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Secrets to earning money from yam business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, yam business is a profitable food business,that will make you millions of naira as the dry season approach.only if proper knowledge of the business is acquired.

1.Yam marketing business opportunities.

Buying yams cheap in bulk of 100s from high yam producing states in Nigeria and selling them in consumption areas like Lagos,PH,Kano,Enugu,Bayelsa etc will make you profits at the end.

The idea is that you locate the local yam markets or hinterland in these yams producing states to buy yams cheaply and arrange for transport to convey them to big cities for you.you can also commission a food gate agents to get yam tubers for you.Trucks for transporting ware yams to these places ie consumption areas are available at these local markets which can be hired individually or by a group of yam marketers.At all the consumption cities, there are organised yam zone or yam markets like mile 12 in Lagos where yam wholesalers and retailers are ready to pay you cash for your ware yams.Repeat this process and money start rolling.

Details of the yam producing states and towns with cheap supply of yams,names of local markets,market days of these markets and contacts of yam association heads in these producing states are below.

2.Yam flour processing business opportunities

3.Yam seeds business opportunities

4.Yam export business opportunities. 

5.Yam transportation business opportunities

6. Yam farming business opportunities

7.Yam storage business opportunities.

8.Yam farming input business.

9.Micro-finance provider business opportunities


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