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How To Import Cheap Goods From China

In this article, we will inform you about the most profitable products to import from China to Nigeria and rake in millions of Naira. Of course, you don’t need to travel to China to import goods from the country, and this importing business is not reserved for the Nigeria’s rich only. Armed with the right information, you can “make it” by importing hot products from China to Nigeria.

Before shipping products from China, you need to know about the level of demand for the products in Nigeria. A lot of entrepreneurs — who desire to venture into the importation of goods business — are hungry for information as regards the demand of such goods in our country. Acquiring the knowledge on the demand will serve as encouragement for importers to do more investments in such items and offer them for sale in Nigerian markets.

Before we discuss the flesh of this write-up, it is pertinent to bear in mind that the importation business requires that you should be good with numbers. Keep in mind that you are buying goods in Dollars and putting them up for sale in Naira. Do not import power banks that are expensive — for example — just owing to their fancifulness, while cheaper options are selling already in Nigeria. No phone user acquires a power bank just for their fancy nature. Before pricing your items, you need to consider the price at which they were imported, the price you are selling them at and your profit margin following sales. Having said that, let’s cut to the chase and examine fast selling profitable products to import from China to Nigeria.

Best Profitable Products to Import from China to Nigeria

Electronic Appliances and Gadgets

Items in this category include the following:

Tablets: These are portable devices that can be used in lieu of laptops as well as desktop computers.

Ear Piece: These phone accessories are for listening to music and messages privately with high sound quality.

Memory Cards: These are for saving files, videos, music, pictures, etc. in card archives.

Solar back-bag laptop charger: These electronic appliances are for charging your gadgets on the go.

Phone wristwatches: These are appliances for people that love wristwatches with added value.

Wristwatch camera: These are for security agencies engaging in investigation.

Fashion Accessories

In this category, we have the following products:

Shoes: These are meant for protecting our feet and looking great in corporate as well as casual wears.

Make-up Kits:These accessories are used by ladies to improve their looks and facial features.

Clothing Materials:Clothing materials are for making various designs for beautiful outfits.

Sport Wears: These are worn by sportsmen and women, including sport lovers.

Children Wears: Accessories worn by toddlers, babes as well as young people to look good always.


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