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Infinix Unveils The Hot 8 device In Nigeria

Its about time we officially unveil to you the empower and bigger device. Finally ! Met the all new Infinix Hot 8 and Hot 8 lite. The Hot 8 is the latest of Hot generation with incredible woow features to blow your mind. First off with a first and unprecedented 5000 mAh battery for long-lasting performance. The Hot 8 5000mAh battery goes with the ability to meet the day-long power requirement of any mobile user. This, in simple terms, would mean that the device could run for 4 days straight, on one full charge with an improved battery power management system which allows users to clearly map out battery usage for a better optimised performance.

6.6 Big Screen For Big Dreams

The Hot 8 and it lite variant gets more hotter in your hands with a sleek and trendy 6.6 inch water drop notch display screen. Waterdrop-like shape display oozes a class and beauty with on the screen, integrated with the frame and enhances the sense of harmony. With the screen-to-body ratio reaching up to 90%. This gives room for more content to be displayed on screen, while the phone is still compact and portable. This provides a broader visual effect when you play games and watch videos the device. Netflix and chill fans will sure love this.[winks]
The large 6.6" HD screen displays content more clearly (this phone has the largest screen among those within the same price r). Enjoy the amazing visual experience every time the screen turns on. Under strong light, the screen can smoothly transitions to high brightness mode, increasing the brightness by 39% compared with the normal mode.

Triple Hot Camera with a front flash

Well you heard it here! The Hot 8 front camera features a front flash. The front flash ensures catch up the flame while illuminating your selfies. For the rear camera, A wide-angle lens is added on the basis of dual camera, which directly doubles the field of view during photographing (13M AF+2M+QVGA). It can take amazing photos of grand sceneries and groups, and also supports intelligent slimming of face, body and legs. Intelligent identification of photographing environment, automatic selection of photographing mode and automatic adjustment of camera parameters allow you to take photos more intelligently. Both the front- and rear-facing cameras of HOT 8 are equipped with flashlights (4 flashlights for rear-facing camera, 1 flashlight for front-facing camera), allowing you to take clear photos even at night or under weak light.

Unlimited Storage with Google FileGO

The Hot 8 gives you access to endless storage with Google files. Aint no cooler way to Share, files with ease on your device. Google files helps find files faster, free up space on their phones, and allow to you share files offline quickly and securely without using data, you also have the extra luxury of backing up files too.

New Gaming Mode feature
The Hot 8 goes further to set you in the groove with an awesome gaming mode feature. Its bye bye to annoying interruptions from notifications when playing games on your device ahh PUBG and PES/ FIFA players can relate very well. This is also in addition to a fast, light and smooth UI big on experience with XOS 5.0 and Android 9.0.

The Hot 8 with its awesome shade of colours lets you wanting more when you hold it.



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