According to Forbe’s Aliko Dangote is Africa’s most wealthy man with a net worth of 14.1 billion USD. The cement Mogul is Africa’s top cement producer and he has other investments ranging from agriculture to oil and gas under the Dangote group he chairs.
Like I always say, the best gift you get from a successful man is his mindset and not his money. I can authoritatively tell you to note down whatever words that comes from the likes of Aliko Dangote.

Here are Aliko Dangote’s Top 10 Rules for Success

1 Listen To People.
In Aliko Dangote’s  words “For you to be a good leader you have to be a good listener”. When trying to create a business empire, you build it with a team and more often than not a great team. Consequently, in the process of creating a startup you must surround yourself  with great minds and listen to whatever contributions and advise they have to give because two good heads are better than one.

2 Be Consistent.
The chairman of Dangote group stated that in business, there’s always going to be challenges but regardless you must remain consistent. Do not joke with the products or services you render to people. In other words do not starve you customers of their wants. i.e a customer buys a commodity from you today and comes back for same commodity tomorrow and you tell the customer you don’t have it. Avoid it! It drives customers away.

3 Possess The Right Information.
In this 21st century business world if you lack information then your business may not grow. What you knew about shipping business in the 80’s may now be obsolete. So seek the right information you need to grow your business.
With the rise of the internet, there is a lot of information being shared and if you aren’t careful you could stumble on the wrong information. To become successful, Learn to filter through various types of data and articulately select the best information that’s key to your business or path.

4 Be Focused.
Do not chase too many business objectives at the same time; instead pursue a particular objective for a given period of time. In the course of starting a business you are bound to face challenges, don’t dump one business for another too frequently. Be focused and resilient.

5 Think Ahead.
Like I said before the way businesses were run in the 80’s is quite different from how it is now. The world is changing pretty fast and due to this change, your ability to think a couple years ahead and detect trends will enable you to see opportunities before others and adapt your business to these opportunities.
6 Have a Vision.

Dangote highlights that; there’s no limit to what you can achieve and you can actually excel more than your own expectations. Have a vision of what you hope to achieve 5 to 10 years from now and work towards it. Dream big and explore the power of your imaginations.

7 Do Only Things You Understand.

Don’t over step your bounds or try to invest in a business you know little or nothing about. Never indulge yourself in things you cannot understand be it business or lifestyle. Also, learn to ask questions to improve your understanding of a particular subject matter.

8 Think Big.

If you can’t think big then be ready to play small. Also remember nothing big started big.

9 Form Strategic Plans.
strategic planning

Before diving into anything, you must clearly map out your direction and strategy to reduce risk. A vision without planning and strategy is doomed to fail.

10 Your Name is Your Most Valuable Asset.
Most of all, protect your name, it is your most valuable asset and the reason why anybody will want to go into business with you.  This article was inspired by Evan Micheals youTube Video on Aliko’s Dangote’s top 10 Rules for Success

With all said, I’ll leave you with a quote from Warren Buffet: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it”


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