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Your Heart May soon be Your phone's Unlock Code

A new scientific invention has been made, this is a modern security feature that allows you to log in to your device with a heart scan- using the dimensions of your heart as a unique identifier.

This latest security system makes use of a low-level Doppler radar to size your heart, and keeps tabs on your heart to ensure no one else attempts to log into your device.
Research scientists at the University OF Buffalo (UB) in the United States developed the system.

With this innovation, your computer just got safer compared to when you use passwords and fingerprint scanners. It may eventually be used for smartphones and at airport screening barricades, researchers said.
"We would like to use it for every computer because everyone needs privacy," said Wenyao Xu, assistant professor at UB.

With this device there are no health concerns because the signal strength of the system's radar is much less than Wi-Fi, and therefore does not pose any health threat, Xu said.


I am quite sure when this security system finally launches, there won't be any need for biometric scanners anymore, because with this your device just got safer. Who hacks the heart? Nobody!


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