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10 Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview

When you attend job interviews, a lot of questions pop up and some of them may even put you off balance. It is as a result of the fact that there is innovation in virtually every sector and companies are becoming increasingly wary of the people they employ. There are certain things you are expected to know before your job interview.

The competition is ever increasing and owing a degree does not necessarily guarantee a job. You should put that at the back of your mind. Interviews are not done in the traditional way where you can offer a firm handshake to your interviewer, make eye contact, and nod pleasantly now and then.

It has gone from that to another level where your interviewer assesses everything from composure to your wealth of knowledge and abilities to your leadership qualities and to your qualifications.

Everything has become important and everything can contribute to your success or failure. Therefore, it is important you research the company you want to work at and be prepared to answer their questions based on the knowledge you have.

Your CV has to well prepared and dynamic and the image you will present has to be confident and composed.

We will be lying outright to you if we told you that we know the questions you will be asked. Employers ask questions based on their discretion and they can decide to follow any pattern.

That notwithstanding, these points below that we think you should know before your job interview, are the constantly recurring questions. They are definitely going to help you because even if they don’t ask you these exact questions, they will definitely ask you something related to them. And you will be ready for them.

Below are the questions and remarks you should know before your job interview. Prepare well for them and you will have a chance at landing that job.

Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview

“Tell me about yourself.”

When we talk about things or answers you should know before your job interview, we are always concerned about how you react to this request. Most people don’t get it right. You don’t have to tell them about your family or what you did last night. It is so wrong.

What is needed of you, however, is to tell them how you would fit into the company and the job experiences you have had that you think will be an added bonus to their company. It is not about you but about the company.

You can politely answer by politely asking the interviewer what he/she wants to know or you talk about your education, your job experience and other qualities you have that you think will be suitable for the job.

“Why should we hire you?”

Here, your confidence is key. It doesn’t matter if 20 people are waiting to be interviewed; you have to be their guy. You have to give it to them straight by telling them how your qualities and job experiences have prepared you for the job and that you can also learn fast.

“What is your worst characteristic?”

The initial idea or response to this question is to make a virtue sound like a flaw. That has been working over time. Something like, “they say I work too hard” or “they say I help too much”. The new way, however, is to mention a minor flaw and tell them you are working on it.

“Where do you want to be five years from now?”

You should know before your job interview that this question is trying to ascertain your stability and dedication to the company. They want to be sure that you are not using them as a stepping stone to success. So, tell them you would want to be employed in a company like theirs where you can learn, contribute and grow.

“Why did you leave your last job?”

You are expected to know before your interview that you should never put your former employers in a bad light. So, you give a good and positive reason for leaving your former job. Maybe you could tell them that their company was better suited to your skills.

“Tell me about a problem you had in your life and how you solved it.”

Here you are expected to have the ability to solve problems. So, have a short story of a problem you faced in your life and how you were able to solve that problem.

“Have you had difficulties getting along with supervisors or co-workers?”

This is innocent at the face level but if you are not serious, you will get into a lot of trouble answering that question. They know it is impossible for you not to have issues at your place of work with either your co-workers or your supervisors. Tell the truth and tell them it was nothing major, just a minor misunderstanding.

“How do you deal with stress on the job?”

Here, you should know before your interview that they will want to find out how you will cope with stress. Tell them the truth. You could be better at working close to deadlines or you could do better with ample time.

“What salary do you want for this job?”

Here, please don’t state a definite figure. That could go against you. Just tell them you expect to get within the same range paid for that position.

“Do you have questions for me?”

You should know before your job interview that there are questions you expected to answer and there are questions you are expected to ask. You can only be able to do this if you research the company very well. Always have a few questions to ask.


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