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I know some curious folks are wondering how they can make money from people’s problems but do not worry I am not trying to confuse you rather I am trying to solve problems right now. Nigerians are going through a whole lot of problems from “HOW TO MAKE MONEY”
to “HOW TO SECURE ADMISSIONS” and even many more.
All you need do to make money from the problems Nigerians or even Africans are facing is to find solution to the problems and make the solutions readily available for them to access.
Now let’s look at some of the common problems Nigerians are facing and how you can make good money from it if only you are ready to be a problem solver. Now check them out below;

a.       HEALTH RELATED ISSUES: So many people out there are looking for solutions to their health problems ranging from STis, STds, tuberculosis, skin diseases and even malaria to mention a few. Do you know children account for about 75% of malaria related deaths in Nigeria? Also do you know a massive 16% of Nigerian kids die before age five (5)? Now let us talk about the big one that is very much prevalent today which is infertility and quick ejaculation. People out there are willing to do whatever it takes to get reliable information to solve their problems.
You can create a blog or e-book and target adults and married couples with topics relating to health and keep fit.

b.      MONEY RLEATED PROBLEMS: One of the most regularly searched keyword on google today is “how to make money”, if you think I am lying go ahead and check google trends. Poverty and lack has become the order of the day with some persons even going to the extra mile of taking their own lives. Do you know over 65% of the Nigerian populace are termed poor?
You can solve the poverty problem by disseminating information on how to make money or how to start business. A blog or e-book will be good here.

c.       ADMISSION WAHALA: The just concluded JAMB examinations recorded over 1.2 million applicants whereas the holding capacities of our institutions can only accommodate less than 300,000 students. The truth be told, one of the issues we are facing in the country today is lack of education, we are no longer calling for free education but for an affordable quality education.

d.      UNEMPLOYMENT: former president Obasanjo rightly said and I quote: “if we do not solve the problem of youth unemployment in the country, then we are sitting on a gun powder that may explode anytime”.  Graduates in their numbers pass out from the NYSC every 6 months and 10% of them find it difficult to gain employments. Though some are not employable but that doesn’t excuse the government and private sector from their obligations.
Target audience: Graduates: how to pass an interview/recent job vacancies.

There are a whole lot more you can research and provide solutions to and with time you will start smiling to the bank and even feeling fulfilled. Have you thought how life would have been without most of the inventions made? What if there was no electricity? No cars? No telephone? No internet? Well, just ponder and think of what you can do to be a problem solver.


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