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How to Get clients for your professional cleaning business

Ever wanted to start a cleaning business? Does the idea of actually going out there into the world of business and gaining clients that are going to sustain your business scare you? It really doesn’t have to scare you anymore, well after this post it won’t! This post is going to go over 6 simple, yet highly effective and proven to work, tactics that you can start implementing into your cleaning business today.


Before you say to yourself, “business cards are old, they won’t work anymore!” I’d like you to reconsider. However, business cards are only effective when they have two essential elements to them:

i: They are well designed and easy for everyone to read.

ii: You are giving them out often, in the proper situations.

For business cards be effective for you, you need to be passing them out to any relevant person. For example; if someone shows interest in cleaning services, you’re first thought should be to hand out a business card they that they might decide to look at later when making some final decisions on who to go with.

To address the first point, you need well designed cards. Places like VistaPrint are excellent for business cards. They have extremely high quality cards, great prices, and overall amazing services.


Just like last time, I know this one sounds like an old tactic but it isn’t a bad idea! It’s all about where you are placing your flyers and who you are handing them out to. Here are some great ideas for your flyers/ handouts:

i: Hand them out at relevant events where potential clients might be.

ii: Put them on street poles especially in areas with high foot traffic.

iii: Place them indoors on boards open to advertising by local businesses.

As you can tell from the above list, it’s all about where you are placing and delivering your flyers. Although they do need to be well designed, that is only half of the process.

Make it a goal to hand out flyers and put them up around your servicing area once a week, and you’ll be sure to get some leads if you do it right.


If you aren’t on the web today, you are missing out on tons of potential customers. People search for cleaning services all of the time, and if you don’t have a website to capture those people you are missing out big time!

Building a website doesn’t have to be hard. Using free services and following guides on how to register domains, get web hosting, and get your website online is all relatively easy to do.


While having a business website is a must, social media is becoming more and more of a ‘must-have’ today as well.

Everyone is on it, and if you aren’t with the majority you are missing out on so many more potential customers! Be sure to target the right people that would be interested in hiring you for your cleaning services, and stay active!

Posting informative content is key to social media success. A great tip is this; don’t just advertise your services on social media, it won’t get you many (if any) leads.

Instead, post a mix of informative content and promotional offers to get some serious results with social media.


Notice I said targeted? If your ads aren’t targeted towards the right demographics in the proper location, you are going to waste a ton of money and probably get hardly (if any) leads from it.

When using ads you need to make sure you do the following:

i: Set the proper location of the ad (E.g Nairobi)
ii: Target your target market (E.g People aged 18-30)

Ensuring you do those two things will lead to much higher converting ads for your business. If you could learn one thing about ads, it’s to ensure you always use proper location targeting.

You don’t want your ads displaying to someone across the country because they will never buy your services!


Last and certainly not least on this list is word of mouth. Using current clients as part of your marketing strategy can be one of the most effective and powerful marketing strategy you will ever use.

Better yet, when you incentivize your clients to talk about and refer other people can be one of the most powerful ways to get referral business that keeps coming back.

You can incentivize people by offering discounts to them, offering free services or extras, or even a simple ‘small gift’ can do the trick.

Have any other ideas on how to promote a cleaning business? The list could go on and on forever, so please share what you’ve found to be highly effective in the comments down below. I’m sure everyone would highly appreciate everyone’s ideas, even me personally!


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