List of Best Money Transfer Apps To Africa from Australia, USA and UK

Lots of currency transfer companies now offer mobile apps that let you send money around the world from the convenience of your phone.

I've listed here a selection of the most reliable apps from major international money transfer providers, and outlined which one is right for you.

These services allows you to Send directly to the recipient's bank account. All you need to do is; Simply enter your money transfer destination and the amount you wish to send for an instant estimate of today’s exchange rate.

Here we go

1. Transferwise App
Transferwise AppValued at over 1.5 billion dollars, TransferWise is the fastest growing global money transfer company. And it shows. The TransferWise app is one of the best in the market - a fantastic way to deliver money overseas within seconds. The app even shows you how much you save when you make a transaction with their price comparison calculator, so even if they aren’t the cheapest option, they let you know. If that’s not transparent, we don’t know what is.

Additional Features:
Geographic Availability. US, UK, EU and AUS
Device Availability. iPhone, Android and Smartwatch
Payment Methods. Debit Card (Europe), Bank Credit Card And Bank Wire
Transfer limits. Minimum: $10
Special Features. Compatible With Apple Pay, SWIFT, Supports Wallet (enter card details quickly) and Family Sharing
Other Features. Keep All Of Your Receipts In One Place
Other Features. Easily Repeat Your Previous Transfers

2. WorldRemit
World Remit MobileSpecialising in sending remittances to Asia or Africa, WorldRemit has an accompanying app. If you need a truly global, flexible, safe and quick money transfer service, then the WorldRemit app is perfect for you. The app lets you send money from more than 50 countries to over 140 countries worldwide. The best thing is, you can complete instant or near-instant mobile money transfers, bank deposits, mobile airtime top-ups and cash pick-ups. WorldRemit’s app is also simple to use and very secure (backed by Norton software).

Additional Features:
Geographic Availability. USA, UK, EU, Asia, Africa and Australia
Device availability. iPhone and Android
Payment methods. debit card or bank wire
Special Features. Supports Wallet (enter card details quickly) and Family Sharing
Other Features. Send money to your recipient’s bank, cash pick-up
Other Features. Mobile-money function and airtime top up function

3. WorldFirst App
Worldfirst MobileWorldFirst was one of the first companies to embrace the money transfer app for payments. If you love your gadgets and you constantly need to move money back and forth between different currencies, this app may be best for you. The app is now available on iPhone, Android and Smart Watch.
Payments can be made in seconds, using a combination of taps and swipes. If you want to secure a good rate and you want to pay in one smooth, effortless transaction, you can. The app lets you track rates with historical charts and you can find out how much you’re saving compared to banks.

Additional Features:
Geographic availability. EU, UK and Australia
Device availability. iPhone, Android and Smart Watch
Payment methods. debit card (UK only), bank card or bank wire
Transfer limits. Minimum: USD $2,000+
Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
Other Featurers. Blogs with market updates as you wish

4. OFX
OFX MobileOFX (formally known as Ozforex) was born online and continues to develop easy, intuitive products like it’s mobile app. You can view live and historical exchange rates, set up rate alerts and manage and track all your transfers. For new users, you can also use the app to register for an OFX account.

Additional Features:
Geographic Availability: EU, UK, AUS, USA and CA
Device Availability: iPhone and Android
Payment methods: debit card or bank card locally, or with a bank wire
Transfer limits: Minimum: $150
Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
Other Features. They offer market updates
The Currency Shop Says:
OFX released its app a couple of years ago and there are very few reviews. Speaking from our own experience, the app is functional and simple to use. It allows you to view live exchange rates and set up alerts to your email, so if you’re looking for a basic app and a provider that gives you excellent exchange rates, OFX is a reasonable option.

5. XE
XE is one of the worlds most recognisable brands for currency conversion. Their site fast became the most popular currency converter in the world. Their app is largely based around the same function. That is, helping you calculate the conversion of one currency to another. They also have an app specifically to make transfers overseas.

Additional Features:
Rate alerts and the ability to 'follow' currencies
Device Availability: iPhone and Android
Exchange rate comparison
Transfer limits: Minimum: $150
Other Features. Live rates, historical charts and rate watch tools
Other Features. They offer market updates

How to Start Up a Dollar Store Business - Easy Guide

You will need shelving units for your dollar store products.
As the name applies; Dollar stores are profitable ventures that can earn their owners lots of dollars. Conservative customers like saving money on everyday items that include soap, laundry detergent and toothpaste. When customers find whatever they wish for right inside your dollar shop they are bound to return day in day out.
How To Start
Most people Use their savings or apply for a bank loan when starting a dollar store. You will likely need up to $100,000 or more, starting from scratch or purchasing a franchise. Obtain a vendor's license for your dollar store because you will need to pay sales taxes on intrastate customers.

