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Sony A9 camera review: You can’t go wrong with this one

Top Features
-Good for clicking fast-paced subject
-Decent battery life
-More direct control on shooting.
So I peeped at gadgetsnow and saw they've laid hands on the Sony A9. It is one of the newest (and priciest) additions in the mirrorless camera series. Unlike the A6000 or the A5000 series compact cameras, the A9 is as big as a regular DSLR but more powerful than before.

The A9 entered the Indian shores in July this year with a hefty price tag of Rs 3,29,990 lakh (body only). Given the specifications and the segment, it caters to a niche set of audience, which in this case are called 'Professionals'.
We spent a good amount of time with the A9, using it with a FE 85 mm F1.4 GM lens, which costs Rs 1,29,990. There's a lot to talk about the camera. So, here's our review.
This shouldn't come as a surprise that being a high-end mirrorless DSLR camera, the A9 comes with a plethora of features. With so many features and hardware elements in tow, it is bound to be heavier than other mirrorless cameras. Continue reading.. 


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