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Top 5 Awesome Tech Products That Died In 2018

This year 2018 was a pleasant year for technology since we saw a ton of activity in the tech world. A great deal happened that got us excited, running from electric cars to self-driving vehicles. Additionally we saw a great deal of scandals in the year from Facebook to Tesla and other tech goliaths. In any case, there are numerous tech stuff which couldn't endure the turbulence and they kicked the bucket this year never to be seen again.
More than 100 tech products died a horrible death this year but time won’t permit us to go into all of that. Rather we’ve selected the top 5 most notable ones and we’ll be talking about them.


It came as a shock to every gamer when SONY announced it will no longer produce the PS Vita anymore from 2019. Tech experts around the world believe that the success of the Nintendo Switch is what caused SONY to kill the PS Vita. The company does not want to compete anymore with the Nintendo Switch so it’s pulling the plug on the PS Vita.


The company is not dead yet but it’s definitely on life support ! The much celebrated electric car maker with cutting edge technology is having serious financial challenges. The challenges comes from the Chinese investors who have been accused of trying to kill the company in order to obtain it’s patents. Next year we will know if the company is going to die or not.


To say that bitcoin is a mess will be an insult to messes. It has become a joke in the tech and finance industry. Everyone who invested in Bitcoin this year has lost money as the value keeps falling down. It doesn’t look like the value of Bitcoin will rise anytime soon but time will tell.


It’s not as if this messenger is going to be missed because I know it won’t. Not with the presence of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and the others. On July 17, Yahoo dropped the news that it is killing off the Yahoo messenger to “focus on developing new and, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs.” I wish them good luck !


Just the same way we have Google’s Waymo, that’s the same way Uber developed a self driving truck called Otto. Actually Otto was a startup that was co-founded by ex Google employees but it was bougt by Uber. The truck had advanced technology that could enable the truck deliver a shipment Budweiser beer for over 120 miles. However, when an Uber self driving car killed a 41 year old woman in US early this year, the the company dumped the idea.



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