Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Huawei Y7 Prime Complete Review, Pricing, Which should you buy?

This year saw the emergence of two powerful smartphones launched into the Nigerian mobile phones market, the ever buzzing Infinix Hot 6 Pro and the Huawei Y7 Prime.

To some smartphone critics these phones are similar but the truth is they are so different in many ways. They both have 720p 18:9 displays, dual primary cameras, front facing flash for their selfie cameras, run Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box and are sold almost at the same price when you consider the 3GB/32GB variants.

However, although they seem similar on paper, the very thing that makes them seem that way are what set them apart. According to Kiruti Itimu of techweez

Both phones look quite nice. The Huawei Y7 Prime has this black front with their logo at the bottom with a brilliant blue back while the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has a lovely white front with huge bezels and a flat back. They both feel solid although they are made from plastic and glass. The Y7 feels much better in my hand and the Hot 6 Pro has way better buttons. I’d call this a draw and it really depends on your preferences

The display

Hot 6 Pro’s screen is great indoors and outdoors
Both phones sport 18:9 1440 x 720p displays, but that is where the similarities end. The Infinix Hot 6 Pro’s screen has better contrast, better viewing angles and better sunlight legibility.

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018

The Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 has a trick up its sleeve: You can change the colour temperature of the screen. I don’t normally like screens with a warm white balance so the Y7 gets points for letting me set the most suitable white balance.

Nevertheless, the winner is still the Infinix Hot 6 Pro. It has more merits than the Y7 Prime in this regard.

Battery Life
Infinix and Huawei went in different routes for their phones. Huawei gave the Y7 Prime 2018 a 3000mAh battery and Infinix gave the Hot 6 Pro an impressive 4000mAh battery, which is 33% larger than the Y7 prime.

As expected, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has better battery life than the Y7 Prime. The Huawei Y7 Prime has really decent battery life for a phone with a 3000mAH (4-5 hours screen on time depending on usage) but the Hot 6 Pro is the clear winner. I got 5.5 to 6 hours of screen on time easy on heavy days where my location is on and constantly syncing my emails.

If you want a phone with great battery life, the Hot 6 Pro is the clear winner.


Both phones have similarly spec’d cameras. The Huawei Y7 Prime has a 13MP camera with a f/2.2 aperture lens and a 2MP sidekick camera for portrait mode. The Infinix Hot 6 Pro also has a 13MP primary camera with a f/2.0 lens and a 2MP sidekick camera too.

The amount of detail resolved in daylight is the same, although the Y7 tends to shoot photos that are quite heavy on contrast. At night, the Hot 6 Pro has a much brighter flash which is great for shooting objects that are further away.

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 ‘wide aperture’ mode
However when it comes to portrait mode, the Hot 6 Pro is the clear winner where it crops in like in normal portrait mode shots and blurs out the background. The Y7 Prime is a bit finicky in this aspect and I was struggling to get a good portrait photo, although that could be thanks to the pre-release software the phone was running.

The selfie camera performance was a surprise. The Y7 Prime has an 8MP f/2.0 selfie camera with a front facing camera flash while the Hot 6 Pro has a 5MP with a similar f/2.0 lens but a way brighter front facing flash.

Interesting enough, I preferred the front facing camera of the Hot 6 Pro. It looked less noisy with the flash off. Face tracking is good with both cameras, but the Hot 6 blows the Y7 Prime with the much brighter front facing flash. That flash illuminates the face better than the one on the Y7 Prime and it is best for low light selfie or video shooting. Y7 Prime scores points for having a selfie camera with a wider field of view, which is great for group selfies.

When it comes to video, both phones shoot at 1080p@ 30fps using the back cameras, so that is a draw but the selfie video situation is different. Huawei decided to limit the Y7 Prime with only a maximum of 720p while the Hot 6 Pro’s selfie camera can shoot upto 1080p at 30fps.

In conclusion, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has the better selfie camera, better selfie video and beats out the Y7 Prime 2018 on portrait mode while using the primary camera.

