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Code To Check EcoBank Account Balance on Mobile Phone

On this article I am going to talk about the USSD Code to check EcoBank Account balance on Phone, now start smiling if this is your bank. I wrote exhaustively on how you can recharge your mobile phone from various bank in my previous article.

EcoBank is one of the international banks in Nigeria with branches in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Uganda. With EcoBank Mobile banking code, you can easily check your EcoBank account balance on phone. The use of USSD code to check EcoBank account balance on a Mobile phone has really made mobile banking easier and many banks now have mobile banking apps that even make internet banking less stressful. This means you don’t have to queue at the ATM points to check your bank account balance, you can now do same at the comfort of your mobile phone. So let’s go straight to how you can check your EcoBabk account balance on your mobile phone.


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