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When does Adsense pay? All you need to know

Some of the most important questions for website owners that use AdSense to earn money are about payments. So in this article I listed the most important questions that my clients and commenters keep asking me regarding AdSense payments.

What do I need to set up?

Before getting paid by AdSense you need to set up the payment information:

the right postal address (and confirm it)

provide tax information (not for all countries)

select a payment method

In case you opened your account and already included ads on your website before setting up your payment information, AdSense will hold the money for you until you entered all the information. Normally, they also bother you with notifications until you really validated all the data.

When do I get paid?

AdSense always calculates your income for the period of a month. At the beginning of the next month they review and recalculate your earnings. In the last week of the next month AdSense starts to send payments. Depending on the payment method, this might take some time. Here are some methods and the time they take until the money reaches you:

Standard delivery checks (US)1-2 weeks

Standard delivery checks (non-US)2-6 weeks

Secure delivery checks5-7 weeks

EFT payments / bank transfer4-10 daysWestern Union Quick Cash1 day

Rapida payments2 days

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What is a payment threshold?

A payment threshold is the minimal amount of earnings you need to gather in a row of months before getting paid. As you can see in the sample payment schedule below, you won’t get paid for the month you earned only $40, but when you earned $90 the next month you earned a total of $130 and so are eligible to get paid by AdSense.

However, the payment threshold is different by currency. Here are some sample values.

U.S. Dollar$100Euro€70British Pound£60Yen¥10000Australian DollarA$100

The payment threshold is probably the most important for you, but there are three other types of thresholds for earnings connected with actions in AdSense:

Address verification threshold

Payment method selection threshold

Cancellation threshold

You can review the detailed list of thresholds, but as a rough orientation the threshold for all of them is the equivalent amount of $10 or €10.

Why does my earning decrease after the month?

The numbers you see in your preformance reports are called estimated earnings. AdSense needs up to 10 days of the next month to finalize your earnings and display the result in your account. The reason for the difference between both numbers are invalid clicks and impressions. Google doesn’t disclose information about how they distinguish those clicks, but one of those invalid activities is clicking on ads on your own site. If you violate the AdSense policy too often, you might even get banned from the network and lose the whole outstanding payments.

What is a payment hold and how to issue one?

If you – for any reason – don’t want to get paid for the next payment period, you can ask AdSense to hold the money back as long as for a whole year.

Sign in to your account.

Click the gear icon and select Payments.

In the “Payment settings” section, click edit self-hold.

Click Apply.

You can hold payments for the current month only, if you issued the hold before the 15th of that month.

What can I do if I didn’t receive my payment?

In case you didn’t receive your payment, but did complete your payment information, your overall income is above the payment threshold and due for more than a month, and no issue is thrown in your AdSense dashboard, you can request a reissue from AdSense


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