The Y7 Prime with its 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM is priced at N59,000 while the similarly spec’d Hot 6 Pro is priced slightly lower at N47,000. However, Infinix has a cheaper Hot 6 Pro variant with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of inboard storage which retails for N44,000. The Hot 6 Pro is cheaper with similar specs and more accessible to more people with the 2GB RAM/16GB ROM variant.

For me, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is of a better bargain when comapared to the Huawei Y7 Prime 2018. These are indeed great phones for the money but the Hot 6 Pro ends up being the better phone between the two.

Nigerian ISP Blamed for “Accidental” Internet Traffic Hijack on Google Services

In layman terms, Internet hijacking can simply be explained as the rerouting of internet traffic through a path that it was not intended to go through and this is exactly what happened on Monday night towards Tuesday early morning (00.30 GMT+3), an incident that saw a number of Google Services – including search, G-Suite and Google Cloud Services go offline.

What happened is that traffic that was supposed to go through Google’s Cloud Services found its way to Russian and Chinese servers. The traffic misdirection showed signs of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking. BGP is used by ISPs to automatically route traffic seamlessly across the web.

An error in this protocol saw Google’s traffic rerouted through Russia, China and eventually to Nigeria. BGP hijacking can be used to intercept internet traffic or disrupt a service and even though Google dismissed the incident as an accident, there’s concern due to the countries which said data was rerouted through.

“Russia, China and Nigeria ISPs… This is obviously very suspicious… It doesn’t look like a mistake,” said Alex Henthorne-Iwane, vice-president of product marketing at ThousandEyes – an internet monitoring firm.

Following the incident, Google said that they did not see any signs of malicious hijacking and instead suspected that the Nigerian ISP, MainOne, had accidentally caused the problem. MainOne, later on, released a statement acknowledging the “leak” and terming it as an error that occurred during a planned upgrade.

“We have investigated the advertisement of Google prefixes through one of our upstream partners. This was an error during a planned network upgrade due to a misconfiguration on our BGP filters. The error was corrected within 74mins & processes put in place to avoid reoccurrence,” read the statement from MainOne. TECHWEEZ reported.

Normally, ISPs have protective measures to prevent “route leaks”. A simple explanation could be that MainOne’s misconfiguration led to a route leak and as a result, ISPs (in this case, in Russia and China) without any protective measures carried Google’s Traffic despite the error leading to the rogue reroute.

Then again, ThousandEyes researcher, Ameet Naik, points out that the incident put Google traffic in the hands of ISPs in countries with a long history of internet surveillance. Google is yet to reveal how many users were affected by this incident, although ThousandEyes says that this the worst incident affecting Google traffic yet and points out the possibility of it being a “war-game experiment”, a chilling sign of worse, wider-scale, similar attacks in future.

Real Me 2 Pro Review, Specs, Price in Nigeria

I learnt the Real me 1 has an awesome performance that is worth every penny spent on it, while the Real me 2 comes with the perfect design and screen. Could you imagine I never did a review on those smartphones? But this time around I decided not to miss out on the Real me pro because it comes with the perfect design, sleeky look, feminine look, awesome performance and a good battery life.
Just so you know Real me is a sister company to Oppo, a smartphone company that is fast becoming a household name in the mobile technology industry today. This tells why Real me is doing some perfect tech works, who would not? when you are affiliated to Oppo.

The Realme 2 Pro is basically an upgraded version of the Real me 2, one noticeable upgrade in the Real me 2 Pro is the choice of Snapdragon 660 chipset which is an upgrade and a far better option than the Snapdragon 450 chipset the Real me 2 carried. It has already proven to be an excellent performer in the middle and especially the budget range.

As expected, the Realme 2 Pro also upgraded the camera - it comes with a 16MP Sony IMX398 sensor with bright f/1.7 lens for the main camera and another 16MP snapper for the selfie photography. 4K video recording is available, too, while the power of the Snapdragon 660 allows for video stabilization on the 1080p videos.

