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Step By Step On How To Start Trading Cryptocurrency With Naira Deposit

Step By Step On How To Start Trading Cryptocurrency In Nigeria With Naira Deposit

A lot of us are wondering and thinking how other people carry out cryptocurrency trading here in Nigeria with Naira deposit, well, its very easy let me go straight to the point on how to buy some well known cryptocurrencies like ripple, tron, cardano, litecoin ethereum e.t.c with Naira.

1. you need sign up with the most recognized site LUNO in Nigeria to buy ethereum or bitcoin (ethereum is recommended for faster transactions)
NOTE In general most site only accept bitcoin or ethereum in order for you to trade other alternative coins with them like the once i mention earlier.
2. Then the second thing to do is to register with the most recognize cryptocurrency trading platform like BINANCE , here on binance you can buy and sell what ever cryptocurrency you want or even keep for future investment

BELOW are screen shots of the interface and process of the two apps (and you can even visit their website directly without the app)

3. Ok now From this screen shots you can see the interface showing SEND, BUY and DEPOSIT. and after clicking on deposit the other screen shot below shows you how you can can pay either with your GT Bank or PayU so you can select the one you want and complete your transaction with your Credit card (ATM CARD)

4. After the payment you should click and view your wallet to check the amount you just deposited in Nigeria Naira, and from inside the wallet you can either buy ethereum or bitcoin with your Naira balance.

See screen shot below

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5. So after buying your bitcoin or ethereum from LUNO you will then proceed to BINANCE app or website and copy your wallet address something like this nature (0xbA6bdf0929fD9a7a434bA751289666983e275b89), the reason for copying your wallet address is that you will send your funds from LUNO to BINANCE since you are going to be trading on BINANCE . After visiting BINANCE on the top menu by ur right u will see a button named as FUNDS and then click on it and also click on DEPOSIT, after that you should scroll and click on the cryptocurrency you want to deposit either ethereum or bitcoin that you bought from LUNO and copy the address you were given there


6. Now this is the final state where you go back to LUNO and paste the address that you copied from BINANCE so that you can make your transfer, by going back to LUNO just click on your wallet and click on send, it will ask you either to send bitcoin or ethereum just click on your desired currency and paste your BINANCE currency address that you just copied and click on Next that is it. After some moment your desired currency will reflect to BINANCE from LUNO


7. So after the transfer is done you can immediately start trading on BINANCE, check the screenshot below you can observe the red box i did that contains many cryptocurrencies just scroll and select the coin you want to buy, there are morethan Hundred other cryptocurrencies to trade on BINANCE either for long term investment or daily trading. ALL THE BEST

NOTE: make sure you do your research about a coin before you buy it

Dont forget Sign-up LUNO from here
and also
You can Sign-up BINANCE from here


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