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How To Start Biscuit Production Business

Currently the most widely consumed snack in Nigeria is biscuit due to the high level of demand placed on it by both the young and the old. Biscuit remains a first choice snack as it is cheap, easy to digest and can be eaten on the go.

If you think about the numbers of school kids patronizing Biscuit manufacturers you would want to join this lucrative business of biscuit production.

We all know some of the Household name biscuits in Nigeria are Cabin biscuit, Digestive biscuits and cream crackers. But notwithstanding the market is very large to accommodate you.


Manufacturing or production of any type of this variant of biscuit is conventional and easy, with proper machinery such as;

· Shifter (dough shifter)
· Mixer
Sugar grinder
· Moulder( for moulding the biscuit into sizes)
· Rotator cutting and puncher machine
· Oil fried baking oven (with accessories)
· Cooling conveyor
· Stacking & Packaging table
· Spraying machine
· Trolley
· Other laboratory equipment.

With the above named equipment in place you can start your mini biscuit production factory easily. All you need to do is get your biscuit production ingredients like Flower, ginger, sugar, yeast etc.

Though for you to be very good at the production process i would advise you attend seminars, and I assure you, you won't regret it.

Guys, I am employed but I must tell you working for someone all your life is modern day slavery. Why not leverage on the population of over 3 million Nigerians eating biscuits everyday and start your own mini biscuit production factory.


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