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How to Run Windows 7 On Android In a few Minutes

I know what's going on right now on your mind, I am still wondering I said it, but the fact is you can run Windows 7 on your Android phone. Most tech geeks felt running Windows XP on an Android device would be the last step in Windows emulation, but that notion has since changed. 

But wait, don't get too excited yet thinking you can now play the latest AAA title on your phone, keep in mind that this is just a proof of concept. The performance is very slow and the application may crash if Windows starts using too much memory. So watch out! 

How are we doing this? All this is thanks to the Bochs emulator that allows us to emulate practically anything; including running Windows 95 on Android. The driving force behind Bochs is the SDL library that is integrated into many other emulation applications. For example, Xash3D uses it partially to allow the use of interesting things like Counter-Strike on Android. The copy of Windows 7 that we are going to use is a portable and delocalized version that I found online. Then use this at your own risk. So, here’s How To Run Windows 7 On Android:


What you would need:

Bochs for Android



 First, download the SDL zip from above. Then copy and paste the SDL folder into the internal storage of your device.

2.Then download the Bochs Apk installation.

3.When you run it, you should start booting Windows 7.

Remember, it will take a long time to boot. It took me about 15 minutes of use. It was on the desktop screen. For greater productivity, you can connect an external keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, there is no Internet connection, so it is limited to local programs only. I also doubt that it will be able to handle Chrome or Internet Explorer anyway. When you have finished playing with Windows, remember to turn it off correctly or you will have to sit down and repair the options the next time you start.


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