150
Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
Other Features. They offer market updates

How to Start Up a Dollar Store Business - Easy Guide

You will need shelving units for your dollar store products.
As the name applies; Dollar stores are profitable ventures that can earn their owners lots of dollars. Conservative customers like saving money on everyday items that include soap, laundry detergent and toothpaste. When customers find whatever they wish for right inside your dollar shop they are bound to return day in day out.
How To Start
Most people Use their savings or apply for a bank loan when starting a dollar store. You will likely need up to $100,000 or more, starting from scratch or purchasing a franchise. Obtain a vendor's license for your dollar store because you will need to pay sales taxes on intrastate customers.

Before you commence, Count the dollar stores in your general area. Determine if there is a need for another dollar store in your area. Consider locating in a nearby city or town if competition is too great in your town.
Basic Process of Opening Your Own Dollar Store
As can be expected, there are many different factors that are important to consider if opening a dollar store is your dream. The basic framework to keep in mind when you’re opening a dollar store is as follows:

Secure Financing – The beginning of any business entails approval for financing that cannot only purchase you a building, but that can also allow you to invest in merchandise for that building as well. Being able to invest in all of these components is vital, especially when you’re business is just getting started.
Select a Profitable Location – The success of many dollar stores has to do with location. While you might find a lucrative deal on a building, it isn’t worth it if your customers cannot easily get to your location. Purchasing a location that is visible from the street in a highly trafficked area is essential when it comes to the success of your dollar store.
Find High-Quality Merchandise for Customers – The profitability of your store ultimately depends upon the merchandise that you provide for your customers as well. High-quality merchandise in a variety of categories is extremely important as this makes your dollar store a comprehensive destination for your customer’s shopping needs. By purchasing from the right wholesale or liquidation supplier, you can ensure that you’re also making a sizable profit off of all purchases being made.
Get the Word Out About Your Store – Once your business has been established, you will need to create effective advertisements that not only resonate with customers, but that convince them that your store is the right shopping destination for them. Research a target audience, and convert them into loyal customers with focused advertising that builds your business.
What Can I Do to Make My Dollar Store More Successful?
Once you have taken these basic steps to establish your business, you can then focus on various factors that can then elevate your dollar store to the next level. Just some of these considerations that you will want to make include:

New Merchandise on a Consistent Basis – Stores that regularly acquire new merchandise often attract customers who will buy more items because they are uncertain whether or not the items will be there the next time that they shop. Also, they can always return to your store knowing that there are new goods that they can purchase.
Clean Store With Well-Displayed Merchandise – Displaying your products in a clean, organized way will encourage shoppers to spend more time in your store while also improving their experience as well.
Offer Your Customers Value – Giving your customers value in your products is one of the most important things that you can provide. The purpose of your dollar store should always be premised on providing bargains to your shoppers. Like always having someone picking up the phone.
Get Started on the Development of Your Own Dollar Store Today
If you’re an entrepreneur with the hopes of opening your own dollar store, take the information mentioned above into consideration to ensure that the development of your business goes smoothly. With the right merchandise and the proper location, you can be well on your way to making your store a quick success.