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Top Ten Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria By HigherEd

This is the definitive list of the most expensive universities to attend in Nigeria. The table is expectedly filled up by private universities. 

Over the past five years we've seen a lot of changes in the tuition price of most private universities with the likes of Madonna, Bowen, Igbinedion which used to be the most expensive, stabilizing fees majorly due to very stiff competition from existing competitors and NUC's licensing of other private universities. 

Ironically, the most expensive private universities are enjoying a good number of enrollments which the cheaper private universities aren't getting. This is because for a private university to enjoy enrollment and thrive it must either offer Luxury based education or become a centre of academic excellence. 

Luxury based university education is easier and cheaper to fund. The aim would be to attract students from rich homes and once admitted they would easily sustain the academic and social life of the university.

Research based private universities are harder to acheive because they must keep fees low enough to attract the intelligent talents from the middle class and keep the fees high enough to sustain the university. They must also have a strong financial base which would help fund the academia. By HigherEd

1) African University of Science and Technology
Fees: N3,150,000.00 - 5,781,000.00
*Offers Post Graduate courses only

2) Turkish Nile University Of Nigeria
Fees: N2,300,000.00 - N5,750,000.00

3) American University of Nigeria
Fees: N3.9 Million

4) Baze University
Fees: N2,500,000.00/Annum
* Accommodation: N500,000

5) Pan Atlantic University
Fees: N1,650,000.00 - 2,050,000.00


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