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You’re Not Allowed Buy This Luxury Wristwatch Unless You Buy A FORD GT Supercar!

Celebrities who love showing off their wristwatches should buy this watch and earn our respect.

If you’re thinking of buying the FORD GT Endurance chronograph, think again because in other to be allowed to buy it, you must first purchase a new FORD GT Supercar worth over $500,000 which is about N200 million. This unique luxury wristwatch is designed by Autodromo and was designed in close collaboration with Ford’s own team to make sure it appropriately captured the spirit of the car itself. The watch has a 43mm case made of a combination of ceramic and steel.

The “Ford GT Watch” itself costs a whopping in at $11,500 (N4.6 million), but you’ll have to drop a down payment of $500,000 first for that Ford GT supercar before discussing about how to buy the wristwatch, it’s that simple ! In case you’ve not heard about the FORD GT, it’s the fastest car FORD motor company has ever made and is also a race car. Before the reign of Formula One, this car is the only car that competes with Ferrari in terms of speed. Today, Ford makes just 250 GTs per year, and you have to apply in order to get one, with thousands applying annually for that small allocation.

There are no stock models of this watch. Each one is created to order to match or complement each owner’s Ford GT car. You can equally order for a truly customizable luxury watch. You can get it in the exact color pattern as your new car. Each timepiece is also engraved with a corresponding Ford GT chassis number, adding to its utter uniqueness.

It comes in 4 major colors, RED, BLACK, BLUE and WHITE and like I said, you can place an order for it to be customized with the exact same color of the car. If you are going to spend top dollar on a speedy new supercar, why not get a hot new watch to go with it?


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