Oppo Realme 2 Pro Specs
Body: Multi-layer plastic back, polycarbonate frame, Gorilla Glass 3 front;
Screen: 6.3-inch, 19.5:9, FHD+, IPS LCD
Rear Camera: Primary 16MP, f/1.7 lens; Secondary 2MP - serving as depth sensor; LED flash; 2160@30fps video recording, digitally stabilized 1080p@30fps
Front Camera: 16MP, f/2.0; 1080p@30fps video recording
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with AI- octa-core Kryo 260 CPU, Adreno 512 GPU
Memory: 4/6/8GB RAM, 64/128GB, dedicated microSD slot for up to 256GB expansion
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo; ColorOS 5.2 on top
Battery: 3,500mAh, 10W charging
Connectivity: Dual SIM (4G), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS/GLONASS, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, microUSB 2.0
Misc: Rear-mounted always-on fingerprint scanner

Merely seeing this tells you the Realme 2 Pro was made as an upgrade to its predecessor, the Real me 2. Personally, I am impressed, but trust the tech geeks, some will always have a different view, editos at GSMARENA thinks the Real me 2 pro still looked like a step backward with that cut in speed, instead of a different take on the budget phone.

Its Time to Unbox the Realme 2 Pro
In terms of packaging the Realme 2 pro comes as packed just as its predecessors. Its box contains a 10W charger, a microUSB cable, and a soft transparent case. The Realme 2 ro also comes with screen protector as expected on most new smartphones. Though the one on the Real me 2 pro perfectly fits the screen and has the same notch as the actual panel beneath.

And as always, we appreciate the extra security measure put in place as the Realme 2 Pro rocks a Corning Gorilla screen so you are sure of the device safety if it sleeps from your hands.

In terms of hardware design there isn't much difference between the Realme 2 Pro and its predecessors that were released a little over six months ago. Bu there is a unique identifier in the Real me 2 Pro.

The Real me 2 comes with its uniform colour instead of 3D-like patterns. Realme says the Ice Lake paint was inspired by the bitterly cold Arctic Ocean and you can almost feel it looking at that mesmerizing back.

I think we should not talk too much about the back of the phone as its the front of a device that attracts more attention. The Real me 2 Pro comes with 6.3" face with a small dewdrop-like notch for the camera. "It's a huge step over the chunky cutout we saw on the Realme 2, and one of the most non-intrusive notches we've seen so far." An editor with GSMARENA said.

Both Oppo and Vivo had ideas how to make the notch less irritating. The Oppo F9 was the first with this waterdrop-like notch, while Vivo chose to use the Essential shape for the cutout. We can't decide on who did it better, but both notches surely look better than the large dark strip on the previous Realme 2.

Should we expect less from a phone backed by Oppo? I don't think so, the Realme 2 Pro comes with the same 6.3" IPS LCD screen with a dewdrop-like notch we saw on the Oppo F9. It's of 1080p resolution that adds up to a very decent pixel density of 409ppi.

However, the Real me 2 Pro's actual screen resolution is 1,080 x 2,340 - that's 19.5:9 aspect. Its been confirmed that the Realme 2 pro has exactly the same screen as the Oppo F9. That is, the screen was lifted from the Oppo F9 and display tests confirm it.

The Realme 2 Pro did great when connected to an active external amplifier, delivering splendidly clean output and nicely high volume levels.

Sincerely speaking this device is the best gadget ever made by real me but I am sure they will come with something even more better in a little while.

Will I advise you to purchase the Real me 2 Pro even at a retail price of N120,000? YES! But if you are interested in camera and not function-ability then you can shop for other devices like the Huawei’s Nova 3i. 
Realme 2 Pro is certainly the ‘pro’

These 7 Freelancing Skills Can Make You A Millionaire On Fiverr

A freelancer is one who offer services for a fee and isn't particularly tied down to one single employer on a permanent basis. This means that a freelancer doesn't have just one employer. This art is in demand these days and it's earning potential is equally large not to talk of the many advantages it has such as having your own time and being in charge of your finances.

It is also very important to know that there are certain skills in modern day freelancing that are more in-demand than others. It means that although you can use any skill you have to make money as a freelancer, there are certain skills that are more useful in 2018. These skills, if you acquire them will pay you more than others. Infact, na jobs go dey rush you.

You will be in high demand and employers will queue to pay you. For example, in a freelance platform like Upwork, your application is considered by relevance. Your application is accepted because they feel that your skills are more useful than others. This is important you know so that you can make maximum income and break the cycle of lack you're currently facing.

