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5 Reasons Why I Agree TECNO Is For Nigerians

1) They did a global launch here in Nigeria, bringing people from all over the world to see the beauty of our country. I don't think any brand has ever done that. Come to think of it, it is a foreign company but was least bothered with the insecurities in Nigeria.

2) They didn't do an event that had just Chinese people in it. Everybody was represented. Our own Minister of Information, Mr Shittu Adebayo was there, the meme king, Odunlade Adesola was there, beautiful Adunni Ade (Nollywood Actress). The Press was fully represented

3) They always make sure their devices are not way out of the reach of the average Nigerian, even with all the great qualities. I'm not saying they have the most superb quality, don't get me wrong ohh. The devices are good enough for everything you want to do with a smartphone. Though when it comes to Camera, I will say they are leading. With the Launch of the Camon X, which has a 24Mp front Camera, It is the first in this Market.

4) Shebi you people know that most companies do fake giveaways and promos... lol... I can remember when Jiji did a giveaway on Instagram and refused to give me the smart phone I won. I have noticed thata TECNO's giveaways are 100% genuine. They are always doing giveaways everyweek as if it is Christmas... lol.. (me, I won a goody bag)

5) TECNO is not all about the money too!... have yo been to Carlcare?... That place is awesome!  . If your phone has a factory fault, like your screen start touching or pressing itself, or something weird starts happening to it, they will fix it free for you!. Most brands don't have this kind of customer service.


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