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The Best Android 9 Pie Features Found on the Nokia 7 Plus

Android's latest version, the Android OS happens to be available only to a few selected device even though it has been released for quite some time now. But it seems the Nokia 7plus is among a handful of device that is rocking Android's latest release. If you are an android fan who loves to update his/her device often then this version of Android is for you as it features zero bloatware and receives updates in a timely manner.

For the most part, HMD has kept this promise, and while its other devices are yet to see a transition to Pie, the manufacturer promised that most of them would be updated – and that includes their budget smartphones such as the Nokia 2.

Now we are going to take a look at some of the Android 9 features packed in the Nokia 9 plus, please note we are only going to review the most important features this smartphone users may likely use on daily basis due to the robustness of Android 9

Gesture navigation

Navigation buttons on Android devices dates back to 2010/2011, devices that ran Android OS were operated mainly by the Home key, back key, search key and menu key but this has since changed as Android kept evolving over the years. If you are observant you will notice there isn't a search button on Android devices anymore while the menu key was dropped for the task-switcher option. But our beloved Android Pie on which the Nokia 7 plus runs incoperates a single home key, but the back key pops up when you launch an application. On the whole, the Home button functions as follows:

Swiping up slightly on the button launches the app switcher page that has been redesigned. The Rolodex menu has been replaced with app snippets that can be swiped horizontally.
Swiping up further opens the app drawer.
The gestures work just fine from any screen.

Whether you like these changes is a matter of personal taste. However, gestures in the Nokia 7 Plus are not enabled by default; you need to activate Developer Options first to unlock them. Also, Nokia has added a couple of more and welcome gestures such as calling the notification shade with the fingerprint scanner and waking the screen when you pick the device.

App Actions

My friend would always say Android is "KING" when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is exactly why I am still loving my Galaxy s7 till date. Android 9 pie can predict which action or app a user wants to use. While this feature has been available on Google’s launcher, it has since been improved with App Actions that foretell actions and conveniently generates shortcuts for them. In most cases, App Actions are accurate, but not particularly my cup of tea at the moment. Nevertheless, I’m glad the feature exists and can be genuinely useful for folks who perform specific actions consistently.

Lockdown Mode
Lockdown Mode

This is one of the critical security features that was implemented in Pie. It can be activated by going to Settings > Security and Location > Lock screen preferences > Show lockdown option. Once set up, it can be accessed via the power menu, and when toggled on, Lockdown mode disables smart lock and fingerprint authentication. Also, the feature hides lock screen notification. The only way to bypass it is via a PIN, pattern or password.

Improved screen rotation

Auto RotateFor an extended period, our phones have always switched screen orientation based on how we have set them. Frustratingly, locking orientation can be a tasking experience when a user needs to switch several times in any given day. This issue has been resolved in Pie; even if your phone’s Auto-Rotation is turned off, you can switch to landscape mode and vice versa using a new icon that appears on the navigation bar.

Digital Wellbeing

I covered this update in an earlier post but to recap, you can now stay productive by restricting the time spent on certain apps. When activated, the feature launches a timer and locks you out once your session in certain apps, say social media platforms, expires. The feature also gives a visual chart of the amount of time spent on applications, the number of notifications received, as well as the number of unlocks. Finally, an option called Wind Down activates DND mode and grayscale for a good night’s sleep.



The volume menu has received a cosmetic overhaul. It now appears on the right side instead of the top section. Finally, pressing the volume buttons can now control media volume instead of ringer volume (it was genuinely frustrating before). The upside is that you are less likely to open a media file at full volume in places you are not supposed to.

Right above the volume slider is a button for managing call volume from mute, vibrate or sound. Further controls can be accessed from the settings icon below the slider.


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