DISCLAIMER: Regardless of the skill you posses, you need hard work and dedication to make it sell.

Some of these high-in-demand and profitable skills are:

1. Coding: This skill is in very high demand because people are looking for good computer programmers that can create a Mobile App, a website or even plugins. The skill is going to be around for a while. If you can learn this skill, your future self will thank you for it. Becoming a good coder is not too difficult. It's a skill you'll have to put in time to learn. But the amount average rookies that code get paid is insane.

You can make as little as $5000 to as much as $100,000 and I'm just being careful to not blow your mind. That's how profitable this skill is. The ones you see that are graduates are being sought for in big companies all over the world. By all means, try this out!

2. SEO Specialist: SEO is short for Search Engine optimization. It is a methodology of techniques, strategies and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. This means that you're responsible for making a website more visible on the internet. This is a very big deal as every website owner wants to b seen on any search page. However, just like in any other skill or job, you must build a track record of excellence to be hired.

3. Translator: This is where your French lessons become useful. This skill is becoming a common choice as the world is now a global village as such, people are looking for a person who can speak at least two foreign languages. You can be called upon to translate English to Portuguese or Spanish or even French. This skill is surely in demand.

4. Social media manager/Virtual assistant: People who don't have time to coordinate their handles and pages on social media like twitter, instagram, facebook and the likes. You must have a good grasp of how these things work and you need good communication skills if that business will thrive in your hands. These guys are highly appreciated and are well paid. So you can apply today to be a Social media P.A. or Senior Special Assistant!

5. Graphic Designer: Actually, graphic designing ranks as number two on Upwork's most in-demand skills. You could be involved in designing websites, infographics or designs for printing. This skill is very common in Nigeria and you can learn it easily. All you need is a laptop and data to go on YouTube and watch tutorials that teach graphics design.

6. Article and Blog writer: If you are skilled in writing, why not try this out? This is also a lucrative skill to have online. Employers are looking for people who can write on their blogs and develop content for their website. All you need to do is brush up your grammar and punctuation and there you go!

7. Copywriting: A lot of folks have never heard of this term. Copyrighting, simply put, is the act of writing texts to market a product and let people buy it. The written content is there to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade people to take action. If you can pair SEO marketing with this skill, you'll see a flux of jobs in a short time.

if you want to start freelancing on fiverr, upwork, elance or any other platform but do not have any special skill, please check the source to see the 10 services you can render without having a special skill and how to render this services.


Tecno Launches 18karat Gold Smartphone

Tecno Mobile has launched another innovative smartphone known as the Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro Gold edition.

TECNO Mobile has a business model focused exclusively on satisfying every mobile user.

The mobile phone company has remained a powerhouse in the smartphone business in Africa for the past decade with several laurels attesting to their successes.

According to the Public Relation and Strategic Partnership Manager, TECNO mobile, Jesse Oguntimehin, 2018 has been one of TECNO’s best years as it witnessed the launch of several record-breaking devices.

This included the launch of a totally new smartphone with dramatically improved aesthetics- the TECNO Pouvour 2 pro Gold.

“The device which showcases an 18karat gold cover is unarguably the first of its kind to have graced the market and it is really a sight to behold.

“Nonetheless, we can now take it easy with the rumours and speculations about the 18karat gold story as the device was released some days ago and yes, it is gold.

“After some days with the new device, two things specifically stood out for – the Design and the Battery capacity.

“That being said, join me on this review and let’s discuss this new premium design from TECNO Mobile,” Oguntimehin was quoted to have said in a statement.

According to him, “The device which also flaunts for a 6.0-inch HD+full display smartphone, the new device is very slim to handle which allows users the ability to handle the phone with a single hand.

“Asides from its classy look and feel, the Pouvoir 2 Gold edition is a 5000mAH battery-powered device that can run for up to four days after a single charge and is encased in a slim frame that acts as an amazing cover for the enormous capacity under the hood. This fits the habitual needs of smartphone users.

“The Pouvoir 2 Pro Gold runs on Android 8.1 Oreo OS and also supports 4G LTE connectivity, has 3GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage and so much more. The latest addition to the TECNO family is undeniably a strong contender for the best-looking phone of the year.

