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Top5 Jobs That Pay More Than Medicine

Medical avenue is not the only street in the town of quick cash. To earn chunks of cash, you don’t really need to spend years in the university. Professionals of our top5 jobs that earn more than doctors spend lesser years in school.

The picked professional’s average salary is compared with that of physicians entry level. To earn more in medicine, doctors need to sacrifice more years of study after being freed from their first educational prisons — it takes close to 6 years to earn a first degree in medicine — another 7 years to earn some specialization certificate.

1. Chief Executives and Senior Officials

Companies Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and other Senior Officials earn higher salaries plus bonuses more than doctors.

These professionals make executive decisions in top companies which are worth billions of dollars and some even worth trillion such as Apple.

Also included in this category of professionals are inventors and innovators like Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

2. Air Traffic Controllers

The cost of flying around the world is not a chicken feed. The air transport companies after accruing their profits are also generous in sharing with employees.

The main function of Air Traffic Controllers is to issue landing and takeoff instructions to pilots. They ensure the safety of aircraft and other employees especially the pilots.

Do you remember the man waving a flag in front of an airplane in the last movie you watched? That is an air traffic controller. There are others too, such as those you might have also seen in movies with headphones shouting orders to pilot.

3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

These professionals salary is determined by the type of airplane they fly and job experience, but their median salary is more than the average salary of a physician.

Flight Engineers average salary, on the other hand, is more than that of pilots. These engineers monitor aircraft systems ensuring passengers and pilots safety.

4. Petroleum Engineers

Engineers are well paid, but petroleum engineers are exceptional. With the lucrativeness of the crude oil business, to an extent countries economy depends on it, these engineers' pay is not surprising.

For instance, when a new oil reservoir is located, petroleum engineers analyze it to detect if extraction will be profitable. If so, a drilling and extraction plan to pump out the oil or gas at minimum cost are drafted.

5. Sales People and Managers

It can be argued that these professionals earn far below what a doctor would expect at the end of the month. Do not forget to also think that a successfully closed deal by this professional in a month could earn them commission worth more than the annual salary of doctors.

A real estate agent, for example, working on a commission base of 10 percent in a country like Nigeria will make about one million nairas on an initiated property purchase of ten million nairas. Selling a property of the same value every month makes them a big boy than many medical specialists in the country.

Well, performing managers too earn substantial chunks worth more than a physician's salary.



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