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Do you still underrate that lady who sells tomato along the road at that market close to your house? Do you know tomato business can make you a millionaire just like it made this woman who's story I am about to share with you.

This lady started the business of buying and selling tomato with just 5000 naira in 2010 after she lost her husband who was the bread winner of the family.

She gathered all that she had left and started the business of buying and selling tomato, and did I tell you she was a graduate?Yea, a graduate of HISTORY from the University of Benin.

So how did she start the business? She gathered all the money she had like I told you, which was just N5,000, she bought 2 baskets of tomato and displayed it at a nearby market, something then happened, She realised that her tomatoes get finished before the next day and customers come back to ask for more.

But like every business, there are risk in tomato business, she soon realised that some of her tomatoes began to rot because she started buying more quantity

She tried everything to ensure her tomatoes don'trot anymore but she achieved little success. Then, one day, she noticed that the tomatoes she kept next to a banana tree were not rotten. She decided to keep her tomatoes in the ash and found out that this technique was more effective than any of the other techniques she had tried.

She soon decided to expand because the need for tomato is increasing everyday. She decided to go into tomato farming and distribution.

Tomato farming business

If you want to be successful in tomato farming business you must play by the rules of the game. Because tomatoes are perishable you must ensure you follow the rules strictly.

I know you are here because you decided to start here, you’ll need a farmland to start. The following steps show you how to go about it.

Get a piece of land

The most important aspect of tomato farming business is the availability of the land with which you want to cultivate your tomato.

To achieve your your business goals, you must acquire a land that meets your demand today and the future. Make sure it’s in an area where it will be suitable for the growth of the tomatoes. If you’re using your backyard, make sure the soil is the one that will encourage growth.

Get Tomato seedling and plant

You can't just plant any tomato seedling and expect it to grow and make you money.
The tomato seed comes in a sealed sachet with all the instruction on it. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask the person who is an expert. Normally you can get the seedling in any of the ministries of agriculture closer to you and you’ll get the expert support there. The tomato seed is started indoor, whether it’s meant for the greenhouse. Th is is because the tomato seed needs at least 60 degrees and 80 degrees for the seed to germinate. Th is is because it’s a tropical plant and any temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit kills the plan or makes germination impossible. The seed is planted in a nursery. Normally, the planting period mostly favorable for tomato is around March or April, when there is heat and the rain has started falling. The nursery will require at least 4 hours of exposure to sunlight to encourage the seed germination.

Get knowledge and training

You’ll need some knowledge and training about the farming methods. Sometimes you’ll need to hear it from those who are in the field doing it. Search and read also from the internet, anything you can lay your hands on relating to tomatoes read it.

Tomato farming varieties To grow the tomato, you need to know the tomato farming varieties. Here are some of the varieties. Cherry tomatoes-Great for making salads and snacking on a whole. They are the first to mature because the fruit is small. Beefsteak tomatoes-One of the biggest tomato out there and with a great flavor.

This type people sometimes take it as apple and best use in making sandwiches. Sauce tomatoes- Has lower water content. Best use for making spaghetti sauce. Sauce tomatoes (Roma)- The most popular one in the marketplace in Nigeria. This has a long shelf life because of the lower water content. Majority start there tomato farming in Nigeria with sauce tomatoes.
Transplanting your tomato Your tomato is ready for transplanting when they’re 3 to 4 inches tall in the nursery.

For the transplanting to take place effectively, you will need to do the transplanting at about 50-degree temperature. Th is time is consistent at night. When you’re not sure of the temperature, then consult an expert to help you.
Growing your tomato farming business Th e length of time between tomato seed germination and harvest varies with the type being grown. But the average is between 65-90 days. Before reaching the harvest time, it’s important to note the following in other to attain maximum growth.
Make sure tomatoes are planted where they’ll get at least 10 hours of light preferably in the summer. Leave space between tomatoes for air to freely circulate.
Try rotating a little the tomato bed to prevent the risk of soil burn diseases like bacterial and early bright.
Water deeply on the soil not on the leaves. Do this every 5-7 days.
Remove non-fruit branches. This directs the tomato plants energy into growing bigger and better.

Plant your tomato at intervals.

This will ensure that not all of your harvest will come at once.
Controlling your production One major problem having an open tomato farm is it can be affected by the weather. For instance, in a hot season when the tomato is yielding more tomatoes, rain will slow the production and it will take time for the tomato to readjust itself.
Selling your tomatoes You can start selling your tomato from the day you start harvesting it. Remember tomatoes are perishable. Then starting your marketing should be done before the date of the intended sales.
There are various ways people sell their tomatoes, but the most popular are using a basket and the basket comes in various sizes.

Buying and selling Maybe you don’t want to start the business from the stage of tomato farming. You can still do the business. In fact majority of the people who start the tomato, business goes in and buy from the farmers in bulk and sell it to people who buy in small to a large quantity.


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