Before you commence, Count the dollar stores in your general area. Determine if there is a need for another dollar store in your area. Consider locating in a nearby city or town if competition is too great in your town.
Basic Process of Opening Your Own Dollar Store
As can be expected, there are many different factors that are important to consider if opening a dollar store is your dream. The basic framework to keep in mind when you’re opening a dollar store is as follows:

Secure Financing – The beginning of any business entails approval for financing that cannot only purchase you a building, but that can also allow you to invest in merchandise for that building as well. Being able to invest in all of these components is vital, especially when you’re business is just getting started.
Select a Profitable Location – The success of many dollar stores has to do with location. While you might find a lucrative deal on a building, it isn’t worth it if your customers cannot easily get to your location. Purchasing a location that is visible from the street in a highly trafficked area is essential when it comes to the success of your dollar store.
Find High-Quality Merchandise for Customers – The profitability of your store ultimately depends upon the merchandise that you provide for your customers as well. High-quality merchandise in a variety of categories is extremely important as this makes your dollar store a comprehensive destination for your customer’s shopping needs. By purchasing from the right wholesale or liquidation supplier, you can ensure that you’re also making a sizable profit off of all purchases being made.
Get the Word Out About Your Store – Once your business has been established, you will need to create effective advertisements that not only resonate with customers, but that convince them that your store is the right shopping destination for them. Research a target audience, and convert them into loyal customers with focused advertising that builds your business.
What Can I Do to Make My Dollar Store More Successful?
Once you have taken these basic steps to establish your business, you can then focus on various factors that can then elevate your dollar store to the next level. Just some of these considerations that you will want to make include:

New Merchandise on a Consistent Basis – Stores that regularly acquire new merchandise often attract customers who will buy more items because they are uncertain whether or not the items will be there the next time that they shop. Also, they can always return to your store knowing that there are new goods that they can purchase.
Clean Store With Well-Displayed Merchandise – Displaying your products in a clean, organized way will encourage shoppers to spend more time in your store while also improving their experience as well.
Offer Your Customers Value – Giving your customers value in your products is one of the most important things that you can provide. The purpose of your dollar store should always be premised on providing bargains to your shoppers. Like always having someone picking up the phone.
Get Started on the Development of Your Own Dollar Store Today
If you’re an entrepreneur with the hopes of opening your own dollar store, take the information mentioned above into consideration to ensure that the development of your business goes smoothly. With the right merchandise and the proper location, you can be well on your way to making your store a quick success.

New Offer! How To Get MTN 1GB For N200, Valid For 7 Days

MTN is here again with yet another offer called "Welcome Back Offer,"
just after introducing MTN mPulse offer

MTN took to their social media pages to announce a new welcome back offer that gives 1GB for just N200. This offer is Sim Eligible.

According to MTN, they said;

Pick up that MTN sim you haven't used for 30days or more and enjoy this great offer. Get 1GB for N200, Dial *131*65# to enjoy!! What are you waiting for. #MTNWelcomeBack

This offer is quite similar to 9mobile 1GB for N200, but it's a special plan, not a welcome back offer.

How To Activate MTN 1GB For N200

This is a welcome back offer, not a normal plan.

1. Simply get an MTN Sim that you haven't used for 30days- 180days. (MTN sim that haven't been used for receiving or making calls, SMS and recharge on)

2. Recharge N200 naira on the Sim
3. Then dial *131*65# to buy 1GB for N200

4. Data is valid for 7days.
5. To check Sim eligbity, dial *559*65#.

That's all.. What's your say about this offer??

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Infinix Unveils The Hot 8 device In Nigeria

Its about time we officially unveil to you the empower and bigger device. Finally ! Met the all new Infinix Hot 8 and Hot 8 lite. The Hot 8 is the latest of Hot generation with incredible woow features to blow your mind. First off with a first and unprecedented 5000 mAh battery for long-lasting performance. The Hot 8 5000mAh battery goes with the ability to meet the day-long power requirement of any mobile user. This, in simple terms, would mean that the device could run for 4 days straight, on one full charge with an improved battery power management system which allows users to clearly map out battery usage for a better optimised performance.

