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How To Start Laptop And Phone Importation Business

One of the most lucrative businesses you can think of today is importation of smartphones and laptops. Everyone needs a mobile smartphone now and the need for laptops for businesses and private use is on the rise.

You will be shocked if you find out the cost price for those laptops that sell between N70,000 and N100,000. How about most of the smartphones we buy at exorbitant prices?

These business owners are making massive profits and are not willing to spill out the secret. That is why I am going to tell you all you need to know about this business on this article. Hope you didn't miss my previous article on how to START IMPORTING WEAVONS AND ATTACHMENTS

Now, all you need to start this business is an internet enabled device and web addresses of the retail shops online where you will purchase your products. Now take for instance, you bought a laptop for N35,000 and sold it for N50,000. That's a massive N15,000 gain.

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What I am about to reveal to you now are shops where you can find these products, buy them at a cheaper rate and sell here at home. I you chose to buy from a China or US supplier, You'll need certainly to choose the way the laptop is likely to be transported to you personally. You'll determine what brands of laptop you intend to buy, either brand new or refurbished laptops.

Now, to start the business of laptop and smartphone importation, but is very necessary you have a capital of at least N200,000, with this capital you can purchase at least 6 laptops or at least 12 smartphones.

Though, most online merchants ship your products free to Nigeria, this may delay your goods, so I advise you ask for express delivery which may cost you a little extra dollars.

Sites where you can find legit merchants are BANGOOD, EVERBUYING, ALIEXPRESS, E-BAY, ETC.

Here is my take, ensure you carry out an extensive research before you venture into any business, you can reach me via the comment box.


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