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Best Car buying tips for first time car buyers

I am writing on this topic: best car to buy as a first car - as your first car because I have heard so many sad stories from first time buyers here in Nigeria.

These my fellow beloved Nigerian first time car buyers make lot of mistakes because they do not have an experienced person to guide them in the process, so they end up learning the hard way, which is not good for them or anyone. It doesn’t make me happy. 

Some of these “first time buyers” also get swindled along the line – in the process of purchasing their first car or their first used car. Nobody wants to experience such and I know you wouldn’t want that for yourself, your family and friends. That is why I have written this piece of content on the topic: best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers.

The Truth is this: Everyone buying a car (be it young or old; man or woman) deserves a perfect car. Whether you are going for a 2nd car or for a 3rd car, you deserve a perfect car - I repeat, you deserve a perfect car! How much more someone who is just buying only for the first time, then, that person deserves more than just a perfect car - he or she deserves a perfect first car.

When a first time buyer gets a perfect first car, the last conversation he or she would want to engage in, is "spare-part conversation" (spare-part discussion). Nobody would want after just buying a car, to start chatting with the mechanic about spare-part. It doesn't feel good, rather it feels horrible.

This is why you need a guide, this is why you must have an experienced person to guide you. And that is why I am here giving you some Car Buying Tips For First Time Buyers.

My sole motive of crafting this little chunk of massive content is to help enlighten you and anyone else reading this post right here on Nairaland.

Whether you are reading through this post right on your phone, desktop or laptop; I can rightly guess some of the many questions you may be waiting to ask. Questions such as: “i want to buy a new car”, “i want to buy my first car”, “what’s the best car for me?”, “what is the best car brands to buy”, “what is the best place to sell used car”, “what’s the best car to buy in Nigeria?”, “what is the best car to buy as a first car”, “what car is right for me?”, “which car model is the best?”. 

I know...I know...yes I know. These are many unanswered questions that you may have locked-down within your mind looking for who will answer them all for you.

Do not let yourself get worked-up or get stressed up, I am very willing to help you! I will be that experienced guide that you need to easily put the puzzle together.

You also may be wondering, how I got to know exactly what you need. Yes, I know because I see many people searching for it on Google every single day. So I just figured out that you may be having similar challenges too. So please, do not take me for a magician. 

If you are having these challenges, you then, would likely be searching for reliable answers, including the best reliable answer to that title: best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers.

Well, don’t worry!

I will tell you all that you would need to know to make the best decision today, tomorrow or in the near future. You can also make use of what you learn here to help other people you know that may need similar help (that is only if this content was helpful to you)

You might also be wishing if it were possible to have a one-on-one chat with me to ask me all these your questions and have them answered instantly for you.

No problem, I will be providing you with a way to contact me, so that you can ask me any questions or possibly make detailed inquiries about cars - any car at all. Whatever questions you ask, I will answer and if I don't know the right answer to the question you are asking at the moment, then, I will have to go find out and get back to you.

I am also very interested in building a successful business relationship with every single one of you carefully reading through this post (only if this content was helpful).

So, no worries at all. By the time you’re done reading through the many answers that I’ll be dropping right here, you certainly will be well equipped to confidently go off and make that buying decision that has kept you hanging.

So let’s get started… best car to buy as a first car – as your first car: car buying tips for first time buyers.

The 16 Major Points You Will Find Here

Now, here are some of the 16 coolest points we will be covering in this chunky thread. I call it the 16 coolest points because I see a lot of people asking these questions every single day. So the word “coolest” didn’t come by chance. Here they are:

• A better way to buy a car
• Good mileage for first car
• Best car to buy as a first car – as your first car
• Best cars for poor people
• Best place to sell used car
• How to get the perfect mechanic for a perfect car inspection
• Where to get that perfect mechanic
• The five most important things to check for during tear-down car inspection
• A good car to buy
• Advice on first car
• What to do when you get your first car
• A first car: why important and why invest in one
• Documents needed when buying a used car
• Car buying tips for first time buyers
• Best 15 car brands for a Nigerian (recommended)
• Best 15 car models for a Nigerian (recommended)

I know what you are thinking right now: “Wow, this is going to be a big chunk of a post… ”. I will be dropping the next update soon…watch-OUT!

Please space bookers, kindly book quickly because we have limited seats available (just thought this info might also be helpful) 

Please be kind enough to leave me a good comment below, let me know if anyone is ever going to be interested in this chunky-post that I am about to make, before I get discouraged. 


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