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How to use your laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot

A handful of tech savvy and internet users today own more than one internet device, so the need for wireless connection is something can't do without. Most people who can afford routers easily transform their LAN network to wireless. But how about you and I that can't afford a router?

Well there is an easy way out for you to use the internet connection on your laptop to browse on your mobile device. 

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You may not know l,  but you can use your laptop's inbuilt Wi-Fi chip to share the connection across your home and connect your all your internet enabled devices.

Perhaps your laptop is already running Windows 10 Anniversary Update. With the latest windows 10 Os, you can easily broadcast your wired or even wireless network with other internet devices.

Like I said its is quite easy to those this,  just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:
Navigate to your computer's Settings menu in Windows, and select the 'Network & Internet' setting.

Step 2:
Next,  From the left navigation menu, select "Mobile hotspot".

Step 3:
Now put ON the hotspot setting to share your internet connection. Your laptop's Ethernet connection can be shared as a hotspot in just a few seconds.

Step 4:
It obviously won't be easy for you to remember the password that the system generates on its own. You can click on "Edit" to change the password to the hotspot connection.

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