“The latest addition to the TECNO family is undeniably a strong contender for the best-looking phone of the year. From a premium ’18karat’ gold casing to a long-lasting battery life and so much more, the TECNO Pouvoir 2 Pro Gold edition, is an amazing smartphone pick for anyone out in the market scouting for a smartphone that truly combines the essentials of technological innovation, style and class.”

OPPO Find X Review, Price, Design and Specs

After reading so much about the OPPO FIND X online I found it very difficult to write this review about the device because I do not believe anyone would want to spend N300,000 on a device who's still struggling to carve a nitch for itself in the smartphone market.

I know you, I mean you reading this article right now would rather spend N350,000 on an I-Phone or a Samsung phone instead of a brand like Oppo, but truth is, this review might want to make you reconsider your stance.

One design feature that makes the OPPO Find X stand out is its glass back with a gradient colour. Even more pronounced, is the front with its edge-to-edge 6.42-inch display that is like nothing we have seen before.

This crazy display introduces the first problem, fragility. Dropping the Find X would probably be catastrophic, but dropping any 2018 flagship is catastrophic. The OPPO Find X hides its camera lenses underneath the body and the lenses are accessible through a pop-up mechanism that adds to the fragility.

However, the motors inside the phone are smart enough to allow you to bully them a bit. Pulling up the upper part of the phone, pops-up the camera then it promptly pulls itself down, the opposite action is also true.
OPPO find X

The cameras on the device do a good job, not as much as I would want them to but I have little to complain about. In case megapixel numbers tickle your fancy, the two main cameras are of 16MP and 20MP respectively. The selfie shooter is a 25MP. Here are a few images shot on the OPPO Find X:

The pop-u mechanism also houses the 3D face scanners which are the only biometrics on this phone and it works well in all conditions, even in darkness.

VOOC Charge, Battery Life and Performance

The 3730mAh battery on the Find X will pull through the day but if you need to juice up, an hour of charging is all you need. When it comes to performance, the 8GB RAM on the Find X and 128GB internal storage are more than satisfactory, actually, it destroys the Note 9 in benchmarks. Software-wise, we have Android 8.1 Oreo on board the usual ColorOS and a Snapdragon 845 processor.

The question remains, would you spend N350,000 on the OPPO Find X?

Here’s a video review of the OPPO find X from TECHWEEZ

TECNO Camon CM Review, Price, Camera, and Specs

Last year passed by without seeing any TECNO device adopt the new elongated display style (18:9). Well, that is about to change as the first smartphone from the Shanghai-based company comes packing a 5.65-inch display in an 18:9 aspect ratio. The comp
any has been on social media teasing their new smartphone with the tagline, “See More”, definitely referring to the new display.

In case you’re from the stone age, most phones have a 16:9 aspect ratio display bordered by significant bezels, the new 18:9 aspect ratio means the phone’s display is slightly longer than usual and this has been achieved by killing the bezels around the phone. Thus, generally, 18:9 displays mean the phone will have a larger display and a smaller body.

Dubbed the Camon CM, this new TECNO smartphone comes with the following features:

5.7″ 720p Full Vision Display
MediaTek MT6737 Processor (Quad-Core)
16GB Internal Storage
13 MP Front Camera with Screen Flash and LED Flash + 13 MP Back Camera with Quad Flash
4G and VoLTE support (including Band 28)
Fingerprint Sensor
3000 mAh Battery
Android 7.0 with HiOS 2.0 on top.
Camon CM

SEE ALSO: Tecno’s Camon 11 Review, Price in Nigeria, Includes AI Camera

Interestingly, the device was launched in India as the Camon i; the only difference being, in India, it has 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Nigeria is set to get the phone (Camon CM) sometime this week while here in Nigeria, we are yet to get any word on the availability, all we know is that is launches this January and will probably cost around N45,000 if the Nigerian price is to go by.

The Camon CM will set precedence for what we should expect from TECNO smartphones this year. However, the CM is just a special edition smartphone that is meant to show that they (TECNO) too can make 18:9 display phones, the main Camon smartphone for this year will be launching later on and I hear it is a beauty to look at.