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Top Video Games Based On Myths And Traditions

Some of the best stories ever told come from mythology, so it's no surprise there are plenty of games that draw inspiration from legends, myths and folklore. In this post we take a look at 10 games that are based on myths and traditions.

Never Alone - Inupiaq Mythology
When was the last time you discovered a whole other culture through a video game? Never Alone is a game created in partnership with an Alaskan Native community that's in danger of becoming extinct.

It takes a beloved piece of folklore and uses it as the basis of a playable fable is the first time that these ancient myths are being shared with a large audience.

Never Alone tells the story of a young girl called Nuna and the arctic fox that befriends her. I don't know many other games that preserve an almost forgotten culture

Kid Icarus Series - Greek Mythology
The Kid Icarus series is based on Greek mythology, it's full of characters that will sound familiar to history buffs, the protagonist who is called Pitt is based on two people from Greek mythology Eros and Icarus.

Eros is the God of love and Icarus is the guy that flew too close to the Sun causing his wax wings to melt. You only need to dip him in.

There are many other famous characters like Poseidon who's the god of the sea and Hades who is the god of the underworld,it's about time we got a new game in this long-running Nintendo franchise.

DarksidersChristian Mythology 
Darksiders is a great game that's based on the Book of Revelations (this is part of the New Testament from the Christian Bible you are war who is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

However, Darksiders take a lot of liberties with the material it's based on for story purposes.

They change two of the four horsemen Farrah placed pestilence with strife and famine with fury. The war between heaven and hell plays a big part in the story. Darksiders is still one of the best action-adventure games from the last generation

HellBlade: Senua's Sacrifice - Norse Mythology 
Hell blade tackles very serious subjects like mental illness in a game world based on Norse mythology. The enemies look very menacing and the world itself is extremely bleak. The female protagonist rides a canoe into Helheim which is the Northland of the dead, you will encounter a few ancient Norse gods like Hell who is the Norse and goddess of the Dead.

The game was praised for its depiction of mental illness but it also should get credit for the amount of research that went into the mythology.


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