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I was awed when I heard my boss talking about the Meizu M5s Android phone this morning at the office. I have previously seen the M5 model of Meizu but with the reviews from my boss,I was tempted to do a research and I found out my boss wasn't wrong in his use of superlatives.

The Meizu M5s comes with a metal build unlike its predecessor which came with a plastic coat.

The Meizu M5s metallic body is 5.2 inch in size and comes with a 720p display. The device has an 8x 1.3GHz Cortex-A53 processor (MediaTek MT6753 chipset), and a massive RAM size of 3 gigabyte.

The camera is just so amazing, a 13MP LED flash camera at the back and a 5MP front camera.


The Meizu M5s comes with an internal storage of 16GB and an external micro SD storage of up to 32GB.
The SIM slot is on the left side of the device and it also has a hybrid slot which you can either decide to use for your external storage or a second SIM port.

The device features a centralized home button and a finger print scanner for total privacy.
One beautiful feature in this device is the mTouch key that is multi-functional- tap to go back, click to return home, and its finger print scanner feature when the phone's screen is locked.
Don't try to underate the effect of this finger print scanner as it is very fast and accurate.

The M5s just like the M5 is powered by a 300mAh battery. According to reviews the device scored a 56-hour rating in a battery endurance test.
A 3000mAh for this device isn't that bad, it also features an 18W super charge that can boost the device up to 45 or 50% in just half an hour.

But, the real deal here is the device's charger provides a 24W power which can work at 5V,9V,12V/2A.

Android version
The device comes with an Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system wish maybe up-gradable with time. It has a dual SIM slot, Wi-Fi, microUSB port, Bluetooth 4.0, GLONASS & GPS, and Hotspot.

But, I keep wondering why the manufacturers decided to downgrade from the MT6750 chipset down to the MT6753. I believe this is a very important issue that would be addressed in the near future by the company.

Body build
This device has exactly the same size in inches as its predecessor, but its metallic body makes it more appreciable.

It's 2.5D glass edges front cover made it a top notch. The screen which is 5.2 inch comes with an IPS LCD panel.

One other component it came with is the microUSB cord,but can I say it took the place of an earphone? because this series did not come with an earphone.

According to brightness and display test carried out by GSMARENA, the M5s has a brightness of 407nits and its colour rendering is Medicore.

The device is no doubt going to make waves soon enough with its high performance Speaker, the M5s also has its audio jack at the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this review and you found exactly what you are looking for. If yes, Please share.


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