6.6 Big Screen For Big Dreams

The Hot 8 and it lite variant gets more hotter in your hands with a sleek and trendy 6.6 inch water drop notch display screen. Waterdrop-like shape display oozes a class and beauty with on the screen, integrated with the frame and enhances the sense of harmony. With the screen-to-body ratio reaching up to 90%. This gives room for more content to be displayed on screen, while the phone is still compact and portable. This provides a broader visual effect when you play games and watch videos the device. Netflix and chill fans will sure love this.[winks]
The large 6.6" HD screen displays content more clearly (this phone has the largest screen among those within the same price r). Enjoy the amazing visual experience every time the screen turns on. Under strong light, the screen can smoothly transitions to high brightness mode, increasing the brightness by 39% compared with the normal mode.

Triple Hot Camera with a front flash

Well you heard it here! The Hot 8 front camera features a front flash. The front flash ensures catch up the flame while illuminating your selfies. For the rear camera, A wide-angle lens is added on the basis of dual camera, which directly doubles the field of view during photographing (13M AF+2M+QVGA). It can take amazing photos of grand sceneries and groups, and also supports intelligent slimming of face, body and legs. Intelligent identification of photographing environment, automatic selection of photographing mode and automatic adjustment of camera parameters allow you to take photos more intelligently. Both the front- and rear-facing cameras of HOT 8 are equipped with flashlights (4 flashlights for rear-facing camera, 1 flashlight for front-facing camera), allowing you to take clear photos even at night or under weak light.

Unlimited Storage with Google FileGO

The Hot 8 gives you access to endless storage with Google files. Aint no cooler way to Share, files with ease on your device. Google files helps find files faster, free up space on their phones, and allow to you share files offline quickly and securely without using data, you also have the extra luxury of backing up files too.

New Gaming Mode feature
The Hot 8 goes further to set you in the groove with an awesome gaming mode feature. Its bye bye to annoying interruptions from notifications when playing games on your device ahh PUBG and PES/ FIFA players can relate very well. This is also in addition to a fast, light and smooth UI big on experience with XOS 5.0 and Android 9.0.

The Hot 8 with its awesome shade of colours lets you wanting more when you hold it.

Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro & Iphone 11 Pro Max: Apple Unveils Three New Iphone 11

Apple unveiled three new iPhone models at its annual fall media event in Cupertino, Calif. Tuesday. These include the new iPhone 11, as well as two high-end models dubbed the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max.

The new iPhone 11 effectively replaces the iPhone XR, the company’s lower-priced phone from its 2018 line-up. It will be available in six colors, and will sell for $699 and up when it becomes available in the coming weeks.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Max will be available in four colors, and retail for $999 and $1099 and up, respectively. All three models will be available for pre-order starting this coming Friday, and reach stores and consumers on September 20.

On Tuesday, the company put a big emphasis on the photo and video capabilities of the new phone models. The new iPhone 11 features two camera lenses, including a new ultra-wide camera lens. The phone supports 4K capture with up to 60 frames per second, and 4K with 30 frames per second with its front-facing camera. The company is also introducing a new night mode for better low-light capture — something that’s similar to features available on Google’s Pixel phones.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max both come with three camera lenses, including a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The devices feature 5.8 and 6.1 inch OLED displays, respectively, and the on-board battery is supposed to last 5 hours longer than that of last year’s models.

Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are being powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which the company calls the fastest CPU in a smartphone. It is also said to feature record-breaking graphics processing powers, which should come in handy once iPhone users start playing those Apple Arcade games.

Many of these details were no surprise to industry observers: Both model names and some of the specs had leaked in recent weeks, with cases from third-party manufacturers detailing the number and placement of the phone’s cameras.

The introduction of the iPhone 11 happens as Apple and some of its key competitors are facing cooling demand for smartphones. Apple stopped reporting iPhone sales numbers as part of its quarterly earnings reports late last year, but revenue from the product has been on the decline.

When Apple announced its fiscal Q3 2019 results in July, iPhone revenues were down close to 12% year-over-year. However, the company issued an upbeat guidance for the current quarter, suggesting that the company expects sales of the new model to pick up again.


