Have you ever thought of what your company would do if you went an extra mile to help make N100 MILLION Naira in this current economic recession Nigeria is going through?

I know what's going through your mind right now, you definitely would say 'I would get a pay rise and a bonus cheque'. Though I feel they could even do more, but does that make you fulfilled?

Way back when I was in college I had always thought of working with a reputable multi national firm. I just wanted to do the normal routine job from 9am to 5pm and get my pay at the end of the month.

At some point in time, I found myself repeating the same role for years and there was no fresh challenge. I thought of being an entrepreneur, but I was shit scared of starting a business from the scratch. I was thinking; 'what if I set up the business and it fails'.

Besides, I don't have any experience when it comes to business and I may work longer hours per day. I decided to keep my salary job because getting a job in Nigeria isn't easy, so I was not ready to throw mine away.

Some months later I bumped into a quote by Neil Patel about entrepreneurs; It’s interesting, most people think of working a 9-5 job as safe. But entrepreneurs look at risk a little differently: They see one revenue stream and say, Damn, that’s risky. What if your boss fires you? What if the economy falls apart?

This was the turning point for me.
I decided to start a small size business while I was working. I was lucky to have a 3 day OFF from work weekly since I work with a Power distribution firm.

Within few months I began to develop more interest on my business and I felt satisfied generating a passive income for myself.

Set up your own small scale business which you can run side by side with your job. You just have to create a few hours for your business weekly.

In due time try to increase your customer base and add a few extra hours.

With this you can start earning a little extra cash daily, weekly or monthly. The only way to become rich is by starting a business.

With the extra in flow of cash you don't have to wait for the pay cheque to arrive before going on a treat with your family, how about changing those old pair of shoes?

Also, you feel safe by not depending on one revenue stream. You spur yourself to take on fresh tasks and challenges.

I know you are thinking it's too difficult to come up with a business plan or model, and you feel this is the most difficult aspect of starting a business. No, it's not, according to Neil Patel; It is our psychological mindset that's the most difficult aspect.

Sure, this is true because it is our mindset that pulls us back and we say; 'What if the business fails'?

Also, we fear conflict bof interest, because your boss may catch you and fire you and you don't want to lose your job.

Believe me when I tell you the question every salary earner is asking right now is 'How do I earn more'?

Try something new today and you won't regret you did. Little wonder Eisten said: 'a man who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new'.


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