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Top 5 Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses In Nigeria

The benefits of SEO to small businesses in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. For start-ups, SEO will assist you in creating a better, faster and more user friendly website.

Presumably, by now, most entrepreneurs and marketers know and understand perfectly well that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing strategy for driving organic traffic to websites.

One major goal of every website is to drive traffic, generate leads and convert the leads into paying customers to businesses.

You might have a nice website with good outlook, but if your website and its contents are not well optimized for good user experience (both mobile and desktop users), it will rather be almost impossible to drive massive traffic to your website as you would have expected.

Although, traffic generation is just but one of the many benefits of SEO for small businesses. In this post I have highlighted 5 more important benefits of SEO to small businesses in Nigeria.

1. Proper application of Search Engine Optimization gives website a better user experience:

One of the major factors for Google ranking is user experience (UX).

SEO benefits to small businesses

When Google spider crawls your website, the bot would want to embrace a mobile-friendly web design, well optimized contents (videos, images etc.), and of course a better good user indicators ( low bounce rate etc.). These factors are all fundamental for the provision of a better user experience for your website visitors as well. What this means is that when your website is optimized, automatically you’re improving your UX. And a good user experience will attract even higher conversion rates, more credibility and will boost your brand loyalty.

2. SEO help build Brand Awareness through high Rankings:

As one of the major benefits of SEO for small businesses, your site will attract more brand loyalists. How? – High rankings in search engines.
SEO benefits to small businesses

You may want to know that ranking on the first page or even no.1 in search engine result pages (SERPs) is also possible through brand awareness. And if you do not rank well on search engine, when people search for services or products related to your niche, you won’t be found on the SERPs.

It’s one thing to create a website and another thing to have a good online presence.
This means that, SEO will help you to build your online presence and make your business visible to your prospects.

Small businesses that need to build their brand and also create awareness can invest in SEO by hiring the services of an SEO expert and enjoy the huge benefits of been found on the front pages of search engines.

Today, every internet users looks up virtually everything they want on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc), so imagine when your website rank low in SEO – thousands of people of searching for your product will not even know that you exist and they will end up on optimized website and get the services they want.

3 . SEO will help you Circumvent competition:

As a small business, proper application of SEO strategies will help you bypass competition.

It is beneficial to businesses that actually embrace Search engine optimization (SEO) than those that pay little or no attention to SEO – this is no brainer.

Let’s make a case- two businesses in the same niche offers similar products and services, at similar cost and also equal in terms of strength. It happens that one out of the two businesses has optimized website and the other one doesn’t have. 
Between these two businesses, which do you think will have have more traffic and possible leads?

Do not take for granted the power of search engines and SEO. Besides, while you’re still contemplating on whether to or not invest in SEO, your competitors are already enjoying the benefits.

Why not invest and be at the same level with your competitors or even rank above them?. A simple unique method from an SEO professional will place you on a better position on search engines.

4. High Increased Return on Investment:

As a small business with an intent to maximize profit, Search engine optimization has a beneficial role play in your business.

Having an optimized web page will help you drive traffic to your business and possibly convert leads to instant paying customers.

The, good thing about SEO technique is that you don’t have to bother yourself with expenses or campaigns to drive traffic to your site. Once your site is well organized, optimized, and command good contents, it will definitely generate organic traffic to your business. Besides once your website is listed, you need just little updates to remain on the SERPs.

However, considering the rate at which people use search engines to identify local businesses and to even know their locations, distance and directions as well, there are chances of high conversion rates and returns from people that visited your website.

5. SEO is awesome for social media:

Social media, as some people would say has become even more popular that the internet itself- No doubt.

But then do you know that web pages with better rankings will also bring more exposure to social media content?- of course it does.

So one can rightly say, that both social media and SEO has something in common – generates traffic and complement each other.

In other words, the overwhelming popularity of social media is really good for SEO and in return, SEO gives more social visibility to social media- simple!

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