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Freelancing Just Got Better.AND CO is now part of Fiverr

Here's an email from Fiverr stating they've acquired AND CO:

At Fiverr, we put doers first. When you’re a freelancer, you’re not only the CEO, but the CMO, the CFO, the social media manager, 24/7 customer service, home-office custodian...you get the picture.

You need help - a place to tackle the sales and the administrative stuff. Fiverr has you covered online, but what about offline? Who has your back there? Well, starting today, we do. 

We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of AND CO, a freelancing software engineered to help you run your offline business from proposal to payment.Now called AND CO from Fiverr, this SaaS application helps freelancers make more money in their offline work by maintaining strong contracts, managing tasks, tracking time, and sending out proper invoices, all on one platform.And the best part? As part of the acquisition, AND CO’s previously paid premium SaaS offerings will be available at no cost - starting today. Yes. You read that correctly.

Whether you freelance on or offline, you can gain efficiency, organization and opportunity, for nothing. Nada. Zero dollars.


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