If you are in Warri, Ughelli, Asaba, Sapele, Agbor, Kwale and any part of Delta state and you need a POS for business purpose or you know someone else who needs a POS. . I can help you get a POS from MONIEPOINT... With an attractive offer. .. Delivered to you at your location in less than 2weeks.

POS business is very profitable. I mean very profitable. Let me tell you a story about my friend who does POS business.

So this friend of mine opened up a POS cash withdrawal point in a rural community where there's no bank. Before he came to the community, the people always travel long distance to the town just to withdraw but his services eliminated the stress and risk.
His services also saved them money. Today he has 4 different branches and is planning to convert them into a microfinance bank.
The guy is rolling in money but the risk is too much because he's always moving around with huge amounts of physical cash and no security.
He has over 10 girls working for him as cashiers, he just sleeps at home and watch credit alert and debit alerts busting into his phone  grin

One of his sales girls stole 100k cash from him and it took him 3 weeks to discover it, that's to tell you he has too much money  grin

He would have arrested her if not that I asked him to forgive her, the girl is too beautiful to face that kind of public embarrassment but he finally sacked her

If you want to make good profit just move away from the city and open it in a community that has no banking services, pay policemen that will be patrolling the area with their hilux and you're good to go. I'm telling you from experience.

So like I said in my opening statement, if you want to have your own POS terminal in less than a week contact me on the phone number below

Call or Whatsapp: 07064902652

8 money lending platforms in Nigeria and their interest rates

Business Insider SSA looks at the top money lending platforms and their interest rates in Nigeria and here’s what we found out.
Lending platforms in Nigeria (Stanbic IBTC)
Here is a look at the top peer-to-peer lending platforms in Nigeria.
The most popular loan lending platforms compete with various interest rates.
Financial technology companies are disrupting the lending industry and some of them offer quick, easy and cheap loans with no collateral.

Unlike the traditional banks that offer loans with high interest rates, journey-of-no-return paperwork or requirements as well as provision of guarantors among others, these fintech companies, otherwise known as lending platforms provide loans in simple and effective ways.

Notably of mention is Kwik Cash that offers loan on USSD platform in partnership with banks, technology companies. Kwik Cash is one of the most effective and convenient ways of getting quick and instant loans in Nigeria. Others also offer instant loan via mobile apps and websites.

Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa looks at some of the most popular loan lending platforms and their interest rates for consumers to make an informed decision while taking quick, instant and cheap loans in Nigeria.

These are the popular loan lending platforms in Nigeria at the moment:

1. Paylater

Paylater is a quick online lending platform that offers short term loan without collateral for urgent needs and expenses.

Through Paylater, you can get a loan from N500,000 to N1 million at different interest rates between 5 to 12.6%. The loan is determined by the risk involved and cash activities via your BVN.

When I checked out Paylater app, I applied for a loan of N70,000, the system automatically generated N68,500 (meaning some charges of about N2,000 have been incurred). The system also pegged interest rate at 12% monthly for a four-month repayment plan at N25,345 per month.

This simply means I will return N101,380 to Paylater in April 2019 for a loan of N70,000 in January 2019.

Here's a screenshot from the app:

Paylater lending app
Requirements: BVN, Passport photograph and address
Platform: Mobile App
Interest rate: 12 - 15% (Depending on risk level)
Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
Top up: No

Repayment channels: Direct debit
2. Renmoney

Renmoney customers can get loans up to N4,000,000 that can be repaid within a period of nine months without tendering collateral or a guarantor.

To apply for a loan on Renmoney, you’ll have to meet certain conditions. Applicants are expected to be between the age of 22-59, have a steady source of income with a functional current or savings bank account and a valid means of identification.

Upon request, the applicant is expected to provide verification of their monthly income and a report of their previous loans from a credit bureau. All these are to be submitted to any Renmoney office for confirmation.

For Renmoney quick loan request, a N70,000 loan would worth N83, 690 in four months repayment plan.

This implies a % between 4% to 4.5% per month.

Renmoney lending app
Requirements: BVN, Bank statement, Valid ID card, Employment letter
Platform: Internet
Interest rate: 4 - 5%
Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
Top up: No
Repayment channels: Quickteller, cheque, POS, Cash and Online transfers.
3. Aella Credit

Aella credit is an app-only easy and quick loan platform. It is designed to help employees access more funds between 1,500 to 700,000 and an interest rate between 4% - 29% monthly.

