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How to Secure Loans Using Face Recognition

Lender Okash has introduced facial recognition as an extra security layer for the loan app. Mobile loan apps convenience present a grey area that guides the protection of personal data, as well as the carelessness of people who have been tasked to keep that information private, fraudsters have gamed the recklessness of the system to illegally use loan apps to secure loans using other peoples’ identities.

This has been an issue for some time, and if you an active member of social media platforms, you may have spotted posts about people who have been scammed in this manner. The remedy usually comes at a cost for users, and they have to service loans they did not actually request because lenders have no means of substantiating such fraud cases.

Okash appears to be the first online lender that has taken a step to patch this concern. While I noted the update a couple of days ago, the Opera Group’s app has finally made the feature official.

Okash MD Edward Ndichu says there is a need to ensure that the customer is actually who they say they are and a facial recognition feature will ensure the integrity of their customers and guarantee protection of personal information.

Going forward, users will be required to secure their apps with a facial recognition system. In other words, a loan will only be disbursed if the app authenticates the identity of the user.

The feature is set up as a user sets up the Okash app by uploading a selfie as well as the back and front of the national ID.


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