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How to easily start a thrift business with little or no capital

You will agree with me that salary earners find it very difficult to meet their financial needs when they do not have another source of income. If you are a salary earner with poor monthly remuneration, then I advise you start a thrift business as it requires very little capital to startup.

Starting a thrift store will be a simple and easy way for you to make some cool extra money.

For those wondering what a thrift store is, it is a store that has to do with the selling of used materials at profitable prices, the business is not really capital intensive but you must have a great business plan and marketing strategy to make a huge success of this venture.

Don't think this is not the business for you because you have to sell used stuff, because you sell used products doesn't mean prices are automatically reduced. Do you know a large chunk of people run after used products in good condition? so all you do is to sell at discounted prices and make your profit.

If you are to start this business, you need to follow these steps to successfully starting a thrift store.


Make Inquiries About Thrift Stores
Your best bet to getting the information you require is the internet, it would make no sense for you to start the business without having any idea of how to start, run and manage the business. You can also go as far as reading literature based on the thrift store business if you find any.

Register your Business
Decide on what you want to name your business then proceed to get a permit from the appropriate authority. Registration of your business is very necessary so as to get access to purchasing used merchandise from the corporate world.

Secure Space
If you are not buoyant enough to get a space, you can start from your place of residence then expand as time goes on. When looking for space, you have to consider the size of the apartment and make sure your thrift store is located in a busy area.

Choose Merchandise
Thrift store generally sells all sort of products starting from baby clothing, electronics and pieces of furniture, you can decide to specialize in one type of product like used furniture or more.

Source for Merchandise
There are diverse ways through which you can source for merchandise, you can get merchandise through garage sales, donations, and auction sales. You can decide to adopt one or more of the methods above that guarantees you tangible profit. Learn not to overprice your products so as to draw people's attention to your store.

Advertise Your Business
Advertising is a big deal for you if you own a thrift store. Make use of every means through which you can successfully advertise your business.One of the best ways to do this is through the social media, create a twitter, facebook and if possible Instagram accounts for your business. You can also paysites with high traffic to put up advert posters of your business on their site.
Now I am sure you'll agree with me that starting a thrift store is easy and profitable.Follow these sure tips and see your business blossom in no time.


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