Aella credit is available in Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Aella lending platform
Requirements: BVN
Platform: Mobile App
Interest rate: 4 - 29%
Loan tenure: 1 to 2 months
Top up: No
Repayment channels: Direct debit
4. Kwik Cash (Mines)

Kwik Cash offers both internet-based, app and USSD loan options. It partners with banks, mobile network operators, and technology companies on a mission to make personal banking services convenient and accessible to all Nigerians.

On Kwik Cash, you can get a loan as high as N15,000 at 15% interest rate for 15 days (half a month)

Kwik lending platform

Requirements: BVN
Platform: USSD, Mobile App
Interest rate: 15%
Loan tenure: 1 month
Top up: No
Repayment channels: Direct debit
5. Rosabon Finance Quick Loan

Rosabon finance is one of the fastest and easiest ways to access a personal loan in Nigeria without collateral.

On Rosabon platform, a loan of N70,000 for interest attracts a 4-month repayment of N82,915. That's about between 4 to 6% per month.

Some of the requirements for getting a quick cash loan from Rosabon finance include being in a paid employment, between 21 and 58 years, have a salary account, have a pension account or tax ID, have a valid Proof of Identification and a recent utility bill.

rosabon lending platform
Requirements: Employment letter, salary account, pension account or tax ID, Valid ID, Utility bill.
Platform: Internet
Interest rate: 4 - 6%
Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
Top up: No
Repayment channels: Cheque, Direct debit

6. Zedvance

Zedvance Limited is a consumer finance company providing a quick and fast loan at a highly competitive rate.

For Zedvance, the interest rate depends largely on how well you can bargain and the level of risk involved in your loan. It is for salary earners in the country.

Zedvance's quick cash loan, interest stands between 4.0% to 4.5% and loan amount largely depends on your net pay.

Using its loan calculator, a loan worth N70,000 for 4 months will attract N82,456 in total repayment.

 Zedvance lending platform
Zedvance lending platform
Requirements: Employment letter, Salary account, Official email address, Valid ID, Utility bill.
Platform: Internet
Interest rate: 4 - 4.5%
Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
Top up: Yes
Repayment channels: Cheque, Direct debit
7. Page Financials

Page Financials is an innovative retail financial institution offering various quick personal and salary advance loan to meet the financial request of customers.

On Page Financial, it takes six steps to request for a loan and the first one is inputting your BVN details.

For its loan, Page Financials offers a daily rate of 0.5% which accrues on its Debit card issuance also known as Pledge Finance.

Pledge Finance debit card is a preloaded with up to N500,000 depending on your net monthly income. The company also charge a one-off fee of N1,500 for the card valid for a period of 3 years.

The interest rate is accrue daily at 0.5% which is about 15% monthly on the loan card.

 Page Financials lending platform
Pledge lending platform
 Page Financials
Page Financials lending platform
Requirements: Employment letter, Salary account, Valid ID, Utility bill.
Platform: Internet
Interest rate: 15%
Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
Top up: Yes
Repayment channels: Cheque, Direct debit
8. FINT Loan

FINT helps match lenders (individuals looking to lend) with creditworthy borrowers for a competitive return and at an attractive interest rate.

The quick loan platform offers interest rate based on risk score – using a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person's information.

Apart from this, like other lending platforms in Nigeria, FINT charges the borrower two fees that are both one-time payments. The first is a verification fee (NGN 3000) and the second is a closing fee (8%). The closing fee is to be paid before disbursement of the fully-funded loan. In addition, a transfer fee (1.8% + NGN100) is passed on to the borrower.

FINT interest rates range from 3% to 5% per month depending on borrower’s risk score.

 Fint lending platform
Fint lending platform
Requirements: Employment letter, Salary account, Valid ID.
Platform: Internet
Interest rate: 3 - 5%
Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
Top up: Yes
Repayment channels: Cheque, Direct debit
My Verdict:

Despite the motive of providing quick, easy access, cheap interest rates and collateral free loans, most of the lending platforms still offer high interest rates compared to commercial banks.
Paylater and Kwik Cash are the easiest to use in terms of documentation and offer fast access to credit.
Kwik Cash is the most innovative with its USSD option
Kwik Cash has the highest interest rate at about 15% for half a month.
Zedvance offers a more competitive interest rate pegged at 4% to 4.5% compared to other lending platforms.
The interest rates for most of the platforms are not fixed based on factors such as risk level of a borrower, salary range, house rent and others.