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Importation: The truth about aliexpress and dhgate

I know this will shock you big time...

Yes, I know because most of the so called importation gurus have been lying to you.

All they do is to produce materials and sell to you on how to shop from aliexpress.com and dhgate.com.

The truth is this.... By using aliexpress you are paying higher price for your products.

You might have been buying from them and reselling to your friends ta a higher price.

But,the truth is that you are not in business. If you use the aliexpress and dhgate concept to go into
massive importation and competete with others...




Thats the HARD truth.

Aliexpress and dhgate is full of loads of crappy chinese retail sellers looking for who to sell their
low quality products to.

The wosrt part is that you cannot get branded products like nokia lumia,samsung mobile,htc,
hp laptops etc from there.


One more thing: Their shipping cost is very high, and even their
so called free shipping takes 4weeks plus to get to naija.

Now listen....

Here my good friend Azolibe want to show you how to  import high qualitybranded goods  from an Asians at dirt cheap pr1ces

Inside this report,you will learn...

1.How and were to get stuffs like Samsung Galaxy S4 for  N14,000, Samsung Galaxy Tab for N15,000 ,MacBook Air laptop for N34,000,Apple Iphone for N16,000,
and lots more.

2.The 3 asian merchant websites operated by this trading company.

3.The direct link (phone number, email address, skype ID)  to the marketing managers of this trading

4.The name, phone number and address of their sister company here in  Nigeria that will help you facilitate your dealing quickly without  any form of delay.

5.The one and only reliable courier company  that will ship your goods  for as low as N850 per kg within 6 days without any story of customs issues/duties, there by bypassing the greedy DHL,UPS etc and their cut throat fees.

6.How to order for your goods in NAIRA without you bordering  Mastercard or visa card.

7.How you can sell double, even triple the amount of products you  intend to import and how to scale up your business to the next level.

And lots more...

Click the link to get it now.


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