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How A 15-Year-Old Girl Humbled & Blew Me Away On Facebook – Man Tells Interesting Story

A man has told a really interesting story about how he met a young girl on Facebook “reset” the way he thinks.

The man shared his story on a popular online forum in Nigeria.

Below is how he told his story (sic):


It all started with facebook suggestions.

I have been off the dating scene for a while so you’d understand what happens to a Nigerian guy after more than a month of no sex. I’ve had Intimate dreams and near wanking experiences but ever since I pledged to swear off the vaselines and joy soaps of the world, wanking had become a no no.

But I was not prepared for what I saw yesterday morning on Facebook. Facebook quickly threw up a suggestion, asking me to add this girl as friend. The thumbnail I saw quickly attracted me and I diligently clicked. Her profile opened quickly and I went straight to her photos. The first picture I saw stunned me.

Now, it was not that she was so beautiful. She was just pretty. But a combination of sexual hunger and her sensually provocative attire and posing dealt with me instantly. For such a young Nigerian girl, she was fully formed. She was exactly the kind of woman I’d go for. She had full hips, a sizable backside and big, obviously firm breasts. To top it off, she wore skin tight bum shorts and a body hugging top that made me instantly dream of all night romps between the sheets. My 28 year old joystick instantly shot up.

Now before you criticize, understand that at that point I didn’t know her age. Sure, she had a low cut and looked young, but I’ve dated many adults on low cut that could pass for 18. I had guessed that she would not be less than 18.

I instantly added her. Within minutes she accepted and I wasted no time to visit her message center. I said hello. She replied and the conversation began. My heart was racing, my joystick was throbbing and I had an insane urge to grab any soap, even Dettol soap or Tetmosol, and self-service off my frustrations. Thankfully I resisted the urge.

After brief niceties, I wasted no time asking about her. She politely answered my questions, told me she was about to enter SS3. That was when the alarm bells started ringing but I was already trapped. I asked her age but she declined, saying she didn’t feel comfortable discussing that. That was when I went direct. I told her the reason I wanted to know her age was because I had feelings for her and wanted to be sure she was not a teenager. She asked me what feelings.

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I told her that I wanted to be close to her, that I wanted us to meet and become instant lovers. That I was seriously attracted to her and needed her so bad that I could not control myself for a minute. All these while, my hard, throbbing joystick had not cooled down. The girl calmly asked me my age. When I told her, she replied me that I was too old for her. I almost screamed, with all these assets? I again asked her age and her reply shocked me.

She said she was 15 years old! 15 years old and you look like a woman?! I stopped chatting for ten minutes to ponder what I had just learned and what I was feeling. In all my life, I had never dated someone less than 19 years old, even while I was a teenager, I had always been with the older girls. I ridiculed the guys that chased after teenagers, called them weak and unmanly. But now i felt trapped. The hardness of my D!ck refused to go down. What I felt for this 15 year old Nigerian girl was so strong that I couldn’t escape it. At that moment, I understood that even at the risk of statutory R@pe, I would gladly make love to this girl over and over if I met her. At that moment I became even more determined to be her lover.

I went back to facebook chat and told her so. I told that I had never felt for someone I had not seen the way I felt for her. While reminding myself that I couldn’t be worse than R Kelly, I wrote a love epistle that was guaranteed to win the heart of any teenager. The waiting began. It took her hours to respond. While I waited I fantasized and fantasized until I lost all control and pulled my boxers. I rushed to the bathroom. There was a quick explosion of joy seconds later. It felt so good for once and I was finally relieved.

When I returned to my phone, a series of messages were waiting for me. The girl politely told me that I was too old to be running after teenagers. That I should date adults and see her as a kid sister. That she had no interest in dating adults and for now, wanted to concentrate on her education. That she was happy to be my facebook friend but I should remove all thoughts of love making from my head. She advised me to get married and build a home with a woman instead of lusting after girls. Then she apologized if I felt insulted.

I had no reply for that. I read it over and over. That was when the hunger in me died down. I realized that what she said was true; I had no business developing a sexual interest in teenagers. Teenagers should be encouraged to be serious with their education not lured into sexual affairs. And it’s an adult’s duty to control himself, however tempted. A real man doesn’t lust after girls; a real man goes after women.

I thanked the girl quickly and left the chat in shame. But I would never forget her lesson. In one day, this girl had taught me to be a better person and I’d never forget her.


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