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Samsung The Frame TV review: Where aesthetics converge with technology

Have you ever entered a room whose walls have been adorned with paintings? Of course, most of us have. But have you ever been asked to spot a TV in a room full of paintings? Well, we were and while it may sound an innocuous question as TV sets are pretty vibrant these days, it's tough to spot the Samsung Frame TV in one such room.

Earlier this year, when Samsung launched its flagship QLED TVs, they also showcased a one-of-its kind product called the Frame TV. Dubbed as a 'Lifestyle TV', Samsung has designed the Frame TV, which essentially works as a digital photo frame, in collaboration with Swiss designer Yves Bahar.
Launched in India in May, this TV comes in two screen sizes - 65-inch and 55-inch at Rs 3,99,000 and Rs 2,74,000 respectively. Gadgetsnow reviewed it for a for a few days and here is the review:

Design and display
The Samsung Frame TV is quite different in terms of design as compared to other TVs from the South Korean tech giant. While the last two Samsung TVs that we have reviewed exhibited dominance and luxury and were the most-attention grabbing object in any room, the Frame TV is subtle and soft and sort of blends in the look and feel of the room.
The 65-inch Frame TV sits in a matte wooden frame, which by default is black when you buy the TV but Samsung lets you change that as you can buy white, beige wood and walnut frames.

As we have seen before in other Samsung TVs , the Frame TV too comes with a OneConnect box with an 'Invisible Connection' wire cable, continuing Samsung's streak to make the TVs cable-free. The optical fibre cable is very thin, transparent and comes in lengths of 5 or 15 meters. This wire then goes on to connect to the OneConnect box that has all the connectivity ports of the Frame TV. The OneConnect box has four HDMIs, three USBs, Ethernet and one component. Over that, this TV hub has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as other connectivity options.

Users have three options to place this TV. Firstly, there is an option to hang it up on a wall and thanks to the No Gap Wall mount, the Frame TV is placed right on the wall without any gaps giving it a cleaner premium look. Secondly, there is an option to separately purchase a studio stand from Samsung which kind of resembles an easel. Lastly, there's the old school option of the basic stand -- it comes with the Frame TV - on which you can mount the unit on.


The TV comes with a smart remote with minimal buttons like we have seen with other Samsung TVs.
The Frame TV has a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160-pixel resolution) display. The HDR technology further enhances the details and colours of the visuals. In our testing, we found the picture quality of the Frame TV simply amazing. The 4K content was life-like and the colours turned out to be vivid and extremely accurate. Even the black levels were impressive.
The Frame TV also comes with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen's brightness and colour tone in accordance to the light in the room.

The Frame TV comes with a special feature called the Art Mode. The TV, when turned off, displays a picture of your choice and turns the TV into a digital photo frame. By default, Samsung already has over 100 artworks -- both digital paintings and photographs -- from renowned artists across multiple categories such as landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing. However, just in case if you aren't satisfied with the default collection, Samsung is offering a subscription for an Art Store to buy more such artwork.
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