So many people think securing contracts from government or big companies must involve nepotism, though sometimes it happens like that in the Nigeria we find ourselves today. Though winning contract from government and other large companies is not easy at all but it is possible for you to secure contracts from them if you follow these steps I am about to show you.

There have been cases where contractors visit pastors and alfas for special prayers before going to bid for contracts, in as much as you need God for favour I do not think you need special prayers from anybody to secure a contract if you do the right things.
For every government to deliver on its mandate it must seek the services of other private ogranisations or companies otherwise called contractors or subcontractors to help deliver key projects.

So you can only win a government contract when the Government in place is ready to deliver projects that will enhance the lives of its citizenry. Winning a contract can change your life within a short period of time but you must be careful not to get carried away when you receive an upfront payment.
For us to get the explanation more clearly, I will be focusing on securing government contracts as it is almost the same process involved in winning contracts from companies. Now let us get down to the business of the day proper as I would tell you all you need do to win that contract.

The very first thing in trying to secure a contract is getting a company registered with a business name because no government accepts tenders from an individual no matter how good your presentation is no one would give you the opportunity to tender it.
It is advisable you get some certifications and training relating to your industry of interest. If you are aspiring to get contracts from the ministry of works then it is advisable you are COREN registered and have your seal.

There are different categories of contract with the government or big companies; these are major contracts and subcontracts.

MAJOR CONTRACTORS: These are contractors whom have been in the business for a long time, they are mostly international companies and organizations.. you do not want to come here as a starter trust me.
The major contractors are in charge of big projects like technical consultancy (Engineering simulation, computational fluid mechanics, etc), civil engineering works (road constructions, bridges, refineries, stadium etc).

SUBCONTRACTORS:  Mostly indigenous contractors who are given a section of the contracts won by the international conglomerates. They are mainly contractors to the main contractors.  Their job most times is supplies of equipment and logistics.

Here are the requirements to submit tenders to the government for a contract.
Technical Requirements
a.       Proof of previous contracts executed and years of experience which must not be less than 5 years. Your company must have executed (4) or more successful projects and delivered on time and you must provide scanned copies of all paper work (award letter, completion certificate and certificate of valuation of ongoing projects).
b.      Proof your company has at least for professional staff and their roles and designation in the company.
c.       Proof you have the equipments to execute and deliver the project.
d.      How you intend to execute the project and methodologies.
Statutory requirements
a.       Proof of incorporation of company with the corporate affairs commission with proof annual returns, your company article of association, form co7 and co2.
b.      Evidence of having fulfilling every tax obligation by the company ( you must show your current tax certificate, proof of financial ability to execute the project with reference letters from at least 3 banks, audited accounts of your company endorsed by professional accounting firm)
c.       Your company must be registered in the PenCom register.
d.      Compliance certificate of fulfillment of statutory contribution to the industrial training fund must be tendered.
e.      A letter authorizing your company’s representative to conduct dues diligence on all documents submitted.
f.        A sworn affidavit in line with the procurement Act 2007.
g.       Proof your company is registered in the database of the respective government agency of public procurement for federal contractors.

Getting started
You must be experienced and have an attractive portfolio to win contracts; you may start by seeking small contracts of distribution of toiletries to hospitals or hotels around you. Go and register your company today and start bidding for little contracts around you. Like I said before, you must get training and certifications depending on your area of interest.
If you are sure you are qualified already and have your company registered already, then what else are you waiting for? Here is what you need to do;
1.       Look for contact information of companies around you that contract out the services you offer. Visit the company and talk to the procurement manager about the services you offer and ensure you appear professional so as not to give a bad first impression.
2.       Ask the procurement manager if they have a database for potential contractors that they send messages to when they want to contract out a service, if yes, then ask him to add your contact.
3.       Ask the manager for information regarding the company’s procurement policies and processes or bid requirements. Ensure you add all relevant documents you have if given any form to fill.
4.       Ensure you read every bit of the request for bid proposal should in case you finally land one. Go through it line-by-line and understand every bit of it as this may be your only golden opportunity.
5.       When submitting tenders make sure you highlight the strength of your company, the summary of your company and past projects executed.
6.       Do proper calculations and make a very neat presentation and do not forget to include your overhead cost, labour, equipments and logistics so that you won’t execute a contract without gains.

Just like a lecturer of mine ones said: being the lowest bidder does not give you an edge over others, so try your best to present the most professional and eye catching bid.


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