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It took just 15 minutes for Apple's iPhone X to go out of stock on Amazon and Flipkart

It took just 15 minutes for Apple's iPhone X to go out of stock in India on two major e-commerce platforms - Amazon and Flipkart. Similar timelines were reported from across the world. The Guardian reported how the iPhone X had been completely sold out in 10 minutes in the UK. It further reported that within the next hour, the "waiting list" for iPhone X had extended to a month. In the US also, the smartphone was out of stock within 30 minutes or less.

As soon as the iPhone X went out of stock, sites like eBay had deals to buy the iPhone X at exorbitant prices. One listing on eBay had priced the iPhone X at a whopping $8,400. After a slightly muted response to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which were launched earlier this month, it is safe to say that Apple has found its swagger.

Some might argue that Apple never ever lost the "swag" but the response to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus put a dent in it at least. What's happening with iPhone X is what Apple always looks for. Apple has always managed to do it with previous variants of iPhone: build a clamour and hysteria around it. This hysteria was clearly lacking with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. There was excitement but not what was seen in previous years. Clearly, people were waiting for the iPhone X.

Every year there are reports about serpentine queues outside retail stores as soon as the iPhone goes up for sale. While the iPhone X will officially go on sale on November 3, the pre-order hysteria has certainly hit its peak.

While executives at Apple would be relishing the buzz, it might not all be good news for the Cupertino-based tech giant. There have been reports about delay in shipments and that iPhone X could meet half of its expected numbers. Apple came out and rubbished the report categorically but skeptics remain.


There was a perception that the pricing of iPhone X could prove to be a deterrent. So far it looks those claims have been quashed by the pre-order numbers. The actual sales figures will reveal whether the $1000 pricing was a bold risk which paid off or made Apple suffer.
Interestingly, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also went on pre-order a day before the iPhone X. While Google has reportedly said that the numbers are double of last year, there are issues around the smartphone which are being reported.

The litmus test for Apple, or for that matter, any smartphone will be when the phone actually goes on sale and the customer response. Apple will - in all likelihood - face some amount of flak if there is a delay in shipping of iPhone X. Going by the initial response, the iPhone X has managed to do what its slightly inferior siblings didn't do: create an unprecedented amount of hysteria and buzz.


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