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How To Start Quality Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Let me state here that Car washing business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Perhaps, the muddy and dusty nature of the Nigerian environment may be regarded as a predisposing factor.

But all the same, cars do get dirty and once dirty, need to be cleaned up. As such, the patronage for car washing business keeps coming and with a well-defined marketing strategy and a good location, you can be rest assured of nothing less than N20,000 daily.

If you doubt me, take a stroll to a few good cars washing business spots/centers in town/city to see things for yourself. Maybe on your return, you’d be in a better position to agree with me that truly, car washing business rocks in Nigeria.

Of course, the determining factor is the influx of cars on daily basis multiplied by an average charge of at least N1000 per car washed.

Making at least twenty thousand naira, N2o,000 daily from this business is therefore not an unachievable feat, given these estimates.

How to Start Car Wash Business in Nigeria

To start a profitable car washing business, you can follow these very simple steps:

Come up with a Workable business plan: this will help you to plan out all the long and short-term requirements of car washing business and also assist you in operating this business smoothly.

Pitch a Good location. Look out for a convenient location with high demand for car washing services. Pick a busy section of town like a highway, main road closely etc. which can be seen by more people. The More visibility it is to vehicles, the more money your business will make.

Get your business Registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria

Learn and master the requirements for starting a car wash business in Nigeria.

Secure/Acquire the much-needed car wash tools and equipment like water PVC tank, pumping machine and host, buckets, brushes, etc.  You may yet make use of local water supply if you have limited funds to sink a borehole.

Cement/Concretize the floor of your car wash business, and incorporate a section for customers’ relaxation as they waiting for your car wash services.

Research and think up other extra services lucrative you can add. These could include self-vacuuming and waxing or any other one which you can offer.

Other useful Tips:

Secure sufficient finances for the business and publicize the enterprise using tested promotional methods such as fliers and referral coupons creatives as well as word of mouth. It costs, depending on location and other logistics, about N150,000 to kick start a car washing business in Nigeria.

Do a good feasibility study to ascertain the cost involved and needed items for starting your car was business.

It is advisable to register and legalize your business first with corporate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria. This is to guard against harassments by regulated authorities. As much as you can, register and identify with the different associations involved in car was business in Nigeria.

Advertise your services via media like flyers, posters, social media etc.

Maintain customer friendliness in order to receive the much sought-after patronage from your customers and prospective clients

Be unique in your service delivery

Why You Should Have A Workable Car Wash Business Plan

A car wash business plan is a simply well-planned documentary of current research, based on present/past experiences as well as future possibilities/prospects in the car wash line of business.

Some of the information you would find here includes:

how to start a car wash business,

customer relations

how to get the customers’ attention,

how to retain in the business and make good profits in the long and short term etc.

It is possible to make a minimum of N60, 000 from car washing business. Putting this for a month accrues to 240,000, and then about 2,880,000 million naira per annum.

Furthermore, a car wash business plan will arm you with necessary skills in human resource management and general business etiquette. No doubt, a car wash business plan will help you to start your car wash business centre. But it does more than that. A car wash business plan will help you understand and manage your staffs – employment, administration and operations. What this will bring to your business is effective patronage and satisfaction from customers.

The car wash business plan will give you an insight into the profitability index of your business. This is necessary to ascertain financial flows and projection which are fundamental for the success and sustenance of your business. This includes things like budgeting, marketing analysis, break even analysis, competitors’ analysis, sales forecast, SWOT analysis etc.

Car Wash Business in Nigeria – Tools, Equipment, Requirements For Effective Startup.

Every business has its own startup and operation resources, as so does Car wash business. Some of the things to consider while planning on starting a car wash business in Nigeria have been under-listed to include:

The Importance of A Good Location

A  good business location is akin to the success of any business, not just car washing business, whether in or outside Nigeria. While scouting for a location, target areas with a has high population density and good flow of traffic. This should be a location with high, daily influx of vehicles. Your car wash business would then be cited in such a strategic way that it is can properly be sighted, approached and patronized.

There is nothing wrong with moving from house to house within your neighborhood to help clean cars for people and get paid, if you can’t immediately get a car wash business centre. With time, you would have accumulated enough resources to get not only car wash business centre, but car wash equipment and tools such as:

Car Wash Machine

Consumables: Buckets, Brushes for tyres, detergents, soaps and Towels

Power Generating Set

Storage (GeePee) Tanks

Water – Sink Borehole, Well or Fill up a GeePee Tank


In this work, I have expatiated a bit on car wash business in Nigeria and what to do to become successful in the business line. I am of the opinion that if you take heed to these directives, together with other expert advices, you will do well in the business.  The market in car wash business in Nigeria is still very green.


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