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How to Make Good Money packaging Garri for export Abroad

Do you know garri is on sale on amazon? Not amazon alone, but on most top e-commerce sites we have today.

Garri is one of the many products that can be processed from cassava tubers, it is a staple food widely eaten not only by the 150million people in Nigeria but, also Nigerians abroad and people of other countries in West African. They enjoy eating it in the form of Eba with soup or soaked in cold water and taken with smoked fish, groundnut or cooked beans etc.

There are different varieties of Garri on sale in the market; you have the red Garri, White Garri and Ijebu Garri.

The difference in these Garri products is the production processes used to make them. The red/Bendel Garri is produced by adding palm Oil to the already fermented cassava before or during frying to reduce the cyanide content found in cassava. The White Garri is produced by allowing the grated cassava to ferment for at least 3days without adding palm Oil to it. The Ijebu Garri is very common in the south western region of Nigeria, usually white and is produced by allowing the grated cassava to ferment for five days before it is fried.
In the past few years in Nigeria the price of Garri suddenly sky rocketed from N2500 to N8000 per 50kg bag .This is due to the massive exportation of Garri from Nigeria to some West African countries like Ghana, Benin republic, Togo and others. Also, been that Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava countries like China and India have started looking towards Nigeria for their supplies of processed cassava for use as industrial raw materials.
To generate huge income from Garri production Business in Nigeria, it is either you start producing Garri for local consumption or you get it packaged for export to countries like USA and UK with large concentration of Nigerians for them to buy and pay you in Dollars and Pound starling.
So, to start a profitable Garri production and Export business in Nigeria here are some of the requirements.


The major raw material need for the production of Garri is cassava tuber and like we all know Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the World and this means that cassava can be sourced easily from farmers in the rural areas or you can even start a cassava farm of your own to help meet the high demand for Garri.


The capital you need to start your own Garri production and export business depends on the quantity you want to produce. The larger the capacity of the plant the more costly it is to setup. Therefore to setup a small scale Garri processing plant say of 5Hp plant that is capable of producing install capacity of 5tons of cassava daily, then you need at least N1.8Million Naira.


The following are the equipment needed to start Garri production business. Cassava grating machine, cassava press, table knife or peeling machine if you can afford one, cassava frying machine, wheel barrows, plastic or steel basins. All these machines and equipments can easily be purchased from local machine and equipment fabricators in Nigeria.
PRODUCTION PROCESS. To start Garri production process, the first thing to do is to peel and wash of all the sands and dirt from the body of cassava tubers. After this is done, you can now start to grate the tubers into tiny bits or pulps then bag the wet pulp and then mount the bag in an hydraulic powered jack press to remove water from grated cassava.
After removing the excess water from the cassava pulp you should then allow it to ferment for two to three days but depending on the type of Garri you want to produce whether it is white, red or Ijebu Garri. The next stage is to start frying the Garri.


To make extra income from Garri production business, you need to export your Garri to other countries in West Africa, Europe and America. To start the exportation from Nigeria you need to properly package the product to meet required standard set by the particular country you sending it to.
The great demand for Garri in Nigeria and abroad has made the production of Garri a very profitable business for who so ever is interested in starting a business with high return on investment.
Now you have discovered the immense income potential you can generate by producing Garri not only for the Nigeria market but also for export. So I believe you will take necessary bold steps to implement these  profitable business ideas and as you do financial worries will definitely come to an end.


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