We all know that when it comes to making money online as a publisher adsense is the best and most reliable. It is perhaps the easiest way for bloggers to earn a living these days, but one of the biggest search query these days is ‘HOW TO GET GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVED’. This is to tell you difficult it is for you to get approved by google adsense.

Though, some bloggers quit blogging because they were unable to get adsense approval after several attempts. This doesn’t mean you should do same; nothing good comes easy you know.

I have been a victim of this same situation and I know how it feels like after you write articles all night yet Google Adsense still feels you haven’t met their standard. I know how heartbroken it feels when you get the disapproval message. I have even paid tight in church just to get adsense approval.

But there is a popular saying that you ‘Learn before you Earn’


I have a great news for you and just don’t worry anymore about Adsense approval because I will show you the easy steps you have to take in order to get approved by Adsense. Its no trick, but you have to follow the rules and standards I will be giving to you now.

I assure you within the next 48 hours you will be smiling over adsense approval if you follow my guide.

I know you have seen and read so many posts online about getting adsense approval and you must have tried all and even downloaded E-books too. Well, you don’t need any E-book to do this.

Now, in this post I will be carrying step by step on how to get it right with adsense policies and standards. Before you start looking for a way to buy adsense account from others and eventually end up losing money, please read this post and follow my guide.

You don’t need to do anything special before getting adsense approval, all you need to do is adhere strictly to adsense policies. So follow these steps now and get adsense approved for your blog or website within days.

The very first criterion for your application to scale through is quality content. Content that has not been produced anywhere before. Does your content add value to the internet world? Just ask yourself.
Your ability to write unique contents matters a lot and if you can do this, adsense approval would not give you issues. 
I will advice you focus on quality instead of quantity, because I have seen bloggers with hundreds of posts on their blog yet they are still struggling over adsense approval.

Here is how my friend got approved on Adsense after several disapprovals. He decided to get rid of all plagiarized articles on his blog and started writing new and fresh unique articles from the scratch.
He told me it wasn’t easy but he was seriously in need of adsense and he had to abide by their policies in order to get approval. One of the few things he did was to create a contact page, an about us page, privacy policy page and terms & conditions page.

Surprisingly he got approved after two weeks of writing just 7 seven unique and quality articles which were all free from plagiarism.

This is what you should do; ensure your articles have at least 650 words and unique images.
Here is the truth about getting approved easily: focus on creating quality contents and you will be smiling to the bank just like me and other bloggers.

Remember you should have TERMS AND CONDITIONS page, PRIVACY POLICY page, ABOUT US page and a CONTACT page
You can also get free images online just by searching with the query ‘FREE IMAGES’.
Hope this helps you in your quest for adsense approval.


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