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7 Video Games That Mocked You For Playing On Easy Mode

From the beginning of their creation, video games have given gamers an extreme mental test. Video games have likewise advanced into a few distinct genres, for example, actions, riddles, and RPG. For gamers who hate action games, there are additionally intuitive story games, for example, Telltale Games The Walking Dead and Life is Strange. You might be a gamer who adores the gore in Street Fighter V or heart-drawing match in Overwatch. At the point when things get excessively extreme, or you simply need, making it impossible to take a break, you might be enticed to change from hardcore mode to a less demanding easy mode.

Easy modes have their arrangement of difficulties. Some claim that a Easy mode is a need for a few players confronting day by day stressors. You may discover the activity gameplay in Mass Effect too hard and just need to center around the story or sentiments. Designers like BioWare know about this and have battled feedback over this expansion. They offer you a choice that spotlights more on the story and reductions the rate of battles. PC gamers can make it a stride assist with comfort charges. With a couple of basic keystrokes, all adversaries on the screen are crushed and you can return to the story.

It wasn't generally this simple. Not all designers respected a simple mode for players, but felt it was a need close by ordinary and hard trouble levels. This rundown will demonstrate to you a few games that will unfeelingly insult and bother you for playing at a simpler trouble level

Ninja Gaiden

The Ninja Gaiden series takes pride in their troublesome y level making the game madly hard. Once in a while You would need to take the path of least resistance. Ninja Gaiden Black offers you five distinctive trouble choices: Ninja Dog, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Master Ninja. 

Ninja Dog may appear like a fun mode where you play as an awesome little pooch. Or maybe, you get to this covered trouble by passing on three times in the primary piece of the game. The game will as though you "wish to forsake the method for the Ninja?" If you pick "No" you can keep endeavoring, but pick "Yes" twice and you will trigger a cutscene. Your young accessory, Ayane, will express her disappointment in you but will ask you to complete your primary objective. When you respawn in the Tatami Room of the Ninja Fortress, your game's trouble level will state Ninja Dog. If you can deal with the embarrassing title, this mode will give you more things, higher damage, and weaker adversaries.

Wolfenstein: The New World Order
You take control of William "B.J." Blazkowicz, a war veteran, living in the dark time when Nazis won World War II. You should prevent Nazis from assuming control over the world.

The easy mode ridiculing initially started with Wolfenstein 3D, which was released in the mid 1990s. The prodding proceeds in Wolfenstein: The New Order, as you're given a bunch of difficulty alternatives. Looking through every difficulty changes the picture of Blazkowicz on the privilege of the screen. On the off chance that you believe you can't deal with a full scale Nazi assault, you can pick less demanding modes, for example, "Don't Hurt Me" and "Would i be able to Play, Daddy?" The least demanding choice, "Would i be able to Play, Daddy?," demonstrates a picture of Blazkowicz, more often than not an intense, grizzled more established man, wearing an infant's hat and sucking a pacifier.


Civilization may require a history book to comprehend its Easy mode joke. When you first begin another crusade, you will have the capacity to pick your difficulty level. Some may utilize Easy mode to experiment with the game, while at the same time others need a less upsetting political test. 

Night-time of doing combating over land, making new urban communities, and strategizing on the best way to make the most grounded nation, your execution will be judged. Each choice you made and each war won will be counted into a last score. Regardless of how well you performed in Easy mode, you will wind up with the rank "Warren G. Harding." from the start, you may have no clue this' identity. After some examination, you will discover that he was an American President, but Harding was one of the most exceedingly awful Presidents in American history. Progress makes their shame a stride facilitate by likewise influencing you to feel mentally substandard.

The DOOM series has a long convention of composing innovative names for their difficulty modes. The hardest modes incorporate "Ultra-Violence" and "Nightmare!" If you choose to pick a less demanding difficulty mode, you should browse humiliating modes like "Hello, Not So Rough!" or "I'm Too Young to Die."

Luckily for you, changing to a simpler difficulty mode has no impact on collectibles, overhauls, or mysteries. You will in any case have the capacity to finish the game, it's simply substantially simpler than different modes, while a portion of the things will be in various areas relying upon the difficulty level. You will likewise have the additional advantage of accepting twofold the measure of ammunition all through the game. The quantity of foes on your way will marginally diminish, giving you to a lesser degree a test, and you will take half of the typical harm.

God Hand
God Hand is an action game made by Shinji Mikami, who is best known for the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series. In God Hand, you take control of Gene, a blunt but kind-hearted youthful contender. God Hand's action is quick paced and can be extremely trying for those new to these brawler-style games.

In the event that you choose that God Hand's Normal or Hard is excessively troublesome for you, you can pick Easy mode. While picking this less demanding difficulty, Gene will ridicule you by saying "What, you need me to hold your hand or something?" Your Level Bar, which will increment or diminishing as indicated by your execution, will top at Level 2. Foes won't assault you except if you assault first. In the event that you can manage the affront, the game does not expel content for playing on a less demanding difficulty.

Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain
In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, if you every now and again fail most missions, the game will give you a special thing: a chicken cap. At the point when Venom Snake wears this identification of disgrace, you turn out to be relatively imperceptible to foes, making sneaking around substantially less demanding. Sneaking has dependably been a testing part of the Metal Gear series, but that is not the case any longer if you wear this cap. If you do get assaulted, you'll discover your wellbeing recovers substantially faster. The quantity of things you find, for example, ammunition, will likewise increase.

The chicken cap is a totally optional. Remove it from Venom Snake's head and your easy difficulty mode will return back to normal


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