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JOIN FOMO ADVERTISING AND EARN $6 to $10 per a thousand Impression

Fomo is the future of display advertising. I can boldly tell you Fomo will pay you 2-4x the rates other monetizing networks pay, and getting started is easy

Getting started, earning and cashing out on Fomo is quite easy, just follow these process below:

1. Embed the fomo Ad snippet on your site, preferably in the <head> section

2. Add your PayPal address inside Fomo > top right icon > Account so we can pay you

3. Wait for a review and hopefully an approval email and start earning some cool dollars from your site.
Once the ad snippet is live and we've reviewed your content, our team will link campaigns and you'll see live activity in your Fomo dashboard.

Ensure you read fomo FAQ to learn more about how the program works.
There is no minimum payout threshold at Fomo Publishers, and you'll be paid at the end of each month.



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