I'm not trying to sound political, but if there's one thing I am still grateful to Former president OBJ for, it is the introduction of the poverty alleviation scheme called KEKE NAPEP in 2006. This poverty elevation scheme has since evolved in Nigeria and it's now a big time business.

In the transportation sector, keke napep business is one of the fastest growing and the most widely used. More demand means more money, this is because Nigeria's population is on a massive rise.

Bros is I tell you how much an average KEKE ride makes in Lagos State, you might not want to finish this article before starting your own Keke business.
Another advantage KEKE owners  are now enjoying is the restriction of Okada riders going on across the length and breadth of the country, this means more customers because for those of us who are already in the keke business.

I Learnt most states especially our own Eko and Warri city in delta state are all planning BRT system to curb the transport problems they are experiencing. Good move, but truth is, government can't do it alone, they can only to a reasonable extent. They need we the keke riders and keke business owners.

I first got into this Keke napep business immediately after my NYSC in 2015, as a young graduate I wanted to explore. I welcomed the idea the day a Keke rider told me makes a profit of 15,000 naira daily at Asaba oh! Now what do you think that guy would have been making if he were to be in Lagos?

Now let us go deeper into how this keke business works
Higher Purchase: this means you're going to buy off the keke from the owner by paying a certain amount daily or weekly.
Currently the cost of Purchase Of a keke napep is N400,000

After receiving the lease, you may be asked to pay back N650,000 And the keke becomes yours.
Weekly payment of 15,000 for the duration of 10 months.
Note: Terms and some other conditions may apply. You may work out something different from this analysis with your hire purchaser.
If you are interested in buying these keke papep and then issuing them out on higher purchase, I will advise you start with one, register it with the tricycle association and then ensure whosoever you are leasing out to supplies reputable referees.

If your doubts eventually get cleared, you may invest more on your keke napep business and increase your fleet to 5 or 10 depending on how much you have.
For instance, if you lease 10 keke at the cost N650.000, your profit expectancy in a year will be about N2,500,000.
The truth is, as a young man without a job for now, if you have savings, use it to purchase a keke and do it yourself.

Keke doesn't need too much fuel to run. With 1000 naira your tank is full and that would take you for a whole day. With this you can make at least 8000 naira per day from your keke business if you are operating it yourself.
Before you know it your keke business will be expanding as quickly as after one year. Wait no further, the more you wait, the more you lose out


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