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5 Easy Steps To Insert References In Your Project/ Thesis

If you are in High school/ College and you are running late on turning in your assignment, you will understand that inserting your references manually at the end of your writeup can be pretty frustrating

This post will guide you through steps needed to insert the references automatically with minimal effort using Microsoft Word.

Screenshots have also been attached every step of the way so as to make this guide easy. A Simple story has also been attached where the references will go at the end of this guide


Click on ‘References’ tab at the top of your document


Click on ‘Manage Sources’

Leave default Style as APA Fifth edition unless otherwise stated by your instructor


A CREATE SOURCE column will come up and you are required to input the details of the book, Journal, Periodical or website you cited in your write-up. In this case, I will enter a book by Jackie Chan (Just for kicks! LOL) and Osei Yaw along with the title, year and other details which have been marked in Red as essential


Everything which has been inputed in the ‘Create Source’ column will show up in the Source Manager. Continue to add the materials you have cited until you have gone through everything.

Click on Close


Go to the end of your write-up and click on ‘Bibliography’. It brings down a drop down menu with all the previously inputed details in the source manager.

Click on ‘Insert Bibliography’


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