How To Start A Business While Working Full Time In Nigeria

I know you are in this situation where you are not so sure of the success of a business and you cannot afford to quit your source of monthly earning as you have a couple of bills to pay. You are working full time and there is no space.

The Profitable Way Of Starting A Pizza Delivery Business In Nigeria

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Starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria could be the answer to your problems. It is a business that is currently thriving as a result of the increasing demands of the product across the country. If you are interested in starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria, you have to understand what it takes to start one.

How to Start a Potato Chips Production Business in Nigeria

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Potato chips production business is one of the very many businesses in Nigeria that require very little start-up capital. The interesting thing about the business is that it has huge growth and profit potentials and needs no formal education or qualification.

Professional Catfish Farming Business Plan With Financial Analysis

Are you enthusiastic about starting a catfish farming business or have you started your catfish farming business? Do you need a sample catfish farming business plan or professional catfish farming business plan to use for your business or for a loan? Then you are in the right place at the right time.

OnePlus 5T Complete hands-on review

Oneplus 5T hands-on review
The OnePlus 5T has just been unveiled, the interim upgrade that repacks the OnePlus 5 to make it more enticing for the holiday shoppers. T is to the OnePlus what S is to the iPhone, which means the OnePlus 5T isn't a complete overhaul. It's mostly the same phone on the inside, but there are bigger changes on the outside this time.

How To Start A Grasscutter Business And Earn Handsomely

Nigeria`s financial recuperation projects have required a radical movement from aggregate reliance on government for the occupation to independent work. One such alluring zone for independent work is Grasscutter cultivating. It is an extraordinary cash turning a business that can give a considerable rich source of protein to supplement Nigerian starch dinners.

How to easily start a thrift business with little or no capital

You will agree with me that salary earners find it very difficult to meet their financial needs when they do not have another source of income. If you are a salary earner with poor monthly remuneration, then I advise you start a thrift business as it requires very little capital to startup.