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The Birthday Day Gift

It was his birthday and I had something special planned. I went through quite a bit of preparation to make sure Dan had a good time.

At last, when everything was ready, I laid in bed, in the lacy red lingerie I just bought and took a photo. I sent the photo to him with the caption “happy birthday, baby, come unwrap your presents.”
While I waited for him to get home, I slipped a dirty movie in the DVD player. I sat up on the bed and watched a man tongue-F**.ck a big bre@.$ted woman.
The way his mouth moved over her pu.$$y was so erotic and looked so good. I was sure she was having a great time. He will use his mouth to lubricate her pu.$$y and will lick her clit until she moaned loud.
I was so engrossed that I did not notice my own hand rubbing my pu.$$y. The idea of being eaten like that was such a turn on, I could not wait for Dan to get home.
Twenty minutes later, I heard him drive into the compound. I turned down the light and assumed a S3@.x:’y sitting pose on the bed.
As soon as he entered the room, I met him at the door and kissed him. I led him to the bed and proceeded to undress him.
“It’s your day, baby, just relax and enjoy.” I whispered in his ears. I knew I was turned on by the p@.rn I watched but I have also dedicated this evening to pleasing my man. The whole point of the evening is to make sure he is relaxed while I did dirty things to him.
When he was N@.kkd, I pushed him down on the bed. I raised both his arms and using a light scarf, I tied his wrists together. His N@.kkd body lying there for my taking was very arousing.
I reached down to kiss his neck. I began to moan as I gently licked his Adam’s apple. My tongue made its way down to one of his N!.pples and I gave it a good suck until it got hard.
His N!.pples were not the only things that were hard. His C@.ck was really erect and huge with need. I licked him down from his chest to his D!.ck and soon had it in my mouth. I reached my hand to the bedside for the tube of lubricant I kept there.
Dan loved to receive blow jobs and I really wanted to please him with that. I squirted some lube in my palms and began to rub his hard C@.ck. I made sure it was very slippery and wet.
Using my hands and mouth, I worked on his C@.ck until I felt he was close to org@.$m. I stopped at this point because I had a special surprise.
Dan had always wanted to F**.ck my asshole and I was finally ready to do him that honour. I have never been F**.cked in the ass but I had read up on all I needed to know and I was ready.
I applied some more lubricant on myself and began to finger my own pu.$$y to get turned on.
I looked up to see Dan watching me intently as I turned myself on. I held on to his gaze and imagined his D!.ck in me and just as I expected, my juices began flowing.

Dan was a good lover and his D!.ck does such sweet things to me so thinking about that was enough to arouse him.
Next stop, his surprise. I gave him a coy smile, took out a blindfold I had hidden under the pillow and put it over his eyes.
“What are you doing?“ Dan asked.
“Trust me, you will enjoy this,” I said, making sure he could not see a thing through the blindfolds.

I then went back to straddling him. I applied some more lube on him, and applied a generous amount on my hand so I can finger my asshole. I was stroking and fingering my asshole until I felt myself relaxing and I knew I was ready.
I slowly sat on his C@.ck but instead of my pu.$$y, I made sure he entered my asshole. I saw his brow furrow as he wondered why things felt different. He entered me slowly and as soon as my ass enveloped his C@.ck, he moaned out loud.
It felt new but it also felt so good having him held so tightly inside me. I began to slowly move up and down on his C@.ck. His moans were even more intense as I was sure he now knew what was going on.
My tight asshole felt so uncomfortable and so good at the same time. I embraced the pain and began stroking my clitoris. Dan tried to free himself from the restraints as he was taken over by his arousal.
He did not succeed and I did not lend a helping hand. I made him F**.ck my asshole until he cried out and spilled his cum into my ass.

I sat on his C@.ck so he was completely inside me. I grinded against him this way while stroking my pu.$$y until I also exploded all over him.
After a few seconds of catching my breath, I reached down to untie him and took off his blindfolds.
Before he could say anything, I reached in to give him a long, deep kiss and whispered “happy birthday” in his ear.


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