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Easy Ways To Earn Money From Blogging Aside Adsense

Making money from blogging or online in general has greatly evolved with newer innovations introduced by bloggers who have made use of their sense of exploration.

Income generation by bloggers would over has greatly increased. It is no news that blogging is gradually becoming one of the world's most lucrative businesses which can be performed even from the comfort of ones home.

For many bloggers, the easiest way and often the most preferred option in the subject of earning from ones blog is by the use of Google Adsense.

Even persons who do not blog or own one have beclouded their minds with the belief that Google Adsense is the most legitimate means of earning from blogging.

Quite true, Google Adsense offers what many consider the best advertising platform and sure the payout is very good. With Google Adsense, your passion can truly drive in profit but it is quite disheartening to note that getting Google Adsense approval is like forcing a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

The process of getting Adsense approval can be very frustrating with the incessant disapprovals and the likes. I have seen cases where because Adsense disapproves a person's application, he/she quits.

Funny enough, while so many bloggers are getting frustrated all because they want to earn from Google Adsense without considering other options, running blogs in the pattern of Non-governmnetal Organization (NGO), and earning little or nothing at all, blogs like Quicksprout, Hubspot, ProBlogger, Techmedias, Backlinko, TechCrunch, Mashable to mention but a few.

The blogs aforementioned explored and utilized other areas where income can be generated from, none of them solely depended on Google Adsense.

There are so many ways through which bloggers can earn money. I am going to be discussing three today.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the process of getting paid by promoting other people's or company's products. 

You earn a percentage of sales you bring in for the company. 

Logically, the best place to promote relevant products and services without any compromise of integrity of the content is via an author's blog posts. 

2. Events

This is one mode of earning that many bloggers neglect. 

Hosting events can help you generate income. Problogger's "ProBlogger Conference" has  gets hundreds of participants ranging from probloggers to startup bloggers and this helps them generate more income.

You could stage conferences, seminars, parties, get-togethers e.t.c with a bid to making some money under the auspices of your blog.

Now, online events are taking over, for example webinars.

3. Selling Something

This is one means which earn bloggers loads and tons of cash, selling products online.

Not only can you sell products you can also sell your services and get paid.

Products can take many forms. You can sell eBooks and courses. Such would take a lot of time to create but they are highly lucrative and when people get to see how valuable your eBooks, courses and services are they tend to come back and equally suggest to friends.


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