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Phone Technology Acronyms That You Probably Did Not Know

There are many acronyms that we use every day without knowing what they mean. This also applies in the phone industry. There are phone technology acronyms that we see and use everyday but do not know what they stand for.

Here are some of such acronyms that you should know:

1. GSM - Global System for Mobile communications

2. CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access

3. 1G - 1st Generation

4. 2G - 2nd Generation

5. 3G - 3rd Generation

6. GPRS - General Packet Radio Service

7. EDGE - Exchanged Data rates for GSM Evolution

8. HSPA - High Speed Packet Access

9. HSPA+ - Evolved High Speed Packet Access

10. LTE - Long Term Evolution

11. LTE-A - Long Term Evolution Advanced

12. MIMO - Multiple Input Multiple Output

13. SMS - Short Message Service

14. MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service

15. SIM - Subscriber Identification Module

16. IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity

17. IP - Internet Protocol

18. ISP - Internet Service Provider

19. RAM - Random Access Memory

20. ROM - Read-Only Memory

21. SoC - System on Chip

22. CPU - Central Processing Unit

23. GPU - Graphical Processing Unit

24. USB - Universal Serial Bus

25. ADB - Android Debug Bridge

26. MAC - Media Access Control

27. AOSP - Android Open Source Project

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