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Here are the mobile phones to watch out for in 2017

Hey guys, are u thinking of upgrading or changing your mobile phone? I don’t think you should do that just yet without reading this article. I am going to show you a collection of the best mobile devices currently making waves.
These gadgets include Samsung phones, I-phones, HTC phones, Xiomi, LG phones and others. Also I am going to tell you the phones that are going to be released soonest.


1. LG G6
2. HTC 11
3. The all new Nokia android
4. One plus 4
5. Samsung galaxy note 8
6. Galaxy s8 & s8 plus
7. The banging sony xperia FLAGSHIP
8. Iphone 8

These mobile phones don’t just come with performance and speed, but a longer battery life as well.
Need I remind you guys that the latest snapdragon 820 chip also has a massive 25% faster graphics as compared to its predecessor?

According To news in the tech space, no phone currently runs on qualcom snapdragon 835 chip, because the Samsung galaxy s8 is yet to be released which has the initial dibs.
Though galaxy s8 is expected to launch come April, I will advice you chill a while before upgrading if you ever thought of it. Yea! I said that, its worth the wait guys.

Now let’s get to business proper! Phones in 2017 that will blow your mind
LG G6: LG is set to release this monster device come 26 February 2017. LG gave this device a touch of class with its new glass casing (front back).

Let me remind you also that you could also take those selfies under the pool or while on a vacation in some beach. Yes this means its waterproof. It will come with an enclosed battery.
Maybe, just maybe it will also have the feature of cordless charging. It has also been heard that it will feature an iris scanner. LG isn’t delaying the launch of this device as it has already sent out a reminder to its customers to remember 26 February.

This device will run on the snapdragon 821 chip. So do not expect it to run on the qualcom snapdragon 825 chip.
You can also search google for further reviews on LG G6.

IPHONE 8: Tech giants apple are going out of the box to make up for a scarce upgrade that took plae earlier on. The Iphone 8 will integrate style, hardware and design. These bumper features will make this gadget the most sophisticated I-Phone.

Its going to be as thin as a piece of glass with very slim edges.
The gadget may come with a glass body and the touch identification scanner will be implanted in the glass.
Let me remind you also that the popular home button may not be found on this gadget.
Other features to expect include facial recognition, voice recognition and even wireless charging for the first time ever.
I hope you are expecting me to tell you it will be very fast? Because we all know its going to be as fast as the lightening.

GALAXY NOTE 8: Samsung mobile has announced the release date for this gadget; it will be released on the month of August 2017. A lot of whispering has been making waves following the problems encountered by note7.
The device comes with a 5.7 inch screen resolution with an S pen support. The processor is speed will wow you; it also comes with an amazing ram size.

The camera is completely digital and its dual. It also comes with waterproof. Yes! So the underwater selfies are sure.

Keep up with this thread for more gadgets and updates!


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